Inspiration for our Organisation Station

My husband has a term for me that I am not quite sure is so endearing
“Last Minute Larissa”
What can I say I work well under pressure,  I love the buzz of a looming deadline.
But yesterday it hit me.
It was ok for me to not be organised, after all its just me who suffers the consequences
 but I really don’t want that for my children.

Ok so if you don’t want my little bit judgemental opinion 

As a teacher, I witness daily the organisation spectrum of many Mums.
On one end I would I love to be on
 “I have personalised stationary notes in my child’s communication books, sweet letters in the lunchbox, every school item is labelled, notes returned one second after there issued, and not  a “special date” is missed” 

and where I am currently sitting, ok so close to it anyway
“my child is in uniform when it is free dress day, lunchbox, you mean lunch bought form the service station in its packaged little box on the way to school, surely mums mowing hat is ok for school?”

I have written about it before but like I said I see this daily….
the saddest thing about this is…
 Mum’s disorganisation really has little effect on the Mother.  
It is the child who will feel the angst, anxiety, dissapointment and embarassment.
Yes there is a happy medium somewhere along the spectrum where we encourage our children to take responsiblity for some of their organisation, 
and gradaully release control allowing them to become self managing little people but…..
Here it is for Mothers everywhere

Leaving your hat at home when you are 5 years old is devastating.  
Especially when it is the third time this week and your school has a no hat, no play policy.

Not returning an excursion note in time to go with your class on the one and only excursion of the year,  Will live in a childs memory for longer than the missed excursion day.

Forgetting the money, for the Mother’s Day stall and being the only child not to get a present, 
will be embarassing and dissapointing.

Ok so the critics will say, oh well suck it up, life is hard.
It shouldn’t be, when you are 5.
Presents, excursions, hats are they really that important?
They are when you are 5

Now imagine all 3 things happen to you in one week.
After lots of cuddles (I know your not supposed to)
A box of tissues being handed out
A spare hat obtained to keep in case of emeregency
and a sneaky Mothers Day present snuck into their bag, the child felt better and
well I was resigned that my child would never have to feel this way.
It does not come naturally to me, 
but I am going to try my damnest to be organised, 
not for me but for them!

Ok so that long, rant, rave, spiel is followed by some VERY pretty pictures to lighten the mood
Here is my inspiration for our family organisation station!

This is about the size of the space we have to work with
Love the shelves and the magazine holders on the wall

Love these colours and I am thinking it would be the perfect little wall for some gorgeous wallpaper

Love that every piece of space is utilised
but not sure I need to see my sleep deprived face in the mirror while I am working?

Our orgnisation space opens out into a little room with bifold doors and a small dining table, love the drawers!

Wow!  The colour is a, little overwhelming but once again I love that the whole space is used and the floral wallpaper!

Love the large calendar!

Kikki K we love you!
I wonder if a large calendar on the desk would work for us instead of on the wall?
Love the little file folders on the left

More Kikki K inspiration loving the folders!

Ok now, be sure to be sitting down
have a box of tissues for your drool
My ABSOLUTE favourite spaces
brought to you by……
Damn you no international postage!

This would be PERFECT for our space
 Love the little caddy with the key hooks!

Can you see where the electronic devices are kept?

Varius items available in this line

a different colour scheme with TWO monthly calendars!!!

can you see the electronic devices again!
So now I am on the hunt for……..

If I only have one little piece of Pottery Barn

I will now hop off my soap box, and continue dreaming of becoming an organised Mum with 
an awe inspiring work space!


  1. Rebekah says:

    Wow some gorgeous inspiration there that's for sure.
    I must admit I'm pretty organised generally but since my son started prep this year I've really struggled with the amount of paperwork that comes home and exactly how to organise it all so that nothing gets left behind or forgotten.

    Oh how I wish we had a Pottery Barn too.

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