The Pantry is Organized!

 Thank goodness for school holidays!  Surely they timed it with “spring” cleaning for a reason?  We have got to work on our pantry!  When I say work I mean culling, scrubbing, sorting, buying and rearranging. Are you ready?  Here it is…. 

What an improvement.  It is now neat, organised, compartmentalised, accessible and CLEAN! 

and because I LOVE before and after photos…..

I am sure I don’t need to tell you how we did it.  But it certainly helps if you are in a culling frame of mind because boy did we find some things that needed to get thrown out! (That is a whole other post!)

Top shelf (where the Earl Gray used to be hiding!)

L to R – Medication, Coffee and Tea collection.   Drink Coolers. Serviettes, Paper towel and Alcohol.  Behind the alcohol is our our punch bowl and Coffee perculator.

Middle Shelf One – Pasta and Rice in new containers. Noodles. Baby Food. Tins and jars – Stocks and Gravy’s.  Spices.  Oils and Vinegars.

Middle Shelf Two- Baking goods. Sachets.  Back basket food archive. Front Basket snacks. Spreads.  Food Colouring. The sneaky rice bubble container to keep it away from little fingers!

Bottom Shelf. Trail mix.  Cereals. Vegetables including our own home grown pumpkin! Drinks. Behind the cereal is spare cereal and another food archive.

On the Floor.  A NEW STEP LADDER!  So I can reach the top shelf!


Here is a closer look 

We used mostly these clear handled storage caddies from Kmart.  They cost $3.  It is great to see inside the containers and they are easy to remove and put on the bench when you are cooking!  The large container for oils and vinegars was from Howards Storage World.   They are called a “Separator” and come in a variety of sizes.  This one is the biggest!  We also bought our tin and jar holder from Howard’s.  The two containers came to $24.95.  In the catalogue they have it called a pull out organiser. It has little wheels on the back to help it glide in and out of your pantry.  It is a must have!  The clean out revealed that where our tins were sitting the paint on the shelves has started to chip and peel!  If you can’t find the caddy’s at Kmart, Howard’s had a huge range of all different sizes from about $4.95.  Boy could we have spent up in that store!  Next purchase is a gorgeous spice rack and something better to hold the veggies in!  

The wicker baskets were also from Kmart and were $9 each.  I was so excited to find these as I have baskets similar to these all over the house that I bought from IKEA 4 years ago and now IKEA doesn’t stock them anymore!  They also come in brown.

To be ABSOLUTLEY honest.  In a dream world I would have decked the pantry out in Tupperware.  BUT I am impatient and I wanted to do it now!  We achieved all of this for under $140 (Including the step ladder!).  The Tell Fresh Decor containers were drastically reduced at BIG W.  They are easy to stack, easy to label and come in a massive range of shapes and sizes.  To use Tupperware would have cost close to $500.  So not in our budget right now.  I particularly would love to save for better cereal containers from tupperware to maintain freshness.   After looking at all the gorgeous pantries online I noticed they were all decked out in Tupperware but I wanted to show you that they don’t have to be!  There are other great practical options out there that are less expensive.

So what do you think???


  1. Looks great!! Big improvement. It’s going to be so much easier to plan and cook meals now. I have been looking for those handled plastic containers. I know where I will be today.

  2. Ohhh it looks awesome! Will you come do mine now? hehe
    I really should get stuck into mine lol

  3. well done mumma!! it looks fabulous!!

    i invested in tupperware afew years ago, it has organised my cooking flours etc perfectly.. kinda. there is always more you need to finish the job. i still haven’t finished the job because as you said, it’s exxy. but i will, i am determined to!

  4. Tracy Williams says:

    Good work with the pantry, I would love a big space 🙁 I love those handled caddies from kmart, I use them for fruit in the fridge (vegies only in the bottom drawer) we have three in a row, usually with apples, oranges and grapes or strawberries.

  5. OMG! that is truly AMAZING!!!!! I am so jealous of how neat and tidy it all is now. Ok, you’ve inspired me (just inspired though, yet to decide to do something about it) to do something about my own pantry.

  6. I dream of my pantry looking like that! Ours is small and odd shaped and almost impossible to keep organised 🙁

  7. Looks terrific! My problem is that I have a narrow pantry with tall, deep shelves. After seeing your handled containers, I think I need to get those but maybe also get those plastic coated wire shelves to double the space. On my list of things to do!

  8. Looks amazing. I love those clear containers with handles from Kmart – going to grab a few this weekend now as you have inspired me to do mine!

  9. Off to KMart for some of those containers! We recently did a HUGE clean out of our pantry (we had pantry moths. First time ever, but we couldn’t get rid of the damned things. You would not believe how much we ended up having to throw out). SO now it’s tidy, clean and pretty organised, but I really want some more containers.

  10. Looks fantastic. I am going to have a go at mine tomorrow! Just a question, what do you mean by food archive? Sorry hope that isn’t a silly question!

  11. I love the Kmart handle containers – think I iwll have to get some. Unfortunately we don’t have a pantry like this but I think they will help. I do use tupperware for my baking goods though 🙂

  12. WOW, love it this post reminder came at the right time as I was just standing in front of my pantry umm and ahhh about the disorganization! I have a lot more things though!!!! May have to do a live of the pantry menu plan for a few weeks to cull down the food. Thanks for the Kmart and Howards Storge ideas!

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