Pantry Inspiration ~ That’s

This week before we gave our Pantry a much needed makeover I went to my favourite place for some inspiration….PINTEREST

Glass jars anyone?

next house WE MUST HAVE a Butler’s Pantry!

Do it yourself coordinating labels!

Love the colour in the pantry!  Would never have thought of that!

and mine!  Yep it’s there on Pinterest too!!!

To view all the “my Pigeon Pair” pinterest Pantry inspiration click HERE!

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  1. I can sit and look at pretty pantries all day.

    Had to make sure I didn’t miss the R there!

  2. Oh my look at that Butlers Pantry! I need one of those myself! Your pantry is lovely too 😉

  3. Oh I love looking at pantries….. We are trying to work out how to revamp ours too.
    I love yours to be honest!! I just want something that I can open up and see everything there in front of me!!

  4. I’m so planning a butlers pantry into our home design this time around!! Enough to fit in our deep freezer too!!

  5. I would really love a butlers pantry. It’s very cool isn’t it when you see your own stuff pinned on Pintetest 🙂

  6. There aren’t words for how much I want a butler’s pantry! I love that glass jar one too. The OCD in me cheers! 😀

    Yours is great, I missed your post earlier about your own makeover (have been a bit absent this week. Off to read now).


  7. I would give anything to have that butlers pantry!!! Mine is…I don’t even want to talk about mine, it’s too shameful.

  8. Ahhhhh so nice.

    My Aunty has a butlers pantry and I swear I could live in it. Her platter WALL is bloody fabulous too! We can all dream, dreams are cheap.

    Honestly though, the designs on pinterest are fabulous, but in reality there are some seriously cashed up people to have such cabinetry. Mega bucks with that. Ahhhhhh storage and big kitchens, can’t you tell I am so jealous?

  9. wow! these are telling me to go fix all mine up hehehe
    My pantries are a total mess 🙂

  10. Where did you get those containers with the handles that you have put jars etc in?

  11. I’m visiting via Tina’s Pinterest party. I’ve also just featured that first pin on my pinterest post too! I love your pantry inspiration pins. Thanks for sharing them!

    If you have time, please pop by and check out my pins. I also host a weekend linky, devoted to Pinning and Singing so if you feel like linking up I would be honoured!

    Best wishes and hope you have a great week!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes just for Me

  12. I have put in an order for a Butlers Pantry for our next house too! I badly need to re-do my pantry, it is such a daunting task though!

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