Plan and Prepare for….CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is coming!  Well almost. The countdown has well and truly begun in this household!  Being a teacher Christmas preparations always begin early as I spend Term 4 with my class learning about Christmas round the world, the Nativity and all things red, green, glittery and joyous.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, or perhaps you are new to “My Pigeon Pair” I am an obsessive organiser (maybe it was those years as a Girl Guide reciting the motto Be Prepared?).  Christmas is no different.  So let the preparations begin!  We alternate Christmas’s between home (My Husbands family) and Away (My Family).  This year it is my turn!!!  So although I do not need to prepare the food (I am sure I will help out!) There are still a million thigs to do.  I have broken up my tasks into fortnightly groups.

Here is my first fortnightly list.

October 3-17

  1. Print off Christmas Planner and start filling it in.
  2. Search online for kids matching Christmas Outfits.
  3. Finalise Kids present list. – Ok so I haven’t started!
  4. Start list for presents that need to be sent.
  5. Book Accommodation for trip.

The first time on this list, is the MOST IMPORTANT.

The Christmas Planner.

The Organised Housewife ~ Christmas Planner ~ $9.95

This is the one non negotiable.  Remember my folders in our family Organisation Station?  It is the same concept but all about CHRISTMAS!  This year I am using the sensational “Organised Housewife’s Christmas Planner” 

It contains…….

  • Calendars for October-December
  • Weekly Planner
  • Guest List
  • Gift Checklists
  • Letter to Santa
  • To Do Lists
  • Budget Tables
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Baking and Cooking

The list goes on and on….there are over 40 pages!  

Over the coming weeks I will show you more about how I use my planner but to start, just buy it, print it and assemble it.  You will feel organized and accomplished already! 

To purchase the planner just click on the cute flashing ad in my right sidebar.

So what are your first steps when planning for Christmas?

Visit The Organised Housewife for all the details!


  1. Hi,
    I jsut clicked on the link to buy the christmas planner and it says it is not found. I thought I would just let you know.


  2. Hi, just to let you know the link at the bottom where you have Visit The Organised Housewife for details takes you to another website. The organised housewife is, I think that link is just .com I wonder if thats what happened. The link like Deb said didn’t work either. xx

  3. I am so excited about getting organised for Christmas this year ! Can’t wait to see the planner.

  4. I am in total christmasy love with Katrinas planner I can’t wait to finish printing it off and fill it all in I think it will defiantly be my bible this year hehe

  5. I love Christmas, but you’ve really got the planning down lady!
    Perhaps – as a teacher – you could do a post on what to give teachers as gifts? I always stress over what to give, they do such an important job. What are your most memorable gifts you’ve received from your students?

    • I sure can Karen! Brilliant suggestion! Definitely something personal, handmade and thoughtful. Not expensive and not BATH PRODUCTS!!! I have a whole heap of Teacher Gifts on here if you do a search for “Teacher Gifts” but will put some Christmas ones up soon!

  6. I can’t wait to give this a go. I am normally terribly unorganised every Christmas and this year, I am determined to change and get cards out in time!

    • Jodie, you have just reminded me! On next weeks list I need to check that I have Christmas stickers for the back of envelopes! Yes I am CHRISTMAS CRAZY!

  7. I’m so excited for Christmas!!! I cant wait!!

  8. Loving Kat’s planner! Can’t wait for Christmas 🙂

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