What’s for Dinner? ~ The Pantry Edition

In an effort to keep my organised pantry staying that way, this week I am trying to use up some of those lurkers form the depths of the pantry.

1. Tinned Pink Salmon  2. Three Bean Mix (Seriously who buys this?) 3. Three Cheese Pasta Bake Sauce 4. Tinned Tomatoes 5. Noodles.

Monday ~ Salmon Pasta Bake.  

Combine pantry item 1 with number 3 add pasta, top with mozarella and there you have it!  This takes as long to create as it takes for me to write this!

Tuesday ~ Tacos.  

I am VERY allergic to beans, lentils and legumes.  But this doesnt mean  the kids have to miss out (although I am sure they are not begging me for these items!) I am going to make a classic taco mix but separate it into two lots.  Add in some of the pureed Three Bean mix into one lot and leave the other plain.  Item 2 taken care of in this EASY mexican help yourself meal.  For little miss A we just pile a few of the ingredients on her plate and break the tacos into pieces and she scoops and dips!!

Wednesday ~ Lamb Shanks in the slow cooker.

Using the tinned tomatos I love making lamb shanks in the slow cooker!  I throw in some small lamb cutlets aswell for the kids.  This is a favourite but also a rarity in our house as it is quite expensive, but we will savour every mouth full!

Thursday ~ Chicken Noodle Frittata.

Cook the noodles.  Break up a bbq chicken.  Add it to a basic frittata egg mix with some shallots and soy sauce.  DELICIOUS!

Friday ~ BBQ Feast

Looking forward to enjoying some of this beautiful weather with a steak!

So what’s for dinner at you house or even more importantly…what’s lurking in your pantry?

The Organised Housewife


  1. I love the chicken noodle frittata dish!! My kids would even eat that!!

  2. Great use of all those products Larissa! I looked in my pantry the other day and was horrified by what was in there. Seriously, who needs 10 tins of tuna in different sizes?? Last night I mixed up some tuna with diced onion and mayonnaise and made jaffles for dinner…very tasty.

  3. Great way to use the 3 bean mix. I’ll admit I do use it and hubby loves to put it in salads for lunch. Tinned salmon is normally hanging around for ages in my pantry, we use lots of tuna but I always struggle for ideas with Salmon and hate the litte bone bits you sometimes get in there.

  4. Oh how clever are all those recipes well done miss

  5. Looks delicious! I have a few cans of 3 bean mix in may pantry. I don’t remember buying them. The chicken noodle frittata sounds yum. Must try it sometime.

  6. I normally use the 3 bean mix to make my chilli con carne. That’s another great idea I’ve picked up from your menu! 🙂

  7. Lamb shanks…yummo! We have not had those for ages…time to plan them in I think. Great ideas xx

  8. LOVE lamb shanks. I may have to put them on our meal plan for next week! Yum 🙂

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