5 Kids Paints You Can Make At Home

Making paint at home is as easy as diving into your pantry.  Yep, the pantry comes to rescue play time yet again.

Try these 5 simple paints to make at home!

Edible Finger Paint ~ Our Best Bites

DIY - Watercolours ~ Lilac Shilhouette

Puff Paint ~ Delaware County Moms

Chalkboard Paint Image ~ The Idea Room and Recipe ~ Martha Stewart

Sparkly Salt Paint ~ Erin Shakespear

 Master O has only one day of Kindy this week so we will be doing lots of painting at home!  First on our list will definitely be the Puff Painting!  Pinterest is not just good for inspiration but can lead you to a whole web of child friendly activities!

For more pantry play ideas click HERE

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  1. Love them – puff paint recipes have been on my to do list for 3 years – I swear we are making this asap! My art mad kids would love it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Ooh, puff paint! Going to try this! 🙂

  3. Great paint recipes, there are so many out there!

  4. Will definately be trying the puff paint – I loved it when I was a kid. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. My kids love painting too! I just hate the mess. lol. Love the idea of the paint in the squeeze bottles though. Have fun making that puff paint!

  6. I cant wait to try the sparkly salt paint!

  7. Great ideas, my kids love the little water based colour palettes….simple but really fun x

  8. Ahh this is perfect! We wanted the kids to do some painting to give as Christmas presents, so this will be a great money saver!

  9. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says:

    Ditto re puff paint. I’ve got to start making some of he crafts from Pinterest instead of just collating all the info!

  10. Thanks so very much for joining in with my weekly Pinning and Singing Pinterest Party. I am so thrilled that you joined in and shared these fun paint ideas. My kids would have loved playing with these paints when they were little!

    This week’s Linky party is on now so please come and check out my favourite pins for the week if you have 5 minutes to spare…they are very festive!

    Best wishes and happy pinning!
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

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