Enter our home….

What is the first thing you see as you walk in your front door?  A place of function or great design?  Is it inviting?  Tell something about who you are?

Well ours is bland.  We have a gorgeous chandelier and a lovely french antique table but as a display area it lacks well…..everything! I want it to be a place that looks good all year round.  Something easy to change with the seasons and celebrations.  So yet again I go looking for some pinspiration…

6th Street Design School

Simple decor as the statement mirror and elegant table say it all. 


I would love for our entry table to be a place to display family photos!

Good Girl Gone Glad

LOVE LOVE LOVE, this is my kind of colour pallette and style.  Love that simple mirror and the wallpaper is divine!

6th Street Design School

I would love a mirror over the table but am worried about the mess we might see in the reflection!

Country Girl Home

Symmetry meets classic and elegant decor.

the house of smiths

I love the idea of a picture rail.  That way I can easily change frames and pictures with the seasons without dealing with hooks in the wall!

and who would be the queen of all things photo display?

Becky Higgins

Becky Higgins of course!  Becky is the mastermind behind Project Life!  I love this novel idea, of frames within a frame.  I have the perfect spot for this!  Its a picture box with a very ordinary photo in it at the moment.  I am thinking some wall paper and matching frames will look amazing in our space!

So what’s on your entry table?

Ooh, that's Pinterest...ing!


  1. Our entryway has our fishtank which currently is covered with a aqua sheet an a vase on top!
    Then our shoe rack which frustrates me on a daily basis!!

  2. We have an old dresser that has a mirror attached to it, it is timber and worn so I need to do something with it, it has drawers so “stuff” can hide in it and has family photos.. manage to keep it clutter free.. amazingly.. thanks for some inspiration..

  3. we enter via the back deck so have no entry table 9and something that i really need)

    i love the last 2 ideas best – very cool…

  4. Our entry table… hmmm It currently has piles of junk mail, school notes, children’s pictures, assorted seed pods and half dead flowers that the kids have picked up and toys lol. I do actually make it neat and clutter free every week, but that doesn’t last long. 🙂 Beautiful photos!

  5. Our entry is straight into the kitchen/eating area. I would love a hall/entrance area that was separate. Some great ideas here and I do love your taste!

  6. I wish we had an entry area in our new place, I have a million ideas to put to use!

  7. Such dreamy pins. I wish I had an entry way, full stop. We enter the house through the back door which is at the front of the house, because our house is the wrong way round, literally…have I confused you? Yep, thought as much. So we enter straight into the kitchen and dinning.

    Love your style xx

  8. Some fab ideas. At the moment I have a coat stand and that’s it… need a bench or console or something. It’s a work in progress!

  9. Love! We don’t have an entry table. Probably because our front door opens straight into the lounge room and I have never gotten our furniture quite right to add one. I think I may have to try again 🙂

  10. I wish we had the space for a huge entry table at our place so I could decorate like this! I love all of these wonderful ideas.

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