In the next house….

I am addicted to houses.  Home magazines, open homes, display homes.  I love dreaming and drooling over gorgeous designs, clever ideas and delightful decor.  I am go grateful for the home we have, but there is nothing wrong with a little daydream every now and then.  We built this house almost 6 years ago now.  It’s a sure sign your’e getting itchy feet when a lot of your sentences start with….in the next house…..

So in the next house…..

We will have a white, light, and BIG kitchen with a little nook for chatting to the cook and 

a little study nook and…

lots and lots of storage and bench space and one more thing for the kitchen

a servery from the kitchen to the…

outdoor room.  That has room for a lounge setting and outdoor kitchen and is weather proof!

A laundry that is a room, not a washing machine in a walkway.  I may actually want to do washing in this room!

So the list could go on and on.  Funny how its all about the kitchen and laundry!  The two “work” areas of the home! Enough dreaming and time to start doing. Today’s household project is to go to Bunnings and buy a seedling, or maybe a tree.  You know one of the variety that grows money?  Thats all that is missing from our next house dreams!

You can find these images and more on my Pinterest Boards.

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  1. I have that same kitchen pinned for our next home design! Wenare hoping to build next year but all depends on if we find the land we like!! Hubby is so picky!!

  2. I would happily have every one of those spaces in my dream house – i am especially addicted to “nooks” – i want a desk one, a reading nook and a lot of sitting spots in my dream house!

  3. Oh I totally love all these houses!! And I agree- big white kitchen with lots of bench space equalls WIN!

  4. I love these ideas too…your kitchen is the centerpiece of your home and I’m a firm believer that it should be somewher you enjoy being.

  5. I drool over home images too. I’m in love with the kitchen nook and the laundry. Not sure if it would encourage me to do more laundry but it would be pretty to look at. Thanks for linking up! x

  6. The first kitchen is just gorgeous

  7. I love that outdoor room. That would be so awesome. These pins look so gorgeous. In our next house … I want a nice big kitchen, with a nook. 🙂

  8. I’d want to do laundry in that room too!!

  9. Thank you for this wonderful eye candy!!! Those rooms are fabulous…you may know we are just about to move into our new house, and I love seeing pics like these which inspire me ♥

  10. Yes! I love that kitchen also, especially the little study nook. My laptop lives on the dining room table so I’m close to the hub of activity in the house, so a dedicated space? *Swoon*

  11. It’s fun to dream, isn’t it?!!!! Love all your choices … swooning over the kitchen. Happy Pinning!

  12. Your taste is very similar to mine – lots of light and white! The idea of a nook in the kitchen is such a good one. And I’d kill for that outdoor setting. Love these pins!

  13. I am totally in love with that outdoor area. Dreammmmy 🙂 xx

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