Packing my bags….


The list.  The Piles.  Packing my way!

This trip we packed light!  We have it down to a fine art now!

Are you a list maker?  A lay it all out and mix match?

Or a spontaneous throw it all in packer?

Playing along with

My Little Drummer Boys


  1. Looks like you have everything under control. I’m a list maker but I’m not as organised as you are!

  2. I make a list, but usually pack straight into the suitcase or bags. It takes me a full day to pack for us when where headed somewhere!!

  3. I make lists and lose them half way through. You are all set now. I wish I was as organised.

  4. I make lists, lay everything out on the bed like you show and always OVER pack – i agree with the idea to put back half the stuff you plan to take and take twice as much money LOL

  5. You look very organised and sorted for your trip

  6. Wow, you are organised! I just throw whatever is clean in a bag and hope for the best. lol.

  7. i am sure a list maker. I love being organised too. great photo

  8. Love the organised packing. With kids it is almost an must! N x

  9. Kelli Richards says:

    I am somewhat of a list maker but definately not up to your standard……by the way I LOVE those blue shoes of yours Larissa!!!!!!!

  10. I make lists otherwise someone ends up without any underwear or something equally important! have fun on your trip

  11. Jodie - Muddled Up Mumma says:

    I don’t do lists for packing but I lay everything out on the bed first and then attempt to cull!

  12. I like lists but like Trish I usually lose them too lol!

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