Certificates, Birthday Cards, Artwork our home is full of them without Master O even having started school!!!  Naturally my organising gene is already kicking in and I found this amazing product to keep all your children’s pieces of paper in order, in the one place and protected for life………..

The SmileFile.  This is more than just a box with folders in it.  This is an organisation system.  The sysytem involves 5 plastic storage folders.

1. Certificates/awards & sports ribbons/medals
2. Photos & digital materials
3. Paintings & drawings

These three are purpose designed folders that contain plastic pockets inside.

SmileFile ~ Certificates and Awards Folder

 Then there are 2 Document boxes for

1.Special events and memories
2. Report cards and special projects

These are larger than the other folders and designed to hold bulkier items such as cards and projects.The Starter Kit also comes with one each of 

  • A3 pockets for paintings & drawings
  • A4 pockets for certificates, photos & paintings
  • A5 pockets for certificates & photos
  • 6 x 4” pockets for photos
  • Purpose designed CD/DVD/USB pocket
  • Purpose designed sports ribbon pocket
The rest is up to you!  More pockets are available and the kit also comes with some great labels to help keep everything categorised!  
How we will use it……”The Smilefile” outer box is huge!  It has to be to hold ALL of your childs items.  For this reason we are storing our in our store room.  We already have the “School Folder” in our Organisation Station.  Once items come into the house they go into this folder.  Then at the end of each month I will transfer all these items into the “SmileFile” where they can stay until next time we need them!  
I have been asked if you could just make this yourself.  Yes if you had a lot of time, money and space.   But the simplicity of this system, the way it is all stored so beautifully categorised in the one place is what appeals to me.  You simply unpack it and use.  No printing of labels, creating folders and sourcing boxes to put everything in.  
This product is just not about organising.  It is storing those tresured memories in a way that we can enjoy them all!
“Smilefile” is available from Smilefile and the “Starter Kit” retails for $89.90


  1. Looks like a very clever idea! There is so much “stuff” that comes from starting school!

  2. clever idea!

  3. I need something like this …

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