Smile, Say….REINDEER!

Having a Christmas photo taken is a Christmas tradition in our house!  Every year I dress the kids up in their Christmas outfits and take a photo for a Christmas Card to be sent to the relatives and friends near and far!  Looking back at the last four years of Christmas Cards I cn’t believe how much they have grown and our life has changed!

Master O's First Christmas ~ Dressed as an elf!

Master O is almost two and that smile says it all ~ CHEEKY!

About to receive the best present of all ~ A new baby sister!

and then there were two!

Lucky for me their Christmas outfits from 2010 still fit!  So today I am going to TRY and get a 2011 photo!  There will be wriggling, fussing, bribing and begging but all in the name of  capturing a precious moment this Christmas!

Do you take a Christmas Photo?

My Little Drummer Boys

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  1. You can see how much they’ve grown from photos can’t you? We don’t take Christmas photos, but I usually get all nostalgic when I look through our albums and images that are still on my HD, and realise boy, how much they’ve grown!

  2. How cute are THEY??!! Adorable. We don’t take Christmas photos either, but I love watching others try to get theirs,lol! I’m impressed – last year you got a pic with BOTH kids smiling at the same time.

    Mine are 4 and almost 9 and I STILL have trouble getting that, LOL.

  3. Veronica @ Mixed Gems says:

    These are lovely shots. It’s such a trip down memory lane. We don’t do that with Santa photos but have monthly photos we’ve been taking next to a giant teddy bear to track growth.

  4. We take Christmas photos too. The older the kids get though, the less cooperative they are. sigh.

  5. What a beautiful family you have!

  6. Gorgeous photos!

    No Christmas pic for us this year, my spirit is dwindling and the children are uncooperative 😉 Hehe

  7. What a fab tradition. Great shots! 🙂

  8. Swwet and how lovely to be able to look back at the photos year by year!

  9. Oh I love how your photos represent so much each year

  10. What a lovely tradition! What gorgeous photos!

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