The List

The problem with organising is that it truly never ends.  One HUGE project often leads to the creation of many more smaller projects and that was the case after our junk space clean out.  And so the list begins…..

  • A new place to house Project Life pieces
  • A better system of organising Photo Cd’s
  • More effective storage of electrical cords and chargers
  • A new art space for the kids (I am embracing their current obsession with drawing!)
Lucky I LOVE lists and organising and shopping for storage boxes oh and who could forget pinterest!!!
Of course ones to do list must look pretty!!!!
What’s on your to do list??


  1. I’ll be back later to nab these cute printables. I love lists too …of course never get around to crossing everything off.

  2. I’m a list maker, but not much of a list follower. lol. Love the ones you featured above! I definitely think I need to start writing down my bloggy ideas and a schedule. It would make it all feel a lot less ad hoc.

  3. Haha, they’re awesome!! I am actually going to be printing off today a blank standard Word table with enough spaces for the next 6 weeks and filling it in with everything to be done before the move and when. I need to see it to get my head around so many tasks!

  4. I love the never ending to do list as it is so appropriate but I followed the link and it isn’t available anymore 🙁

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