Organising Take Away Menus

With the Fridge Organised, it is time to move onto the second Organising Project on our list for July.  In the bottom drawer in the kitchen I had a rapidly increasing pile of Take Out Menus!  There is nothing like having a drawer full of back up plans when you don’t feel like cooking dinner! But the chaos! I had admired the Kikki-K Take Away Menu Organising Folder, but it was too big for my space.  I wanted to be able to keep the menus in their current drawer but in a more organised fashion.  

This week as a woman on a mission I searched everywhere for the right “container” for the job.  Then at my local Big W I found this perfect folder.

“Ditto” – Expanding Wallet – Big W

This plastic expanding wallet with 13  sections and labels, was less than $3 in the Stationery section of Big W.   It has an elastic band closure and tab tops for easy labelling. It is a DL Envelope size which is simply perfect for take out menus! PERFECT!

So armed with my bazillion menus and my trusty DYMO Labelmaker, I set to organising those babies! 

The “wallet” came with little cardboard tabs, but I wanted labels!  I used my DYMO to make a label for each section, stuck them to each cardboard tab and then slid them into each tabbed divider.  I could have just labelled the plastic divider, but this way if I ever need to I can change the categroies around!

Boy that is a lot of menus, not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed?

I also kept one category right at the very back for coupons.  Unlike those lucky americans we dont get a lot of coupons but I do save the occasional “Shop-A-Docket” or Play Centre coupon. Got to love organising two things with one container!  Of Course now the “Wallet” was begging for a pretty label.

I made up my own Tangerine Trellis labels using Word and printed it onto self adhesive paper.  I attached them to the cover and spine.

There she is!  A Take Out Menu Organiser, made in under an hour and for less than $3! 

Happy Organising!

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  1. Now thats one of those simple ideas that makes me think why didnt I think of that?! Will definitely use your inspiration!!

  2. Looks great!! I certainly envy America’s coupons too *sigh*

  3. Oh, your take away folder is much prettier than ours! I just grabbed a folder with plastic sleeves and inserted the menus so we just flip through them. I love your tab idea!

  4. I’ve just got all of mine in a plastic sleeve, and if it gets knocked over they fall out all over the place!
    I might have to pay Big W a visit!
    Thanks for the idea!

    Visiting from FYBF 🙂

  5. That’s an awesome idea, I usually just pin mine to a noticeboard, until it gets too full and they start to fall off. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Oooh I like! Very efficient and definitely a lot prettier with the labels!

  7. Oh, what a fabulous idea! We certainly have a stack of take away menus that need filing! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. I need to keep my eye out for one of these folders. I have mine filed in the cabinet but all loose, I can put it in one of these and then file the whole book, much easier to find the right menu.

  9. What a great Idea- On the coupons have you seen the Entertainment book? they have lots of great coupons we buy one every year

  10. That is such a simple and great idea (that I would never have come up with in a million years)!

  11. I’ve had all my take-away menus in a folder with plastic sleeves for years. People used to laugh at me but now I can smugly show them your blog!!!!

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