The Reluctant Cleaner

I just wanted to set the record straight. With all these Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog posts and photos about The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day Challenge, there is something I wanted to tell you.  

Cleaning does not come naturally to me.  I struggle.  I try ever so hard, but in truth their are a million things I would rather be doing.  For me to get up and start cleaning or organising all the stars must align…..

  • I HAVE to have music on.  This makes it more enjoyable and helps me work faster
  • Speed.  Not the drug kind but the “I could make this chore into a workout kind”
  • I am easily distracted and will instagram, tweet, facebook at the same time!
  • I have to have all my hair up and housework attire on (think tracksuit and singlet)
  • I have to be alone or at least with child labour.  If my husband is anywhere near me it will not happen.  He is the King of Clean and I like to do things my way!
  • I set myself challenges.   Giving myself time limits or goals.
  • I work best under pressure.  I can clean more of the house in the 30 mins before visitors arrive than in the whole week prior!
So how about you?  Are you a neat freak?  A procrastinator? Maybe even a hoarder?


  1. I’m totally with you there. Hours spent cleaning for it all just to get dirty again … sometimes only within an hour of you finishing. So frustrating! But I must say I am loving the results I’m getting from doing the challenges, in particular the de-cluttering part. I used to think our house was too small for us and didn’t have enough storage, but really we just have too much stuff! Thank goodness we don’t live in a bigger house! Mel (Just Winging It. Parenting by the seat of my pants)

  2. i can live with mess… like lived in mess. But not pigsty or stupid or lazy mess. that really grinds my gears! I hear you though – cleaning is definitely not my favourite chore.

  3. It was like just reading something I had written 🙂 I always amaze myself at how much I can achieve in a very tiny amount of time if I know someone is coming over, the rest of the time?? Struggle Town!!!

  4. I hear you Larissa but I was always a neat freak and loved housework. The kids soon changed that. I couldn’t fit it in my day. Now I have both of them at school I feel I can keep on top of it a bit better but I’ve got to get back to that position first hence the Organsing Challenge from Kat. It’s been a God send for me. I don’t normally need a schedule or plan. Just go through room by room but her challenge is a lot less daunting for me. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!

    Anne xx

  5. I am totally with you!!!!! I work so much better under pressure – it has to be the day of guests for me to do a big clean. On normal days, I set a timer for 15 mins and if I complete 15 mins of a task, I get 10 mins on the iPad 🙂 I need to keep rewarding myself – ha ha!

  6. I think it should be equal work for both partners. It is hard getting motivated but the challenge did get me started . Keep going Larissa , one step at a time.
    Haha I am a speedy pre -visitor cleaner too.

  7. Haha, I totally get the 30 minutes before visitors come!! I can keep the house in daily neat and running order, but a true proper clean and tidy and declutter rarely happens unless I have people coming over! Thankfully every Wednesday I do, so that keeps the pressure on to be presentable at least once a week 😉

  8. SPOT ON!!! You just listed me down to a tee!!

    Music, speed, lots of distractions, lists coming out a mile long that never get ticked off..

    I tried to do the 20 day challenge.. its not working.. my kitchen needs more than a day to sort out.. atleast a week!!!


    #teamIBOT was here to say hello!!

  9. I don;t mind the cleaning but it gets me that I can be at it 18 hours a day and still get up to the same chores! Love the Ecard!

  10. Oh the pressure of visitors is an excellent motivator.
    Unfortunately I’m much more comfortable with people seeing my house all natural these days!

  11. I am a reluctant cleaner too and i have low standards (can live with dust and never do windows etc) i do best with having people over at least every 1-2 weeks so i know i will do a good job in the lead up, i clean as i notice things and have energy (so if i see vacuuming needs doing and i have 10 minutes i just do it instead of waiting for “vacuum” to be on my to do list LOL)and music definitely helps (thank you Adele and other chicks!)

  12. It’s not that I’m reluctant, I’m just really lazy!! Katrina’s 20 days challenge has really helped me and my home to clean and organise some of the rooms in our house. I can’t wait until it’s all done. Perhaps I might just become a domestic goddess after all…nah!

  13. Exactly the same!! Hate cleaning. Although I like clean. It’s quite a predicament really.

  14. I’m a bit of both these days. I love everything clean. Former neat freak, but I tend to get overwhelmed these days because it’s so much cleaning!!!

  15. I am exactly the same. Exactly. And that little carton card thing is exactly the deal I have with my husband!

  16. I have given up being a neat freak the moment I got married because hubby just isn’t one and it’s like fighting a losing battle. So we compromise. I don’t mind cleaning just NOT someone else’s mess. So now, I get the kids to get involved – they are responsible for putting their stuff away, and helping out with certain chores. Makes my life a little bit easier.

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