End of Term Organising

The end of term is here!  As the backpacks and lunch boxes were emptied I was left with this…

Katrina from The Organised Housewife has a great list of things to do at the end of each school term!  She has inspired me to get moving on this first weekend of the holidays and get those school things sorted!!! 

PENCIL CASE: On the last day of school I ask Master O to bring home his pencil cases. We go through them checking that everything still works, is labelled and not missing! We clean them out, and refill it, replacing any broken or missing items.

ART WORK: The school bag is usually full of artwork from the term!  We sort through and decide

  • What to Keep and File (We use a super Large A3 Folder in our School Station)
  • What to Display (Displaying Artwork)
  • What to send to our loved ones! (Share the love and the paper clutter!)
PAPERS: I file away any end of term notes, calendars and newsletters in our School File It Folder.  I also go through the folder and throw away anything we no longer need, old notes, tuckshop lists etc. I also restock the folder with new plastic pockets.


CLEANING:  I am using The Organised Housewife’s list and tips and cleaning the school bag, lunch bags and socks! We also have a “yard hat” that needs a good soak and winter jumpers as well!  I add some Eucalyptus oil to the wash to kill all those school germs! On an amazingly sunny day like today I hang it all in the sun to dry!

LABELLING: I check that all of his uniforms, socks, shoes, bags, pencils are still labelled and replace any missing labels.  Next term we have “School Swimming” so those lables will be particularly important!


 RESTOCK: During the holidays I will restock our “School Station.”  Brown paper bags for tuck shop, blank sticky labels, label paper for the DYMO, name labels, staples, scissors and plastic pockets for our filing folders.

CALENDAR:  I adjust our family calendar with the dates for the term ahead and start planning around these dates! Term 4 is crazy!!!!  Christmas Parties, teacher gifts, report cards, swimming lessons…… CRAZY!!!!

I also do up a rough outline of what we will do in the holidays.  This looks more like a brainstorm of possibilities for those moments when “I’m bored” starts to visit.  This is often simple things like “Create A BackYard Obstacle Course” “Outside Water Play” “Create a Cubby House” “Nature Hunt” etc.  

Oh it is so nice to not have to rush off anywhere and to just stay home explore, play and organise!  

So do you have any regular chores at the end of the term?

Oh and I am fashionably late…BUT I would love for you to VOTE FOR ME!








  1. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve just asked the kids to bring their bags to me so we can empty them out 🙂

  2. I scanned all my children’s artwork and it’s all there on the computer plus backups. The kids are adults now and have their own DVD copies.

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