A New Printable Cleaning Schedule

Well you asked and now you shall receive! 

Here they are the printable and editable versions of the

My Pigeon Pair ~ Cleaning Schedule

This is a blank version for you to download.  Just click on the link below.

It is a PDF version.  You can print it of and write on it. 

“My Pigeon Pair” Blank Cleaning Schedule


For an Editable version on your computer.  This version is Miscrosoft word compatible. This will be fiddly, but nothing the undo button can’t fix!

My Pigeon Pair Cleaning Schedule – Word Document 

If you just want to print it as is (definitely the easiest option) You can have this one!

My Pigeon Pair Cleaning Schedule – MY SCHEDULE

Remember click the links not the pictures!

Tomorrow I will show you a peak at how this schedule fits into the rest of our day when I reveal our family schedule!

Happy Printing!





  1. Thank you for sharing this & giving us the option to edit! Your generosity is amazing x =)

  2. Love it. Printing it now… one for each child and then covering it in contact so they can wipe off chores as done. Thanks

  3. This is probably a stupid question but what does the Up and Down refer to?

  4. Excellent transaction. Fast shipping and great pricing. Will deal with again.

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