Loving The Laundry

Let me start by saying I don’t LOVE doing Laundry.  In fact it is most definitely the one job I procrastinate the most about.    But surely if my Laundry was more organised and a little prettier I would be more inclined to actually go in there?  Just maybe?  

Unfortunatley for most of us, laundries were designed by men who rarely frequent them.  They are generally small, lacking natural light and completely unpractical.  Our house is no exception.  We have one teeny tiny window, no bench, it is a thoroughfare to the only downstairs toilet and smack bang in the middle of the wall is the laundry shoot. 

But if I can’t go back to the drawing board (literally) I am determined to make the most of the space.   We made a start last year.  

 Please do not look at the date of that post!  It’s embarassing to realise how long it has taken me to get around to finishing it!  The finishing was really a 3 part exercise.

1. Sort out the laundry cupboard where the lost and found go to be gathered together.  This seems to be a tourist attraction for every toy part, lightbulb, shoe lace, thingamabob in the house.  It desperatley needed to be sorted and stored in a better way.

I had these containers in my collection from my last trip to Howards Storage World.  I sorted them into some simple categories, grouping like items together.

To help keep them sorted I created some self adhesive labels for the containers.  I just created a label in a “Word” document and printed them out on A4 Self Adhesive Sheets (Officeworks).  Then simply cut them out and attach! 

This is the one and only Laundry Cupboard.  It has a small shelf up high above the “Broom/Ironing Board/Hanging” area.  I used a small shelf (Howards Storage World) so I could place the handled items “on top” of each other but still access them all easily.  I have used this system in my pantry and it works brilliantly! I really want to hang that dustpan on the door!!!!

2. The Baskets on the shelves have been working brilliantly but needed labelling to keep it that way! What I love about this system is the placement of baskets.  The kids are old enough now to feed the cat and get their own togs and towel and having these baskets down low helps them do just that!  I created these labels, again in Microsoft Word, printed them on some card attached them to the baskets with some cute ribbon I have been saving.

The Baskets Are Labelled!

 3. Beautifying!  We had a wall in the laundry that you look startight at as you walk in!  I had bought some wall art off etsy a while ago but still hadn’t gotten around to printing, cutting and framing it!

Now I just need to hang them!

Besides all the reorganising and beautifying you know what else makes working in the laundry a breeze?  Great Laundry products!  

You know how much I love METHOD, well they have just released an amazing arrange of laundry products.  I may have just been inviting all family members to come and smell the washing lately! The Waterlily and Aloe Laundry detergent is not only 8x concentrated but smells divine! Goodbye dryer sheets, I have been using the Dryer Activated Fabric Softener and it is like nothing else I have ever tried.  Not only is everything super soft but it smells incredible!  I can still smell it on our pillowcases when we go to bed! 

Of course I couldn’t rave about this range without you being able to try it for yourself!

So……SIMPLY ENTER OUR METHOD GIVEAWAY via Rafflecopter below! 

Tell me what would make doing the laundry easier for you? 

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  1. You have inspired me to sort out mine…34 weeks pregnant with twins and it’s nearly done…the last thing we are going to change is the addition Of new cabinets x3 and move the dryer down next to the washing machine…wether this will happen pre or post twins is another matter!! Laundry is only 2 yrs old but making adjustments to make it more user friendly!!! Bet there will be lots of washing moving from one child to three!!!!

  2. What would I change? I would take the massive laundry in the house we are currently renting & place it in whatever house we end up building or buying. Because most houses have a tiny laundry.

  3. Since renovating my laundry a few years ago, there isn’t really much I would change as the system works so well!! I tried to think of everything when I designed it – and it seems to have worked! Yippee!! Love your labels Larissa! It all looks fabulous! Xx

  4. Michelle K says:

    I’d love to change where the cupboards are and find some way of corralling the clothes baskets… and having someone do the laundry (and ironing) for me would be fabulous! lol

  5. Claire Lewis says:

    A new washing machine would definitely make doing the laundry easier!

  6. When we moved in we had no laundry at all, we were young and designed it to what we thought would be practical then. It is great but there are a few things I would change… the ever more storage request lol. Also I would love a space inside a cupboard for the laundry basket as I am sick of all the dirty clothes being every where. One other thing that I really must do is add a shelf to store the powders and things so that it clears more bench space for me.
    ABSOLUTELY loving the tags that you made… might have to create some of my own. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have an old laundry, but it is big, so I would love to build a bench with cupboards underneath. A coat of paint would be nice as well! Thanks for sharing your ideas… I love the way you think!

  8. I would make my laundry a lot bigger with lots of shelves

  9. In the process of completing our laundry so this would be great!! Loving your laundry too x

  10. Rebecca alameddine says:

    My laundry job would be made easier if I had a beautiful bench top to fold ontop of!

  11. Everything! Its one of my future reno projects to include more storage.

  12. lisa daulby says:

    I would change ‘me’ with 4 children i so need to be more organised!

  13. Sarah Fleming says:

    I would LOVE to have a bigger laundry, with enough room for a bench top to do my folding on. Other than that I like my laundry (we renovated a few years back).

  14. We are a defence family, so destined to live in rented laundries for a long time to come yet. Like you, I love doing laundry- it’s so rewarding, and the clothes even stay clean for more than five minutes (unlike the floors). The one thing that would make my laundry life easier to some magical sand-disappearing potion. I’m so sick of pulling clean pants off the line and having sand pour through the washing basket, or having piles of sand on the laundry floor. I dread to think about the sand in my machine! :s

  15. A bench and one of those washer/dryer combos. In my ideal world it would also be alot wider and have some decent storage. Melanie

  16. I would love more bench space in my laundry, a fresh coat of paint, more storage…and a pretty chandelier…you know, just to make doing the laundry a little more glamourous.

  17. We only have a large cupboard as a laundry, one of the joys are apartment living. Thanks to my handy father it’s kitted out with some great shelves and hangers, but I fantasise about a laundry with a seat for sitting on to remove muddy boots, an ironing board that folds out from the wall, and tonnes of bench space for neatly folding my t shirts using my fancy t shirt folder.

  18. Kelli Richards says:

    Doing my laundry would be so much easier if I didn’t have to walk outside, down 14 stairs, under the house, only to find my washing machine (covered in coal dust) had stopped before even finishing the cycle. A laundry inside, no matter the size, would make doing the washing a much happier experience.

  19. Rachel T says:

    I would move the whole laundry so it was inside!! At the moment we have to go out the back door and walk about 10 steps to the laundry. It’s a really silly house design! This would make doing the laundry easier because I’d store all our dirty washing in the laundry instead of in my bedroom, and I wouldn’t have to fight with my two little ones (3 and 14 months) about why they can’t go outside because mummys just putting the washing on and it’s raining and they’ll get wet…

  20. The Laundry is the hardest room to keep clean, tidy and organised in our house. With 4 girls under 8 the washing is endless, I can’t remember what the bottom of the washing basket looks like! I am loving those prints to go on the wall, think I need to jazz my laundry up a little.

  21. Fiona Preston says:

    The Laundry is certainly on my to do list for this holiday period. I am hoping I can get a start on it at least. I really want to get everything so much more organised.

  22. Ange Dalton says:

    I’d change everything about my laundry – more storage, folding bench and get into a better routine of putting clothes away!!

  23. A washing fairy!

  24. CrystalB says:

    I would love my laundry to be a little bit bigger and have some bench space in it.

  25. When someone else does it for me. That’ll make it a lot easier.

  26. Less washing.

    And more actual laundry.

    My laundry is a European Laundry. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. It is a cupboard with a front loader and a sink. That is all. I can’t even set foot within in it.

  27. Mary Preston says:

    I have no storage in my laundry, so I’d love some shelves up high and a cupboard where I can store brooms etc.

  28. A bigger laundry with better storage! My laundry is very small and would love for it to be better organised!

  29. Melissa K says:

    More storage for sure, there just isn’t enough room!

  30. Jennifer B. says:

    I need to add a wall mounted clothes line of some sort to banish the clothes horse that takes up so much of the limited floor space!

  31. Cheryl M says:

    What would really make it easier would to hire a laundry person!! failing that, I would love a little extra space, I seem to have to always move things to reach what I am looking for

  32. Toni hill says:

    Iwould change almost everything about my laundry, from the bad storage to the leaky sink, It needs a total make over….

  33. Procrastinating no more…..
    Almost up off the couch to attack my laundry cupboard as I typ…..

  34. christine morris says:

    I would love to try the Method Laundry products , Thanks very much for the Chance.xx

  35. My laundry’s only half finished and I really want to see the icky yellow cupboards be replaced with nice fresh white ones.

  36. mmmm if i knew which products were the best i would use one of
    each, that would make laundry so much easier… or maybe a nanny? lol

  37. Rebecca chin says:

    I would love to make my laundry more pratical and would love to be able to have the washing basket shelf system you have. Unfortunately as my kitchen is so small I have a second fridge in the laundry but once I can fix that problem I would be able to have the system of the laundry baskets which I love

  38. Pauline says:

    I’d stop my husband from messing it up..he has a shed for a reason!

  39. I’m happy with my laundry. It has heaps of storage space and my washing machine is only a year old and I love it.

  40. I would change my laundry to be more like ALL of the above! It’s genius & makes me actually WANT to do the dreaded job! 🙂

  41. S Armstrong says:

    I would definately love to put in some more storage space.

  42. Ros McFarlane says:

    To have things sorted and in reach, I think is the best thing, This way you know what you have and if you need to buy more.

  43. Kasey Evans says:

    I designed my laundry but I would have liked a small clothes line that can be folded back into a cupboard when not needed.

  44. LittlePoppet says:

    The size of the laundry. It’s so small you can barely swing a cat. 1 cupboard and a storage place under the big basin. It’s just not roomy enough for me.

  45. Charlotte says:

    I’d remove all pockets !!!!! I know it sounds crazy, but too often I’ve been caught out by family members leaving tissues in their pockets that I haven’t checked, and I’ve only discovered it when I open the washing machine to a snowfall on my laundry!

  46. Having a more economical dryer – I feel guilty when I use it

  47. melanie w says:

    The size i would love it to have more storage and shelf space.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    What would I change? The fact that I’m always the one who has to do it! 😉

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