Using Trays To Organise and Decorate

 There is a little area of our home that needs some love.  It is a low buffet unit in our living room and I just can’t figure out how to decorate it.  Last week at West Elm I spied some gorgeous trays.  I love the way using a tray can group random items together to make it look like a gorgeous vignette! Trays are also a great way to keep items organised! Using a tray helps control the clutter as it provides a confined space for it to live. 

Now for the ‘pin’spiration…….



Think outside the tray. These are test tubes! This looks like an amazing thrift store find, decorated with a simple, single bloom each!

A vintage tray, filled with glasses of assorted shapes but similar size, topped with such amazing flowers.  What a gorgeous centrepiece this would make to any able setting.

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest

That blue lattice urn is just striking! This little vignette would be great in a bathroom or guest room.



This is a great example of how varying vases are all “brought together” by using a tray, plate, frame.


My favourite colour! Such a random scatter of tiny jars but it looks perfect!

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


I saw a display similar to this at pottery barn and it would be perfect for my wooden buffet. 

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


Tidy up any space and keep it organised with a tray to confine the clutter! 

Now I think a trip to a few thrift stores must be planned for later this week to find a tray and some cute recycled glass vases! Anyone else got a tray display they can show me? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I loved those trays at West Elm too! I’m on the lookout for one that I can use on my new chaise instead of a coffee table.

  2. I love the ideas you pinned, Larissa.
    The last especially takes my eye.

  3. *SIggggggh* I have a thing for trays hun … like a BIG thing. If I have a weakness apart from candles, fish, shells, cushions, cute little jars and pastel straws … it would definitely be trays 😉 xx

  4. I never thought of making a pretty display with trays. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  5. Oh for the day when I can create vignettes like this – both space-wise, and also safe-from-kids wise! My Little Miss can’t help but examine everything personally and thoroughly!

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