Under The Kitchen Sink

There are some parts of our home that seem to be harder to keep organised than others. Under our Kitchen Sink is one of them!  We had a bit of a makeover this time last year but after a year of living and using it is was shambles!

So what I have learnt….

1. Limit the number of cleaning products.  

It is easy to get overwhelmed by a miscellaneous assortment of products.  I have 4 every day sprays (on the top shelf) with a fifth occasional wood polish.  From Left to Right – Dishwashing Liquid, Daily Granite, All Purpose and Daily Wood. Naturally they are all Method products.  

Daily Granite –  for our black granite bench tops. Never have they been left so sparkly clean without any residue! If you are anything like me you clean your kitchen bench about 10 times a day!

All Purpose – I use this for the stove top, appliances and cupboards.  It is an oil and grime fighter! This one is a new “flavour” and smells incredible!

Daily Wood – For our dining room tables.  We have a small breakfast table and then a lunch and dinner table that get a good work out!  

Dishwashing Liquid- In a handy pump bottle as you can see we love it!  I hand wash lunchboxes, tupperware and kids plastics. 

2. Get rid of packaging and replace with reusable storage.

I take all the dishwashing tablets out of their packaging and empty them into this tin.  We use Method “Smarty Dish” tablets. It keeps them out of sight of little eyes and means I can declutter 3 packets into one tin.  Great for buying in bulk.

3. Containerise.  

I use some small plastic baskets from Kmart to hold all of our cloths and occasional use items like gumption, leather cleaner etc.  I also use one for our “wipes”

4. Keep the items you use daily at arms reach.  

This helps to ensure they are easy to put back into the right place! The ones you only use occasionally can go on the bottom or at the back and if you havent used it in the last 6 months THROW IT OUT! 

5. Enter our METHOD Giveaway.

So you too can throw out the rest of your cleaning supplies! 

Enter via Rafflecopter below and tell us

What is under your Kitchen Sink?  

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This is a giveaway. Method supplied me with the products mentioned in this post.


  1. Megan Carfoot says:

    Larissa you are so organised… I need to learn to throw things out!

  2. Tanya Castellino says:

    I recently started using METHOD prodicuts so under my kitchen sink (well actually above my sink so my toddler can’t get to it! ) is the method cleaning wipes and granite wipes as well! We also have been using the method dishwashing liquid and handwash…love them!

  3. Oh my! What an organised under sink space. So minimalist. I have every cm of space used up with cleaning products, storage for potatoes and onions, a big basket of recycled things for artworks, playdough, kids paints and brushes, Bubble machine, Fridge-to-go’s, hot water bottles and vases. The Method products are lovely, they smell so nice, and the packaging is pretty. Would love to try the dishwashing products.

  4. You are so organised Larissa!! I am interested in the daily wood cleaner – I have lots of wooden furniture I would love to try it on! I have the all purpose spray and love it 🙂

  5. Mummy Brown says:

    Method granite spray and lots of it. Ran out once and never will allow that to happen again

  6. Mine looks a lot like yours – lots of Method products! But I haven’t tried the dish tablets. I use another brand and they are just sitting in the box looking boring – I’ve been trying to find a nice tin to decant them all into! Yours looks perfect 🙂

  7. Under my sink there are newspapers, plastic bags,reusable bags,dishwashing liquids and a pack of sponges.

  8. Too much !!!

  9. Angie Boylan says:

    Under my kitchen sink – oh beware it all falls out when I open the cupboard! Definitely not as neat and organised as yours Larissa.

    I have bottles of this and that cleaning spray,
    which don’t work well and I need to throw away!
    Would love to try METHOD it looks like good stuff
    I’d love to only have 4 bottles – that’s enough!

  10. Laura Sarson says:

    Under my sink there is Method’s stainless steel and kitchen cleaner, sponges and dishwashing tablets. I also keep glass jars (recycled) to use for storage when the need arises!
    Thanks My Pigeon Pair for the opportunity to win!

  11. I have just jumped on the Method bandwagon so you will find lots of Method stuff under there.

  12. Kelli Richards says:

    I have a whole lot of half used products. I really should learn to use one bottle up before I go onto the next.

  13. Charmaine Campbell says:

    Wow, yours is tidy! Mine is cluttered with dishwashing products, rubber gloves, empty glass jars, oven cleaner, fly spray, mouse poo and other assorted junk!

  14. Kathryn C says:

    Wow, love your under the sink area! So organised 🙂 Mine has my garbage and recycle bin, Dishwashing tablets, dishwashing liquid, spare sponges, bottle brushes and my jif. Clearly too much…lol

  15. Under my kitchen sink is similar to yours Larissa, with the addition of a small fire extinguisher… My Mum insists we all have one in our kitchen!

  16. Under my sink needs a major overhaul!!! So many odds and ends of cleaning supplies!!

  17. My cupboards are full of stuff – cleansers I have tried but haven’t liked, plastic bags and other misc “crap”. Would love to use Method cleansers and have an organised kitchen cupboard

  18. Plenty of clutter, cleaning products, drink bottles, wipes, cloths, plunger, you name it. Would love to give these new products a go too

  19. Mary Preston says:

    Under my kitchen sink are the usual suspects, dishwash & cleaning products. I must try the Method products.

  20. Shelley Terry says:

    Nothing exciting under my kitchen sink only cleaners, rags and dishcloths

  21. I have a giant mess under my kitchen sink!!! But I would like to try the Method products if only for how lovely the look on your tidy shelf!
    Just discovered your blog today when I was searching for Pottery Barn (sigh…) and am loving it. It’s so nice to find a great blog by an Australian.

  22. My under sink is quite tiny. I use baskets too. But mine doesn’t look as ‘pretty’ as yours! I think I have too many products that don’t get used that often nthe frequent ones seem to sit on top at times.

  23. Sponges, detergent, glad wrap, foil, garbage bags, baking paper, plastic containers – it’s clutter central!

  24. Claire Lenton says:

    ah a mess?! plus a slow cooker, and dish rack…and a whole lot of random cleaners that i dont even use!

  25. alyson stevens says:

    Well its not nearly as organised, neat and tidy as under your sink. Mines a collection of the usual under the sink items. Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Anne McCulloch says:

    I love Method products. I have been slowly replacing all my products with Method ones.

  27. Kimberley Belford says:

    Oh under your sink is lovely and clean, mine is a mess.
    Seems to be the place where things go when they dont really hae a
    From memory theres a torch, fish tank stuff , zipties hmmmmm
    Think its time for a clean !!!

  28. Stephanie Veljanovska says:

    I Have all my Dishwashing Products and my 2 Years old Supplies Paint, Glue, Paintbrushes Etc.

  29. Samantha Bushby says:

    Plasticware & saucepans! All my cleaning products including my new love, Method Daily Kitchen Cleaner are all together in a top cupboard away from my kidlets!

  30. CrystalB says:

    All the usual cleaning and dish washing supplies. Not organised under there in any way.

  31. we have a pile of plastic bags,dishwashing tablets ,dishwashing liquid and some resusable bags under the skin.

  32. Emily Campbell says:

    Under my sink is a shambles! Definitely needs a tidy up. My bins, kitchen cleaning stuff, antibacterial wipes, spare lightglobes and shoe cleaning stuff are all under there. Needs some culling. I’ve been trying to find the Method cleaning products for ages but can’t find anywhere around me that sells them 🙁

  33. Emma Ernst says:

    Ah Larissa, every time I see a post from you it makes me smile 🙂 I am yet to try I have only tried a couple of Method products so very keen to try more 🙂 xxx

  34. Margot C says:

    You under the sink area is so tidy! Mine has all sorts of bottle and stuff. I do have a bunch of Method products!

  35. I even have bubble bath und mine

  36. I keep dish washing liquid, dishwasher tablets and method all purpose spray… Not much at all!

  37. Virginia Mason says:

    Under my sink currently *ahem* is a clutter of things,
    tea towels, sponges, sprays and random items that every one chucks in.
    A big tidy up and organisation is definitely on the list,
    to have a useable space and Method products to clean would just be bliss.

  38. Tracey Mackie says:

    Under my sink is a mass of organised chaos… Ok I’m kidding myself – it’s just chaos! It’s like a game of snatch and grab everytime I open the cupboard door!

  39. Under my sink is actually quite bare, just the essentials- environmentally friendly cleaners & dishwashing liquid, cloths & sponges. One thing I could use though is some of that Method Wood polish. My wood table certainly has a nice ‘toddler themed’ patina now, complete with many scratches and fork marks, so it would be nice to give it some love.

  40. Mandy Kennedy says:

    Under my kitchen sink is so crowded! Our bins live there (to keep them away from little hands), cleaning odds & ends, plastic placemats & potatoes & onions!!

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