Baby Talk

Now that we got the big anouncment out of the way….let’s talk baby!

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We announced our news to our family at 9 weeks!  We wouldn’t normally wait that long but this time (for the first time!) we had the opportunity to tell them in person! It was a long 5 weeks of secret keeping and felt oh so good to finally spill the beans.

Spilling the beans.  We printed off the picture above and put it in a card and envelope.  As Mum gave some presents to the kids (as she always does when she visits) I gave her the envelope saying we had a present for her too!  Of course their were squeals, hugs and lots of questions and instantly my brother and father were in on the secret too!

We were all together as a family for my sisters wedding, but I didnt want to steal her limelight so we told them to keep it a secret from my sister and our extended family until after the wedding.  Except someone forgot to tell Master O that!  Literally minutes later Mum had taken “my Pigeon Pair” for a walk when they ran into ALL of our extended family! Aunties, Uncles, Cousins, Friends of COusins, Great Grandparents EVERYONE.  Of course in his excitement what does he say….


Note to self do not tell an overly sociable 6 year old anything you need to be kept a secret!  Poor thing!  In saying that he managed to keep it a secret form his much loved teacher until yesterday!  Can’t believe he didn’t let it slip.

Of course once the news it out…….THE QUESTIONS BEGIN!

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So for you all here is the low down!

When are you due?  The end of March but I am guessing the beginning of April because “My Pigeon Pair” were both born a week late.

Will you find out what you are having? NO!!!!  Despite it going against my Type A personality this is one of those surprises I love!  After all that pain I love that moment of surprise! This does however pose some serious shopping issues!  

Have you been sick?  YES!  I was slightly sick with Master O, very sick with Little Miss A and this time it has been the worst sickness of my life!  All day, EVERY day, from week 5 to now.  Vomitting, nausea, exhaustion and a general feeling of YUCK!  I have lost whole days to bed.  I literally could not function.  Not move, drive, or some days even talk!  Thankfully at the height of the sickness, I called on some advice form my lovely bloggy friend Leanne from Organising The Four of Us who also had extreme morning sickness!  The Maxolon just wasnt working for me and she recommended another drug called Zofran.  That stuff is like liquid gold.  Not only because it is ridiculously expensive, but because I was actually able to move into a vertical position for the first time in days.  I thankfully avoided any hospital visits, but have lost a bit of weight that I am sure will come back rapidly now that I am feeling better! 

Is it twins?  No I just seem to be showing much earlier this time.  I take it that happens when it’s baby number 3!  Just one little heartbeat in there!

Did I miss anything?  

What was the most interesting question you were asked when you were pregnant? 

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