Wordless Wednesday…..Never Smile at a Crocodile

Master O was adamant that he would wear a “Bumblebee Transformer” or “Super Man” costume to his Kindy Dress Up day.  This was hard for me!  I had other costumes in mind?  But I learnt to let go and…….

HE CHOSE to go as a Crocodile!  This costume was under $20 from Kmart!    I couldn’t help but smile at this little Crocodile!

LInking up with

My Little Drummer Boys

Tutu Dreaming…


Their is something magical about a tutu.  It can transform anyone, anywhere into a dancer. A Little tulle cloud concealing litle legs that dream of being a ballerina.  I always dreamed I would have little girl.  She would prance about the house in her dreamy pink tutu, practcing her plies and twirling with her hands in the sky.  And now those tutu dreams are coming true.  I still pinch myslef that little Miss A is here.  She wears her tutu around the house and to the shops and to bed and in the yard, everywhere!


 The tutu in our house is accompanied by  little bruised shins.  Their shiny purple and blue a realistic contrast to the skirt of dreams. This little ballerina is far from graceful but those clumsy toddler moves are full of enthusiasm.

And this is where Lauren from Gingersnaps Kidz comes in.  Apart from having a store that stocks soo many treasures she has also created the most divine range of tutus in every colour of the rainbow.  How gorgeous are they in the image above hanging side by side dreaming of new dancers to wear them!



To win a Lavendar and White Size 1-2 tutu  from Gingersnaps Kidz


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3.  Leave a comment here telling us what colour tutu is your favourite!

Wouldn’t it make a dreamy Christmas gift?  I am now off to dress Master O in a costume for dress up day, and not it does not involve a tutu! 

Entries open 6am Tuesday 1st November and close 6pm Friday 4th of November.  Open to Australian Residents only due to postage.  Winner chosen via random.org. 

Christmas Craft for Kids….Easy Ideas To Make at Home

 There are only 5 weeks left of the school year!  You know what that means?  It’s time to get out the glitter, paimt and crepe paper and emmerse your children in Christmas Craft!  Unfortunately it is alays this time of year that the clasroom budget starts to run dry so I have found some 5 year old friendly, cheap and creative ideas you can make at home!  


Hand me a Santa. Take some card and paint and a cute little handprint!  What a great memento of their 2011 Christmas.  If you want to turn it into a keepsake why not put it on a canvas!


Wrap a Wreath. This is an effective and easy family or class project!  Just use a wire coathanger, bend it into a wreath shape and then tie hundreds of ribbons on to it!  A handmade wreath!


Paper Roll Puppets. Got some toilet rolls and craft scraps!  How cute are these little guys!  They would make a wonderful puppet show!  These are obviously made by an adult but with a little help your child could make their very own christmas puppet!

Santa Sticks. I have these sticks!!!  I bought them at a 2 dollar store a while ago waiting to see what I would do with them!  You could use felt, paint, material scraps anything you can scrape together!  Add some ribbon to the top and hang them from the tree!


Countdown Claus. Is it chirtsmas yet?  How many more sleeps?  I will definitley be doing this clever idea!  LOVE it!  Just add a new cotton wall ball to santas beard every day!  I am going to send home this one to the students in my class.  Once school finishes they will still have more than 20 days to count down until Christmas!  Hopefully this helps pass the time!

My favourite….


Footprint Christmas Tree. How cute!  A perfect memento of how big they were!  You could put it on paper and lmainate it, turn it into a christmas card for family, or print onto a canvas and hang it up each christmas!  This is a double winner for me!  Great for my class and great for my own children!

So do you have a favourite Christmas Craft?

Ooh, that's Pinterest...ing!


A Sweet Little Birday Party!


Over the last 6 months one of the most popular blog posts on My Pigeon Pair was celebrating Little Miss A’s 1st Birthday!  These posts are littered throughout the blog, so today I have tried to combine them all together in one MASSIVE PARTY POST!

When it came time to celebrate Little Miss A’s Birthday party, I was more than a tad excited!  At last I could plan a little girls birthday party!  Of course the colour pallette would be PINK!  With a touch of green to celebrate that this little Irish baby was born on St Patrick’s Day!

With this colour pallette in mind I began to swoop upon possible themes.  I wanted something different, something I hadnt seen all over the net, luckily my party girls Anders ruff, yet again, came to the rescue.  Sweet Little Birdie!  Here are the printables!

Anders Ruff
On to her outfit and the extremely talented Tara K Designs designed and created this divine outfit for her!
With shoes and a hairband to match of course!  


Part of the table centrepiece, this divine print
From Owly Molly Print

The Birthday girl, ready to party in her
 gorgeous Tara K Designs outfit, shoes and all!
Thank you so much Kerrie, she was a pink birdie dream!

This is what happens when I attempt to get a photo of the Pigeon Pair together

It’s my Party, I am way too excited to sit still for a photo!
Master O: Are you excited about your Birthday party?

You bet I am!  I want to dance!!
Check out the feet!!!

Getting the table ready.
The gorgeous buntings are from Anders Ruff, of course!

A little tree with some sweet birdies 
The birdies are made using the paper in the Anders Ruff Party Package.

A little birdie, watching over the party from her nest.

Logo Bunting and Food Labels from Anders Ruff

Little Chocolate Birds nests
Whats a party without cupcakes?

Some Bickies in cupcake cups, perfect for baby hands!
cupcake cups from Robins Kitchen
Birdie Bickies
Worms in a nest
Prawns in Tart Shells with Lime Aioli
Little Miss A’s Great Grandmother sent some “Toroni”
Almond Nougat
A long standing tradition in our family, there is never a party without it!

Party Favours

Some little eggs to take home to your nest.

The Birthday Cake
I am sure it would be easier to buy a cake but it’s so much more rewarding to make one!
Icing mishaps and all!

Blow out your candles and make a wish!
The cake knife was an engagement present from my parents.
It has cut our engagement cake, wedding cake, both christening cakes and all of our birthday cakes ever since!
The cream ribbon is from our wedding, the blue from Master O’s Baptism and the pink from
Little Miss A’s baptism!

so lady like with a spoon for the cake….
Well for a moment at least….fingers work much better!

Did you say photo? Strike a pose!

Can you believe more than 7 months later I am getting a bit teary!  She has grown up so much since then!  She is still a party girl, but one of the easiest babies!  This day will always hold such special memories surrounded by all of our family and friends.  I will savour every photo captured as we are not having such a huge party next year….or will we??


Plan and Prepare for….CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is coming!  Well almost. The countdown has well and truly begun in this household!  Being a teacher Christmas preparations always begin early as I spend Term 4 with my class learning about Christmas round the world, the Nativity and all things red, green, glittery and joyous.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, or perhaps you are new to “My Pigeon Pair” I am an obsessive organiser (maybe it was those years as a Girl Guide reciting the motto Be Prepared?).  Christmas is no different.  So let the preparations begin!  We alternate Christmas’s between home (My Husbands family) and Away (My Family).  This year it is my turn!!!  So although I do not need to prepare the food (I am sure I will help out!) There are still a million thigs to do.  I have broken up my tasks into fortnightly groups.

Here is my first fortnightly list.

October 3-17

  1. Print off Christmas Planner and start filling it in.
  2. Search online for kids matching Christmas Outfits.
  3. Finalise Kids present list. – Ok so I haven’t started!
  4. Start list for presents that need to be sent.
  5. Book Accommodation for trip.

The first time on this list, is the MOST IMPORTANT.

The Christmas Planner.

The Organised Housewife ~ Christmas Planner ~ $9.95

This is the one non negotiable.  Remember my folders in our family Organisation Station?  It is the same concept but all about CHRISTMAS!  This year I am using the sensational “Organised Housewife’s Christmas Planner” 

It contains…….

  • Calendars for October-December
  • Weekly Planner
  • Guest List
  • Gift Checklists
  • Letter to Santa
  • To Do Lists
  • Budget Tables
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Baking and Cooking

The list goes on and on….there are over 40 pages!  

Over the coming weeks I will show you more about how I use my planner but to start, just buy it, print it and assemble it.  You will feel organized and accomplished already! 

To purchase the planner just click on the cute flashing ad in my right sidebar.

So what are your first steps when planning for Christmas?

Visit The Organised Housewife for all the details!

Father’s Day ~ Print It!

 This is my last Father’s Day 2011 post…..I promise.

I just had to share these amazing and creative free printable designed by other Mummy Bloggers out there in the blogosphere!  Why not use this weekend to print away!  Simply click on the link under each print and discover a whole new world of bloggers and printables!  These are free printables.  A lot of love and time went into them so be kind, say hi, and let them know “a little birdie sent you”!


This one has my name written all over it.  Well his name actually!  Gorgeous framed or use it as a card.  It even comes in a variety of colours! 


Remember how much I love “chatterboxes”? This is a great one!  He may even “land” on “Have the remote all day!”   Easy to make, the kids can even help!


Got a bike loving Dad or even one who loves to help their kids on their bikes?  This play on words is just brilliant!


This one is great for grandfathers as well!  I know we don’t really call soft drink “pop” here in Australia, but the idea is still so effective.


Some special coupons for Dad.  A card and a gift in one!


Thats right, three from Pizzazzerie, because this lady knows how to make great printables.  These are great for cupcakes, or put them on a bottle of his favourite drink or make them into a banner!


My absolute favourite!  I LOVE the Keep Calm and Carry On series of prints and this one is perfect for Father’s Day!


This one even includes a design to be used as an iron on transfer!  Why not surprise Dad with his own “Super Dad” T-Shirt!

 Now there are no excuses to not make something simple yet beautiful for that special man in your kids life, so print, make and enjoy Father’s Day!