Nautical Inspired Boys Room

Master O loves the water. The ocean, the lake, the river, the pool. Where there is water, you will find him.  Probably helps that he is an Aquarius.  Remember his “Fishing/Sailing” birthday party?  Yep his choice of theme.

Over the last year I have been planning on updating his room.  So naturally we are going for a “Nautical” theme! His current bedroom has been the same since he moved in there, straight out of the cot!  But as things often go in this house it has been a long process of planning, collecting and creating.

Then last month a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT reinspired me….


In fact the entire Williams-Sonoma company is coming! For those new players,  Williams Sonoma includes, Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. Yep 4 amazing homewares stores all opening right here! Well in Bondi to be exact. So I have featured many a Pottery Barn product before but now it’s time to really start making some “realistic” shopping wish lists!  Of course with a quick browse of a catlogue or two (I have been collecting these with previous orders!) I have some inspiration…

This is my inspiration for the first wall of his room.  He currently doesn’t have a bedside table.  He has a set of MALM drawers from Ikea that is doing double duty as clothes storage and a bedside table.  I love the lines of this Hampton Bedside Table (1). More imporantly I love it’s size, perfect for our small space.  It’s practical with room for a book basket below and a drawer to keep treasured belongings hidden form a certain little sisters prying hands.

(2) Fisherman Table Lamp: The is ideal for bedside reading. He is now old enough to read by himself a little before going to bed and this lamp is sturdy, cute and looks like its ready to light your way to the shore.  

Ok so I already have the oar hooks but you can never have enough hooks in a room.  These anchor hooks(3) will be perfect for hanging the next days outfit on, school hat and library/pe bag! I am always looking for ways to creatively organise children!

The bedspread (4) is actually a coverlet. Oh how I LOVE a coverlet!  No more doona chasing and lumpy beds. It makes it so easy for the kids to make the beds themselves and always looks neat and tidy.  This one was from Spotlight, it’s only flaw was that it only came in a Single Bed size.  I usually buy a size bigger to give the bed extra coverage.  But I loved the colours and it was a great transition between the “Airplane” bedroom and the “Nautical” bedroom. the BONUS was his Nonna bought it for him for Christmas.

As for the other wall.  It is currently big and bare.  I would like to transform it into a space to play and display. These are the MALM drawers I mentioned (1).  I would love to declutter the top and replace all the knick knacks and abandoned lego projects withhave an elegant personalised sailboat (2).  I know that Master O would go crazy over this boat especially as it would have his name on it! This is the kind of item that would outlast any current interior phases.  I can imagine it in his room forever! I am just kicking myself it wasn’t in Australia in time for his birthday! Maybe a Christmas present?

I haven’t hung any pictures on his walls!  He has a few in frames on top of the drawers but I would love to add three very simple wooden frames on.  The ones pictured are Espresso Gallery Frames(3) from PB Kids and they are under $10!

The sailboat bookshelf (4) was another Reject Shop score!  I fell in love with this sometime last year and it has been holding little knick knacks of Master O’s.  I have had it on top of the Malm drawers (it was too big) in a corner of the room (it kept getting knocked over) and now it just sits there!  I have plans of hanging it from the wall as a display area for his little treasures and collections. If you love it I have noticed some Reject shops still have some limited stock and it comes in varying sizes and nautical colours.

I have been searching for a vintage oar (5) for a year.  We live on a lake and Master O loves to watch the people rowing by.  He begs to go out, but I am waiting until he is a stronger swimmer.  Then a few weeks ago on one of many Reject Shop visits I found this little beauty!  A vintage styled oar, in great colours and even better it serves a double purpose with its hooks, great for well, hanging things! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE these chevron canvas collapsible storage boxes (6).  Would you believe they come in aqua?! You know they will be on my list. I can see a playroom expedit full of them in my future!  But for Master O’s room a dash of Navy Chevron is in order! We recently removed Master O’s 4×2 expedit unit from his room to use in our Launch Pad.  It was too big for his room and wasn’t be used.  I would love to replace it with this smaller 2×2 Expedit unit (7).  It has just enough room to store lego, books and matchbox cars all containerised in those gorgeous chevron totes!

Speaking of storage…..the large canvas rugby tote (8) is perfect for the bulkier items or even as a laundry basket!  I loved the navy and white but am thinking a dash of red will liven up the space.

So the planning, dreaming and wishing has begun!  So humour me people, for I can see a lot of decorating and inspiration posts coming your way!

So who is as excited as I am?  What is on your Pottery Barn wish list?  

 I have in now way been paid for this post. I am just super excited about this new store and  been dreaming of actually shopping instead of cataloguing! I know you will be too! 




Loving The Laundry

Let me start by saying I don’t LOVE doing Laundry.  In fact it is most definitely the one job I procrastinate the most about.    But surely if my Laundry was more organised and a little prettier I would be more inclined to actually go in there?  Just maybe?  

Unfortunatley for most of us, laundries were designed by men who rarely frequent them.  They are generally small, lacking natural light and completely unpractical.  Our house is no exception.  We have one teeny tiny window, no bench, it is a thoroughfare to the only downstairs toilet and smack bang in the middle of the wall is the laundry shoot. 

But if I can’t go back to the drawing board (literally) I am determined to make the most of the space.   We made a start last year.  

 Please do not look at the date of that post!  It’s embarassing to realise how long it has taken me to get around to finishing it!  The finishing was really a 3 part exercise.

1. Sort out the laundry cupboard where the lost and found go to be gathered together.  This seems to be a tourist attraction for every toy part, lightbulb, shoe lace, thingamabob in the house.  It desperatley needed to be sorted and stored in a better way.

I had these containers in my collection from my last trip to Howards Storage World.  I sorted them into some simple categories, grouping like items together.

To help keep them sorted I created some self adhesive labels for the containers.  I just created a label in a “Word” document and printed them out on A4 Self Adhesive Sheets (Officeworks).  Then simply cut them out and attach! 

This is the one and only Laundry Cupboard.  It has a small shelf up high above the “Broom/Ironing Board/Hanging” area.  I used a small shelf (Howards Storage World) so I could place the handled items “on top” of each other but still access them all easily.  I have used this system in my pantry and it works brilliantly! I really want to hang that dustpan on the door!!!!

2. The Baskets on the shelves have been working brilliantly but needed labelling to keep it that way! What I love about this system is the placement of baskets.  The kids are old enough now to feed the cat and get their own togs and towel and having these baskets down low helps them do just that!  I created these labels, again in Microsoft Word, printed them on some card attached them to the baskets with some cute ribbon I have been saving.

The Baskets Are Labelled!

 3. Beautifying!  We had a wall in the laundry that you look startight at as you walk in!  I had bought some wall art off etsy a while ago but still hadn’t gotten around to printing, cutting and framing it!

Now I just need to hang them!

Besides all the reorganising and beautifying you know what else makes working in the laundry a breeze?  Great Laundry products!  

You know how much I love METHOD, well they have just released an amazing arrange of laundry products.  I may have just been inviting all family members to come and smell the washing lately! The Waterlily and Aloe Laundry detergent is not only 8x concentrated but smells divine! Goodbye dryer sheets, I have been using the Dryer Activated Fabric Softener and it is like nothing else I have ever tried.  Not only is everything super soft but it smells incredible!  I can still smell it on our pillowcases when we go to bed! 

Of course I couldn’t rave about this range without you being able to try it for yourself!

So……SIMPLY ENTER OUR METHOD GIVEAWAY via Rafflecopter below! 

Tell me what would make doing the laundry easier for you? 

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Terms and Conditions

1. Entry Only Open to Australian Residents

2. Winner will be notified via email and have five days to claim their prize before a redraw takes place.





Wishing for an Organised Home Office Space

Last year I was on a mission to turn our house into a home.  We would tackle “One Space At A Time”  transforming it into a purposeful, organised and gorgeous part of our family home.

We made a good start and over the year “made over” many spaces, but now due to some room rearranging, a lack of time and general procrastination we are at a standstill.

But that HAS to change. Every day I sit at my desk, look around and cringe at the dumping ground that is our “Home Office”. This space is where furniture goes to die, a dumping ground for papers, bits and party supplies.  Far from organised or inspiring.  I dream of an organised and inspiring space where I can work without stepping over a m

So how do you create such a space;

1. Create a PURPOSE “Wish List”

  • What do you do in this room?
  • What do you want this room to do for you?
  • What could it be used for? Think outside the box, you may be able to rearrange furniture to create whole new purposes for the space.

2. Create a LOOK “Wish List”

  • How do you want this space to look?
  • Do you have a colour pallette in mind?
  • How do you want the space to make you feel?  What could you incorporate into the styling of this room to achieve this.  

3. Create an ORGANISATIONAL “Wish List”

  • What type of storage does this room require?
  • Does it require large storage systems like shelves, drawers or cube units?
  • Would small storage such as buckets and baskets help?

With all this in  mind I got to work creating my own home office Wish List.

With my list in hand I headed to Target.  Partly becuase I always find what I am looking for there but mostly because they are having a Massive Home Wares Sale!

And here is what I came up with!  

1. These small seagrass baskets are grey for hiding away cords, batteries, labelling machines, printer cartridges whilst also keeping them organised.

2. I love a good candle and this metal lantern is so my style.

3. Some inspirational word wall art in my favourite colours to keep me motivated during thos elong nights.

4.  A stylish clock to keep me on track and on time.

5.  A 9 cube storage unit  for folders, books and baskets.  Everything in it’s place!

6. A RUBBISH BIN!  Somehow I have never gotten aorund to having a bin in this space!

Using these simple steps, a task that was positvely overwhelming,  is now a positive step in creating my dream office space! 

So what would be on your wish list? 

Want to make your own homewards dreams come true?
WIN a $40 Target GIFT CARD! Simply enter via Rafflecopter below, leave me a comment telling me
What would be on your wishlist?


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This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and product selections are my own. 


Sharing the dream

I am a dreamer.  Easily distracted and often half living in a world that does not yet exist.  I say yet, because I whole heartedly believe if I can picture it, it will be real. 

You see, I have a thing for houses.  Growing up in a family, where weekends were spent playing within my grandfathers latest construction site, will do that to you.  We loved the keys, all those shiny keys and the empty homes in which we could pretend to live more glamorous lives.  Those brand new units, full of promise, a fresh start, a dream.    Later in life it was the pride.  That he had built something from nothing.  That his vision had been brought to life. Literally.  

Finally one day I got the chance to do it for myself, we built our first home together. One year in the process and finally those shiny, dangly new keys filled with promise were ours.    Much to the builders dismay we sourced everything ourselves.  I was determined to save a dollar wherever I could and at the same time my heart was drawn to the most lavish inclusions.  Marble taste on a laminex budget. I spent weekends in tile, door, bathroom stores.  Not resting until I found exactly what I wanted.  It helped that we had an amazing builder, who would play along with my grand plans.  I soaked it all in, I loved every minute of it.  The designing, the sourcing, the creating, EVERYTHING! 

That house quickly became our first home as a married couple and literally 9 months later we began to fill it with children.  We love our home.  We are eternally grateful for it but now we spend a lot of time talking and dreaming of…the next house.  


When I say talking and dreaming I mean me.  He just does the listening.  Truth be told, and because I am amoungst friends, I have the whole thing planned.  Come on would you expect anything different? Every detail has been sourced and pinned.  Land has been viewed in various sunlight, determining which way to place the house on the block.  Clouds of white kitchens, silver pendant lights, Dark wood floors, and huge windows, it is all there in my mind and on Pinterest. The design is in the detail peeps.


I am so invested in this dream that it now has permanent residence in my head and my heart and……it has a name.   The Lakehouse.  Named for its style and its location.  A classic, hamptons style, weatherboard home, open and airy for our Queensland climate.


For now we just wait, wait for the land to ready, wait for finances, wait for these children of ours to be at school, wait for me to return to work.  So until then I will dream and share my dreams with you. Surely sharing your dreams is the key to them becoming reality? Only time will tell.

If you want to follow my dreams, check out my Lake House Pinterest Boards

Organising, Labelling and Finally Finishing.

Life just gets busier and busier. Somewhere along the line of my “Year Off” from work, I took on a new job! It was an opportunity that I could not pass up and I am starting to get into the swing of the new work from home routine. Best of all this job offers me a chance to be creative, inspire teachers and provide resources that enrich childrens learning environments. However my own work environment is anything but inspiring at the moment!

I have begun to feel overwhelmed by the number of unfinished “projects” around the house! I have a habit of starting 5 million projects a week and finishing very few of them in a year! I have been following my good bloggy friend “Cassadiva’s” “Finishing up Friday” series. I need to take a leaf out of her book so this week I am not starting ANY NEW PROJECTS! I have to finish some others first!

So on the list……

1. Finish all assembly of items for our “Command Centre” Area. This includes;

Hanging the IKEA FINTORP Rail system and organising the contents of it.

Putting up the Filing system for all of the homework resources.

Filling the Expedit shelves with new storage buckets

Ordering labels for the buckets

Assembling the music stand

Creating an Emergency container

2. Label the laundry organising containers.
In fact every room in this house requires some label love but I am taking it week by week and this week it is the laundry! Remember last year I organised the laundryusing these baskets? Well I never got around to labelling the baskets or containers in the laundry cupboard.  This week I couldn’t find the cats collar and realised the contents of the baskets were so disorganised!
3. Finish Blogging about Master O’s Birthday Party
4. Finish off the Easter Decorating!
I think that is enough for one week!
We have two big organising projects on the horizon that I am itching to get into, but I have other things that need finishing first
THE MASSIVE PROJECT, that is becoming increasingly frustrating is the Home Office.

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest

Take note, my office looks nothing like this and it never will, but a girl can dream!
I now spend a lot of time in our office space and it is driving me crazy.  It is primarily the “little” things that are taking over the space.  We seem to have cords, folders, pens, papers, staplers and envelopes EVERYWHERE.  In fact at last count I had 3 sets of little shelves, a filing cabinet, a small table, a huge desk  and four chairs in there!!!!!  
It is a difficult space to work with (it is a strange shape with lots of windows), money is tight, there is so much to do, the excuses are endless.  But I at least need to make a start…..soon…next month or even just this year sometime!
Are you an “unfinisher” a constant “on the goer” that fails to finish the task?
Help me out here!  Tell me I am not alone! 

Master O Turns 6 ~ The Party Prep

Things have been a little quiet on the My Pigeon Pair blog, not so much in the My Pigeon Pair Household.  One little man has been turning 6.  I say turning as in typical 6 year old fashion the celebration has been spread out over a number of days.  There were cupcakes at school, a Birthday dinner at home and a Party with friends.  

The “REAL” Birthday.

Master O came into this world on the 18th February, 2007.  He tipped the scales at 4.050kgs just under 9lbs!  Those of you who know me know that I am not the largest person standing at a mere 165cms tall and I never expected to have such a whopper of a baby!  I will never forget the Obstetrician “sitting him up” on the warming table and saying “He looks like he is ready for school!” He was our first child, The first grandchild on both sides of the family, the first great grandchild, the first nephew. Yep he was ULTRA special.  

Birthdays are BIG in my family.  In my whole life there have only been two years I havent had a birthday party!  One was when I was 9, and when I was 30 (I had just had Little Miss A) and so the traditions began.

On the morning of your Birthday you awake to find your presents!  Yep just like Christmas! No opening presents until IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY!  That was extra hard this year as the parcels began arriving from family during the week!  He peeked and shook but he knew not to ask if he could open them! 

You get to take a cake to school.  Back in my day it was a whole cake and that poor teacher would spen and hour slicing, dishing it out and cleaning it up.  Now it’s cupcakes!  I have also seen parents bring in donuts or ice creams!  Anything to celebrate the day with your classmates!  Master O wanted “Shark Cakes” so a quick google search and this is what we came up with.  I melted the chocolate and the poured it out onto a baking tray covered in baking paper to make an even layer. When it was semi firm, my husband carved out some shark fins!  Pop them on top of some blue icing and you have sharks in the water! Master O was wrapped with having his Birthday on a school day as he got the “special Birthday treatment” form his teacher and got to sit on her chair as he told the class all about his presents.


Choosing a “Theme” 

For us the party always starts with a theme.  We live less than 50metres from a lake.  Master O and his Daddy spend many an hour catching fish and guppies, and yabbies and tadpoles there.  Fishing is something he has really taken a liking too and a special time to share with his Dad.  So a “Fishing Party” was an easy choice!  The original idea was to take a group of his friends fishing on the lake.  Turns out that is illegal!!! One day when he is older we would love to have a kayakking party!  

He decided this “MONTHS” ago as usually happens this family! Over the Christmas holidays we spent many hours at the beach and it suddenly became a “Fishing/Sailboat” Party.  Not a problem.  I start the invitations, print them out and he adds that maybe it could be a “Fishing/Sailboat/Shark” Party?? He does LOVE the water and he is an aquarius so  a Fishing Sailboat Shark Party it is. 

So I start gathering supplies, maddly pinning images and creating a zillion checklists for everything PARTY.  Oh I have so many tips here and that is probably a whole other post but briefly.  

SHOP YOUR HOME: Because the party is themed around his interests we actually had a lot of things around the house we could use.  He has a sailboat bookshelf in his room, and some little “Fish” display crates.  His Aunty had also given him a gorgeous hand carved wood fish from her time in the Solomon Islands. We had some brown placemats and lots of glass jars that we filled with sand from the sand pit! 

COLOUR PALLETE: We went for a Light Blue, Brown. Beige colour theme.  This was an easy choice as it was the colours of the lake/ocean.  

In the weeks before the party I spotted some cute cupcake wrappers in an aqua blue stripe for $2 so I grabbed them. They were not the perfect blue but they were a bargain so it pays to be a little flexible with your colour palette! 

Location and Time

Before I get started on the invites we decide the details. We have had every Birthday Party at home.  I like to have clean toilets, set the party up “my way” the night before and know my kids are playing in a safe environment. It is also the cheapest place to have a party! Time, well this is a hard one!  February is notoriously bad for weather in our parts, varying between stinking hot and raining.  The last two years we have had a 3-5pm party, but it is just so hot.  So this year we tried one hour later 4-6pm.  It is probably the latest we could go for this age group but that first hour it was still pretty hot outside! 


EVERY birthday party in our house in the last three years has had an Anders Ruff Invitation.  This year it just wasnt meant to be.  They would have happily created a custom invite for us (afterall who is going to stock fishing/sialboat/shark invites!) but the budget didn’t allow for it.  So I thought I would give it a try myself! 

Take a bit of chevron (hey it looks like waves!) some fishing clipart, a picture of a sailboat and some cute free fonts and there you have it.  I created it in Microsoft Word and simply printed three per page on white card stock. 


So pleased with my new found ability to make things myself I made some other party printables! 

Some little swing tags for the Party Favour Bags. 

and a topper for the container of Putty in the Party Favour bags. 

The toppers I simply printed onto A4 sheets of self adhesive paper and then cut to size and stuck onto the putty container!

Have you guessed yet that I love things that rhyme? 

Guest List

Before printing invitations and buying any other party items we sort out the guest list.  Doing this first means I can then not waste money “over buying” items and can tailor party bags to individual kids. My biggest tip here is LESS IS MORE.  Remember when your children are little that for each child you invite there is also an adult, possibly two and maybe even some younger siblings too, add in your own child, their siblings and a few other family members and a party of 6 becomes a party for 20!  Growing up we had the rule that you could invite as many people as the age you are turning.  So when you are turning 6 you can invite 6 friends. All of his friends were from school, a mix of old and new friends.  

and yep from 6 friends we ended up with a party of 20 people! 


This needs to be sorted well in advance, especially if you need to “book” any entertainment. We do parties “Old School” in our house.  No jumping castles, face painting, magician, balloon person.  The entertainment…..ME!  Well and the kids just want to play in the yard!  I organise a few themed games and the rest of the time they literally just run wild!  Mostly this is just because it is what I know, and so far the kids have never asked for these things.  Also its the cost that I struggle with as I would rather spend the money on a great present that they will have for years to come.  DOn’t get me wrong I would love to one day go all out and do something AMAZING but I will wait until they are old enough to really appreciate it.  If you are not the kind of person who can entertain kids I would recommend getting some kind of entertainment.  I am a teacher of this age group and I must admit I think my ability to get their attention, run a game and be fair with prizes is fleeting.  


I make a list of “themed games” and gather up all the supplies and put them in a basket. The best decision this year was to have “medals” as prizes!  No buying junky toys and lollies and wrapping them!  Each child got a simple plastic medal (available at Woolworths in a pack of ten) 

This year we had;

“Sink The Ship” – Children throw a water bomb at a ship on a tin can to try and push the tin over and “Sink The Ship”

“Fishing Trip” – Treasure hunt style.  The children were in teams and have to find hidden  fish in the yard! each time they find a fish they have to run back and put it in their teams bucket. The team with the most fish wins! I also had a special one of a kind “Golden Fish” and the team who found that fish also won a prize.

“Fish Hunter” – We set up the wading pool and children each had one minute to catch as many fish as they could and put them in their bucket. 

“Create a Fish” – I had this all sorted and forgot to put it out!  I had some cardboard fish templates and some items to decorate them with. 


Normally I just go for themed “party” food.  But this year with the later time frame I provided both “Party” food and then a “Bucket O Fish” aka fish, calamari and chips (chicken nuggets for those who don’t like fish) In saying that the kids hardly ate!  Their was too much excitement to be had.  When planning the food I also try to plan ahead what containers I will use for each.  The more disposable the better!  There is a lot of clean up after a party!  A few years ago I stocked up on some large plain white plates that have always come in handy.  I searched high and low for some water “pop tops” for the kids to no avail.  They ran around like crazy, it was hot and I really needed a better water system!  I think the best option would have been “named” adult size water bottles.  Plastic cups are just messy and we went through about 40 and yet when someone needed a drink there were no cups to be found! 

I also organised some simple cheese/antipasto plates and some pastries for the adults with cold drinks.


Set up a serve yourself coffee/tea station for the parents.  This is another thing I have learnt form previous parties.  When you are trying to take coffee orders and make coffee for parents AND run a party things get crazy! Allowing parents to do it themselves takes the pressure off the host, people get a coffee made “their” way and it is a great to encourage “new” parents to mingle and chat.

The last things to “prepare” for a party are the “Party Favour” bags and of course THE CAKE!  Both of these deserve a post of their own!  So stay tuned….. 

Do you get a little crazy about kids birthday parties?  


Organising and Cleaning The Kitchen

Day 1 of “The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day Challenge” and we are Cleaning and Organising The Kitchen. Let me start by saying that our Kitchen was in an average state.  It is the hub of our home.  Literally.  You can see it from the living and dining room, there is no escaping it.  So we try to keep it fairly clean and tidy….

Here it is mid breakfast prep. We have a “Galley” style Kitchen.  It is fairly small with ok storage space but Oh how we wish we had made it bigger! Hey doesn’t everyone. Notice the hole above the Fridge? Lets just say it pays to measure the height of your new fridge.  Oh and the plant.  Hubby’s addition to the decor!

What we like about our kitchen.

  • It is central in the house so I can see everyone whilst “working” in there.
  • Good Size pantry
  • Granite Bench tops
  •  Coffee Cupboard! ( A small cupboard at the end of the bench fro the toaster, kettle, coffee and tea etc)
  • Ok number of powerpoints
  •  Wall oven
What we would change.
  • More bench space!
  • Closer to the entertaing/outside area of the house
  • More of a u shape or non walk through!  Baby gates are a nightmare in this kitchen!!!
  • More storage space!!!
  • Bigger oven and stove top! Ours just came with the house and we wish we had of looked into this further.  Our oven is tiny!!!
But onto the task…..
There were three areas I wanted to declutter  and clean!
Area 1 – I really want to get rid of the cook books.  They are rarely used and don’t need to be on display taking up bench space! The bread!!!  I hate it being on display!  The biscuit style jar holds salt.  Apparently essential for any “woggy” kitchen!
AFTER- I moved the utensil jar onto the other side of the cooktop.
The recipe books got moved into “The Great Wall of Ikea” Wall Unit
This bread tin was an awesome buy form Kmart!  It was a while ago and they were a set of two tins (a bsicuit tin came with it) for about $15.
BEFORE – Talk about out of sight, out of mind!  This is our under sink cupboard!  We loose a lot of space due to the (“In Sink-er-ator??) Speaking of which…these are a must!!! I buy everything in bulk when on special, hence the multiple packets of wipes and dishwashing tablets!
AFTER – Yes I had all of these containers around the house!  Just call me a basket hoarder! The large tin now holds the dishwashing tablets!  It is a Jamie Oliver tin I bought from Target.  It was sitting under the stairs as I felt it used to clutter our bench top!
The baskets are all from Kmart.  I have tried to keep like items together.  Furniture cleaning, Scrubbing etc.
Behind the tin is “The Stockpile” of cleaning products.  Unopened products.  On the top shelf are our everyday items.  As you can see I love wipes!!!  
BEFORE – This last area is the end of the bench.  The plant was a present from a student many years ago!  But it needs a new home!  This basket literally appeared on the bench last week.  Thats what happens when your husband has a day off work!  I like to keep a little basket/container here for our daily water bottles.  I am hopeless at drinking water so if I cant see it there calling me, I forget to drink!!!

AFTER – Good bye plant and basket!  I have had this little basket for ever!  Now the kids drinks and my awesome CONTIGO drink are tidy but visible.

Over the last year we have organised a few other areas of the Kitchen…you can read about them HERE…..

Organising The Fridge

Organising Take Away Menu

Organising The Pantry 

Organising The Utensil Drawer

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D.I.Y – Tile Coaster Tutorial

 The Winter wind has left our outdoor area dull and drab.  We spend a lot of time sitting, playing, eating and just being in this area and it is one of my favourite spots.  So as   Spring approaches I would love to give this area a little TLC in the form of some sunshiney yellow redecorating!  

The first project for the outdoor area was to get crafting and make some….

DIY Tile Coasters

This is one of those projects I have been eyeing off on Pinterest forever (ok maybe a while) But alas most of the projects I lust over on Pinterest involve “Mod Podge” which appeared to be an “American” product.  One day browsing the aisles of my local spotlight, less than 3 minutes away,  I discovered  they had the illustrious “Mod Podge” IN STOCK!  Needless to say I grabbed that baby and ran home to create a long list of Mod Podge DIY projects I could now complete!!!

What you will need:

  • 100×100 White Tiles (these were 30c each at bunnings)
  • “Mod Podge” – Spotlight
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Clear Waterproofing Varnish
  • Self Adhesive Felt (or Felt and a hot glue gun) – I bought mine from Bunnings
  • Foam Brush – Check out the Dollar Stores.
1. Trace around the tile on the scrapbooking paper and cut.
2. Apply Mod Podge over the tile using the foam brush.
3. Place the scrapbooking paper square onto the tile.  Act quickly!  You only have a few seconds to get it straight before the mod Podge “glues” it into place! Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.
4.  Apply a layer of “Mod Podge” on top of the tile.  Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.  Repeat 3-4 times.  
5.  Spray an even coat of varnish over the tile.  Allow to dry. Repeat 2-3 Times. This will waterproof your tile and make it safe to place your cool drink on! 

6. Turn the tile over and stick the felt circles on to the corners of the tiles.  This will stop your new coaster scratching or slipping on your furniture.
7. I left mine to REALLY DRY for a few days before…..pouring myself a cold drink and enjoying my new sunshiney yellow COASTERS!


The Winner is…..Ethos Design Giveaway!!!

We are loving implementing our “Ethos Design Kit”!!  We have so much to do that I really need to write an “Organising and Decorating Plan” like this one from the ever fabulous Jen at iHeart Organizing!

iHeart Organizing

 Until then, I should announce who else is about to undertake a wonderful redecorating journey, thanks to Anna at Ethos Design…..

THE WINNER OF THE “Freshen Up Online” Design Kit is…….


Please email me at to claim your AMAZING prize and then HAPPY DECORATING!!!

Project Decorate ~ Ethos Design Giveaway

I LOVE to decorate.  I don’t lack motivation or even inspiration, what I struggle with is tying it all together with our existing furnishings!

 I have long been struggling to inject some colour into our very beige and bland home.  Since building seven years ago, all of our money has gone into finishing the house off and landscaping, leaving nothing left for making our house a HOME.  But this year we have made it a priority.  We want to go room by room, adding decorative colour, style and most importantly some love and warmth!

Now I have found someone to help me do just that!  Anna, from Ethos Design Kits has come to my rescue.  Recently I enlisted her e-design service to help “freshen up” our very boring Living Room!  

After an online questionairre, Anna idenitfied our personal style as “Classic Contemporary”  and within a week we had our very own “Design Kit”!  

This kit contains inspiration, suggestions, stockist lists, moodboards, EVERYTHING!

It is such a brilliant idea it is best explained by ANNA!!!  So over to you Anna!

Ok, some fun facts about me… 

I’m Anna, an interior designer based in North Queensland, Australia (in the hot and sticky tropics). I have always been passionate about decorating and interiors. The first sign was probably about the age of seven, when I used to design floor plans and furniture with my lego pieces!

  As I grew up I knew being an interior designer was my dream job and I’m lucky enough to be doing it every day. I’m currently living in a mid-century era Queenslander which I’m very, very slowly renovating. You can see the progress (or lack thereof!) over at my blog, My Design Ethos, along with all my ideas and some other design inspiration.

 A little about Ethos Design…

I have two businesses; Ethos Interiors, which is a custom interior design firm, and Ethos Design Kits. My goal with Ethos Design Kits was to be able to offer people the benefits of the advice of an interior designer, without the high price tag associated with it normally.

 So, what are Design Kits? My kits are basically an online interior design plan which gives you all the information you need to pull together a room that’s (hopefully!) perfect for you! I do my best to explain why a piece will work for you, which gives you the chance to look for something locally or even find a second-hand piece as an alternative.

So here it is a sneak peak at the plans for our transformed Living Room. 

This is a before pic of our space! Living and dining
Suggested Colour Scheme

Of course a little bit of Tiffany blue/aqua had to be in there!  Anna has been able to mix our existing colour scheme with new ideas seamlessly.

My Favourite Part! Moodboards!

 I love the moodboards as it has helped see how my living room would look as a whole!  This has been one of my biggest problems!  Continuity!  I love that where possible Anna has used pics of our real furniture! That piano looks exactly like ours!

And yes that last picture reads right our kit is 22 pages long!!!!

I cant wait to share with you our kit, our plans and our progress over the coming months.

But what has got me really is excited is……..

 The giveaway…

Anna is very kindly giving away a gift voucher for

one custom design kit; a “Freshen Up Online” valued at $299. 

This kit can work with your existing furniture or find all new pieces for you, and suggest new art, accessories, rugs and window treatments to finish off the space.  For more information on what is included you can visit her website here: 


You must enter via RAFFLECOPTER below! 

Good Luck!

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