The Fairy Door

Fairy doors are what childhood dreams are made of.   A doorway into a magical world of wishes and dreams only created with childhood imagination.  I have been longing for our own fairy door and when Master O lost his first tooth I knew it was the perfect opportunity to introduce the concept into our family.

What is a Fairy Door?

This is one in the divine home of Sharnel Dollar

Fairy Doors are a stickable and removable minature wooden door, with architrave, doorknocker, doorknob and coloured door.  

How does it work?

The door arrives complete with miniature bottle of fairy dust, blu tac like putty and instructions. You simply attach it to any place in your home.  Walls, bookcases or bedside tables make great places for A Fairy Door.

What could you use it for?

So far we have use it as a place for the Tooth Fairy to enter and exit from.  

but we also plan on using it for…..

  • Our Elf on The Shelf to leave clues at.
  • Santa
  • The Easter Bunny to hop on through.
  • Fairy for Birthday Treat Delivery
  • Fairy for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Deliveries
  • Special treats for well behaved children!

Colours and Accessories.

The Fairy Door comes in a multitude of colours!  We went with Red as it is unisex and will be perfect for our Christmas elf On The Shelf Tradition.  

You can also buy accessories such as grass mats, toadstools/mushrooms, furniture, glitter, stick on butterflies anything that you can use to create an enchanted doorspace. 

Where to purchase?

We bought ours from Elle J Kids Boutique, online.  With quick delivery and accessories available it was an easy, speedy option for us! 



Enter Via Rafflecopter below to be in the running for a

Fairy Door Prize Pack

from Elle J including

A Red Fairy Door

A Red Mushroom Set

A Grass Mat

A Fairy Footprints Stencil


Good Luck!!!!

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The Fun Police

This weekend this happened.

That is one cloud reaching slide.  Ridiculously scary for your average 3 year old.

But nothing about this child is average.  ALL BY HERSELF!

This child figured out at least 3 different ways to make the slide EVEN MORE FUN then it already was.

It made me realise how far we have all come.  Two years ago I wrote about playgrounds.  And how much FUN they were……..


I am the fun police. 

In the spirit of keeping it real I have been so busy on fun police shifts, I have only just realized that I had taken up this position.

Yes, that’s right it has taken me 4 long years to realize I had fully morphed into a fear ridden, anxiety filled, arrester of fun.

The realisation goes like this.  Son aged 4 asks me if we can go to the park AND take his bike.  I can see the look on his face.  He is worried that this event, may enter into fun police jurisdiction.  Negotiating two activities, the park and the bike riding, is a risk assessment nightmare.    I try hard to escape my fun police role and give in with  a “as long as we go now before it is too late, too dark and too cold and you have your hat, sunscreen, helmet, shoes and socks, training wheels, jumper, first aid kit and drink bottle. 

Somewhere between finding matching socks and stopping daughter aged 1 from drinking the sunscreen, we had lost 30 minutes.  It was now approaching the danger zone.  You know that time when it is possibly too cold/too dark/too close to the evening routine time?  This one activity could jeopardise our clockwork organisation systems.

But we do it.  I am determined to let him have fun.  He rides his bike along the path with me screaming behind him.
“Slow down, ring your bell if someone is in the way, watch where you are going, stay on the side of the path, dont go too fast!”
Not sure why I bother he is clearly having such a good time that all heres is FAST.

We have a break and he plays on the playground.  Whoever builds these things sure does not have a fun police hat.   Going up the slide the wrong way seems to add to the fun especially if you can collect your sister on the way and push her to the bottom. Swings are a mid air version of dodgem cars, and seem to magnetically draw toddlers to their high speed collision fun.  The spinning bucket lures them in with a false sense of dizzy fun but leaves them screaming for assistance when they cant stop its whirling.

In case I wasn’t already in a state of anxiety there is a fantastic new spinning swing.  A massive big circle around which a posse of kids are staring and daring each participant to attempt it. Who thinks of these things.   The kids push it around at vomit inducing speeds and much to my horror, son aged 4, spots it.  I bite my tongue.  The voice in my head beckons the fun police to get lost.
LET HIM GO ON IT.  So I do.  He watches carefully.  The kids are getting giddy and then jumping off to wander around the playground in a drunk like state and fall down.  “Go on” I say.   “You can go on it.”

He pauses a while.  Taking it all in.  

“No Mummy, I’m too scared. “

I have done it.  I have succeeded.  What a sensible boy.  I have taught him well.  Or have I?

But wait there’s more.  A hill.  Not just any hill but a pyramid shaped steep incline that is like a child’s Everest.  At the top, a line of children, holding cardboard boxes.  They take it in turns to toboggan down the hill.  The speed they rack up is incredible.  If only I had my speed camera with me.  They squeal with abandon.  The look on their face is pure joy, thrill, excitement. 

“Wow Mummy” son aged 4 starts.  I wait for it.  This looks like fun.  

“That is soooo dangerous”  he scolds and points.

What!  Dangerous?  What have I done.  I have filled him with so much fear he can no longer see the fun.  There is only one solution to this. I kick off my shoes, hike up my jeans and grab his hand.  He looks at me like I’m a deranged woman.  We balance on the top of the hill and wait our turn.  With each child’s giggles and squeals his anxious face gradually turns to anticipation.  It’s his turn.  I maybe ready to have fun, but I still want to catch him at the bottom.  I run down.  He waits for me.  Once he spots me his confidence soars. He leaps.  Literally.  At first he looks scared but then he starts squealing.  He zooms down that hill faster than he could ever ride his bike.  

We went up and down that hill a hundred times.  He got creative and more daring with each ride. Going on his stomach, going backwards, trying to surf the cardboard.  There were times where I held my breath, but I never closed my eyes.  I wanted to soak in every bit of this moment.  So maybe for him it was just a step off a hill, but for mummy it was a giant leap.  A leap without my uniformed hat. Maybe it got too late, too dark and too cold.  Maybe our evening routine was out of whack.  We didn’t notice.  We were having too much fun.


The Tooth Fairy Visits

Calling all tooth fairies, we have a lost tooth in our house!

FINALLY aged 6 years and 4 months, Master O, lost his first tooth!  More than a month ago I noticed Master O had two adult teeth breaking through on the bottom.  Sure enough those baby teeth were starting to wobble, ever so slightly. One in particular has been hanging by a thread and last night literally as we were about to go out for dinner, it came out! Well actually Daddy pulled it out! There was a tad bit of shock about all the blood (from Master O AND Mummy) but the excitement of FINALLY loosing a tooth soon took over.  

Of course this happens on the extremely rare occasion of us going out for dinner. Put the tooth back in! I am not ready for this!

After recently searching for Tooth Fairy Inspiration I had some vague plans of what I the tooth fairy, would do.  It all centered around The Fairy Door that thankfully arrived from Elle J this week! You know how I feel about traditions. So let the new tradition begin!


Place tooth in a glass of water on the bedside table.

Need to work on this one as I was sacred he might “drink” his tooth in the middle of the night!  I am going to go with a cushion or box next time.

In the morning the Tooth was replaced with a note. This was an etsy printable. It came as an instant download package (great for last minute) with a tooth fairy receipt as well .  I had no printer ink or card, so it looked nowhere near as nice as I would have liked! The note thanks him for his tooth and taking care of his teeth and tells him to go downstairs for a treat!

The surprise was that the Tooth Fairy had come!  She had created her own entryway into our home!  She used her saw and hammer to create a Fairy door and left behind quite a mess!  She had tried to sweep and mop up her wood shavings but will be back tonight to finish the job.  She left lots of coins, a receipt, a letter and some fairy dust.

The Saw and hammer (althoguh I think its more like a chisel) These are form a miniatures collection I have had since before I had children!  They are intended for a dolls house and I have been waiting for the perfect moment to use them.  A whole box was once given to me by someone who didnt want them!  The only details I have is that the tags say “Vicki Collection” 

The broom, mop and wood shakings which were some straw and toothpicks cut up, good thinking Daddy.  That was his thoguhtful touch to the experience.

and Master O’s reaction……..


He was in absolute disbelief.  Worth every minute of the late night panic and shenanigans.

Together they chatted about how she came in, wether she would make a new door next time and what kind of fairy she was.

They decided that the money actually belonged to the fairy and she had accidentally left it behind! NOOOO!!!  They need a lot of convincing that the money was in exchange for the tooth!


So to ease her crying Master O shared his money with his sister.  Seriously I could have cried. 

So I did.  Just a little. You know when those moments just hit you that these amazing creatures called kids are actually yours? And that they believe in such wonderful, innocent, magical, joyous things?  That they are kind and considerate enough to share their much anticipated tooth Fairy money? That sometimes all those really ordinary parenting days accumulate and transform to create an extraordinary moment you want to savour forever.

Overwhelmed by it all.  Not them, just me.

Magical Memories.


Edited to add: The Miniatures:
I just did a quick google of Vicki Collection and found this site 
Gosford Hobbies

A little bit expensive but oh so cute! 

Funky Elephant ~ Review and Giveaway

We love craft.  To be more precise, Little miss A loves craft, Master O will do it reluctantly but always enjoys the end result, and me, well to be honest I think I have more fun than them!

The hardest part of creating craft projects for my two, is thinking of an activity they will both enjoy doing.  It has to be easy enough for Little Miss A but creative enough for Master O aged 6.  It also has to be an activity that requires easy to find resources.

Well Funky Elephant have thought of both.  A “Funky Elephant” subscription allows you to receive a monthly trunk full  “interesting projects to complete! Watch them get creative and learn through craft, activities, role play and fun projects”

When they say a complete kit they mean complete….

The contents of a Funky Elephant “Trunk”

There was everything for two or more children to complete two different craft projects.  EVERYTHING even a drop sheet to keep the mess contained!

 Little Miss A Loved painting her little family of stick people! 

They both loved giving their “family” clothes, “goggly” eyes and string hair.

They turned their stick family into a hilarious puppet show! 

The trunks are available in a 2, 4 or 6 moth subscription and are literally delivered to your door and adressed to the child, making receivng the package half the fun. This would make a great Birthday gift, especially if like us, many of the little kids in our lives live 100’s of kilometres away! We could have a bundle of fun delivered straight to their door. The trunks are great to keep on hand as a riany day bonus or even a school holiday boredom buster.

Even better we are giving away 2 x $25 vouchers for you to receive your very own Funky Elephant trunks.

 Simply Enter via rafflecopter below and tell us?

What would you love about a Funky Elephant “trunk”?

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The Tooth Fairy

Another mythical creature is getting ready to make an appearance in our household. The Tooth Fairy! Finally after 6 years and 4 months, Master o has a wobbly tooth!.  He is one of the last children in his class to loose a tooth so needless to say the event is highly anticipated!  So I am searching for a new family tradition to begin.  A tooth fairy tradition.

The Tiny Letter


Source: via Larissa on Pinterest



Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


Never fear you don’t need to figure out how to do this yourself!  These come as printables and can be found on Etsy.  You simply print and assemble your personalised letter at home!

The Tooth Tin


This idea could easily be made at home.  A simple tin, some scrapbook paper and a cute label.  A safe place to keep those teeth as they await the fairy. 

The Printable Letter/Collection

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


This is one option I will be taking up.  A whole series of printables for the occasion from letters, certificates, boxes, stickers, even a note to hang on the bedroom door. 

The Fairy Door

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest



This is one of those ideas I first posted about on here years ago but have never done for myself.  I think the opportunities this could provide for many different occasions is HUGE.  For our Christmas Elf, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and maybe even a Reward Fairy!

The Tooth Pillow

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


It is so nice to see a range of boys and girls pillows to hang on the childs bedroom door.  I love this idea as it is something that could be passed on to the next generation as well.

The Certificate



I want something like this to keep for my own record! Which tooth fell out, how it fell out and when! A magical way of keeping memories for years to come. I am thinking I may do something like this on the project life journalling cards, ready to put in the album.

So what adventures does the tooth fairy get up to in your house? 

Managing The Family Finances – Part 3 – Saving Money On Your Bills

 It’s time to get on track with the family finances.  If you are following this series you will now have….

1. Done Your Homework – Using bank statements you have outlined the amounts coming in and going out of your accounts. You have also sorted these items into categories (Non negotiable, and recorded the frequency of the payments (Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, Quarterly)

2. Created a Family Finance Folder – This is where you will “file” away all family financial papers, particularly, bills and receipts. This folder is sorted into categories such as Rates, Mortgage, Electricity, Phone, Internet, Insurance. It is best to have one section for each separate category for example, a separate section for each type of insurance (Health, Life, House, Car) You will see why this works best in the next step!

You are now ready to……..


Family Finance Folder Form

Family Finance Folder Form

  • Print out the FAMILY FINANCE FOLDER FORM (Above).
  • You will need one for each category of your folder.
  • Glue this form on the inside of each divider in the Family Finance Folder.
  • Record on the top part of the form “the details” for each company. This includes the company name, phone number, your account number, policy name, phone pin numbers and internet passwords. By doing this, each time you need information about that company or need to correspond with them you have everything you need in one place. If you don’t have all of this information, don’t worry as we are about to fix that!
  • The bottom “Correspondence” section is for you to record, any correspondence with the company. This includes any phone calls or emails sent or received.


  1. Ring Each company.
  2.  Firstly check all the details are current and ask for your customer number or any other information you don’t currently have on your FAMILY FINANCE FORM.
  3. Now ask them to give you a deal! Literally that’s what you need to ask.
  • Is this the best deal for me?
  • Have you got any better deals seeing as though I have been a loyal customer for “x” amount of years?
  • My circumstances have changed and I want to save money but stay with your company, what do you suggest?

Companies want to keep business and you will be surprised with how quickly they will offer you savings!

Also consider: 

  • Is your package negotiable?
  • Does it still suit your needs? (Do you really need all the Foxtel channels? Do you use STD calls or do you need less data allowance on your internet)
  • Can you package multiple items to save money ? (E.g Car, Health and House Insurance or Phone and Internet)
  • Can you commit to a longer term plan in order to save money?
  • Have you seen a great deal at another company? Many companies will price match their competitors.

This week by doing this I halved our Foxtel bill and realised we were hundreds of dollars in CREDIT with our rates.  I organised to have that amount refunded to us so I could use it to pay off our credit card!  When any money is in Credit it is earning them money, not YOU! How we got in Credit?  We paid more than the required amount by paying fortnightly via direct debit instead of quarterly as the company suggested.  Over the period of 2 years we saved over $600!!!!

By recording the details of this on the correspondence form you have all the information you need in case of disputes, errors in payment and to remind you to call again in 6 months to check for more deals and SAVE MORE MONEY!

Any other tips for saving money on your bills? 

Staying on Track – Of life, finances and paperwork

I have serious finishing up issues.  I start a million things at once and can begin a new project in a blink of an eye and then they stagnate.  Some become part of the never going to finish pile, others have little adjustments made here and there.

1. Staying on track of deadlines and life.

AKA send Little Miss A ‘s Pre Prep forms in.

In this technological day and age I can not believe there is not a better system for acquiring people’s details.  Could there not be some giant database password protected where when filling out a form you simply enter your password and it imports all your details? Including Certified copies of Birth Certificates.  Seriously if I have to hunt another JP down to get a certified copy of anything I am going to refuse to fill out the form.  I have had the forms on the desk, filled out, just waiting to get sent.  Something tells me I dont really want to send them as then it is all too real that my last born child is going to school! 

2. Staying on Track of Family Finances.

AKA stop buying stuff from the Reject Shop.

This one is a MUST.  We are falling back into bad habits and MUST curb the trivial spending.  Maybe June could be a Money Challenge Month? Only the essentials? No home decor items, magazines, takeaway coffees, hot chips, scale back on the Foxtel? 

We have some great systems in place, but it’s time to do our finance homework again.

3. Staying on Track with the paper piles.

AKA Finish the Home Office.

Source: via Krisdee on Pinterest

Remember when we started cleaning the office and got rid of the filing cabinet.  Well it kind of hasn’t been touched since.  What do I mean kind of.  It is exactly how it was two months ago! I have a pile of empty folders just waiting to be filled.  I have done a good cull, now it is just the monotonous task of sorting through it all and putting it in folders.  Its a movie, and sitting on the lounge room floor, pile making, kind of job.  



until at least these ones are done! 

So are you a starter and not a finisher? Any tips for staying on track? 

8 Perfect Paint Recipes from Pinterest

There are some VERY clever Mums out there on the Interwebz.  Unlike me who has been a teacher for a long time and a mum, they have manage to fine tune the most amazing “Homemade Paint” recipes!   




This one comes from Kidspot. It is perfect for using on the driveway, footpath, concrete or pavers. The paint is an unusual fizzy consistency that the kids go crazy over! It is easy to wash off and can be made with things you probably already have in your cupboard!



Who wouldn’t love glow in the dark paint! If you are looking for ANY kids craft ideas, Growing a Jeweled Rose is the blog to go to! You can buy flurescent paint but glow in the dark paint works best for this. Besides the glowing ingredient everything else you will be able to find right at home.


Source: via Larissa on Pinterest




Years ago I bought some ice cube trays from ikea that were a long cylinder shape. They were intended to be able to be used to stir your drink with the ice cube, but i have found a different use… Bath Crayons! We LOVED bath crayons but unfortunately the black and blue got into the grout and has stayed their ever since. These are easily made, much cheaper and cleaner too.




I LOVE THIS PAINT. It is a staple in our paint collection as it is so easy to make and use. A tip is to use it on cardboard or buy some art paper books that have a thicker cartridge paper in them. We bought squeeze bottles from Riot Art and Craft but sauce bottles from your local discount store work just as well.



When I say edible, it really mean non toxic. This recipe uses items from the kitchen cupboard, so although not tasty it is totally safe for accidental finger suckers. Finger painting is brilliant for fine motor strengthening and I have to say, besides the mess, I find something soothing about finger painting. Finger paint on some plastic sheeting (available by the metre at Spotlight) and then “print” their creation onto a piece of paper by laying it on top!



I haven’t attempted this one yet as I am still trying to figure out what corn syrup would be equivalent to here in Australia. We love watercolour paints mainly for the easy clean up factor. They dont stain, last forever, and give the most beautiful effect especially over the top of a drawing.


Source: via Larissa on Pinterest

This is the first paint recipe I ever made! It was such a favourite with my Preschool class it saw many reincarnations. Green St Patricks Day paint, Red Christmas paint….the list goes on. Once again I love this recipe for it ease of creation and clean up. The kids go ga ga over this. It feels so nice in their little hands! Best bit is you can even play with it in the bath. The main ingredient is shaving cream. The cheaper the better I say. Just make sure you buy Shaving CREAM, not shaving GEL. Yes I am speaking from experience!



This one is not for the littlies. Chalkboard paint can get quite expensive but not if you make it yourself. All the ingredients for this recipe can be found at the local hardware store. This is great for reusing and repurposing household items or would be great for mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift making at school. Or even for some decorating projects around the house!

You can find all of the original links underneath each image. These blogs are ALL AMAZING! So what paint are you keen to try first? Have a recipe to share?

Robomaid Review and Giveaway

One of the perks of building our own home was that it came equipped with a “VacuMaid” in built Vaccuum system.  Or so we thought.  After years of almost daily use, the system died and we then realised how expensive it would be to replace.  Since then we have gone from cheap Vaccuum to cheaper vacuum.. Each has had its good points, but unfortunately none of them did everything well.  Then this arrived……

We have a large house, with a combination of tiles, carpet and rugs.  This house will put the Robomaid through its paces! 


Ease of Use – So its a robot.  I thought this might mean that I would require an aeronautical degree to read the instructions and operate the machine!  I was so wrong.  I simply plugged the dock in, charged the machine and then pressed play.  The Instruction manual is clear and easy to understand.  I played around with a few different settings including; following the walls, zig zag and spot cleaning.

The Robomaid can effortlessly fit under furniture.

Perfect Transitions – I think this is what I had been sceptical about.  Could it go from tiles to rug and back again?  Would it get stuck on the furniture?  No and NO! We have a thick rug on the Living room floor and the Robomaid easily transitioned from tiles onto rug and down again.  It did bump against furniture especially the dining room chairs but it then reversed and went around them!  The Robomaid is so compact it even effortlessly slid under our buffet unit. 

It followed the wall to go in and around corners.

Great Strength and Coverage –  I was pleasantly surprised how much this small and light machine picked up.  It seems to map the room and zig zags from space to space.  It didn’t pick up every single bit of rubbish.  SOme spots were missed, but considering it was not a human cleaning I thought the coverage was good.  It really pays to attach the little side sweepers and I found this helped with getting right into the edges.

I can now do two jobs at once!

The Time Factor –  Yes it does take longer to clean a space than it would to vacuum with a standard vaccuum cleaner.  But it’s not my time!  I can set it and forget it.  Or even better I follow it from room to room with my steam mop!  I am getting the floors done in half the time.  I especially like the set and forget mode for the upstairs bedrooms.  I can leave it in a small room whilst I go on the school run and cross one more housewrok job off the list.

Spaces – The robomaid worked well in both our open plan areas and smaller rooms.  The open plan areas naturally took longer to clean and were not cleaned has thoroughly as the smaller rooms.  I would love to play around more with the “invisible wall” function.  This helps section off certain areas and prevents it from falling down the stairs! I think this would help achieve a better clean in the open areas.

Noise – The RoboMaid was actually quieter than our VacuuMaid!

For me the biggest plus is the fact that I can use my time on other jobs around the house whilst the Robomaid does the vacuuming.  I also love that it is so easy to take up stairs, place in bathrooms or bedrooms and can easily transition form tiles to carpet to rugs.  I dont think it will replace a larger vacuum cleaner all together.  I would still like to do one big thorough vaccuum once a fortnight and get into the window sills, between the fridge etc.  But overall, I LOVE IT!  Now I have to change My Cleaning Schedule

If I love it, I know you will love it to so we are GIVING ONE AWAY!!!!

Simply enter VIA Rafflecopter below and tell us…..

What feature of the Robomaid do you love the most?

What a great Mother’s Day Present!!!


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What I do…..

For as long as I can remember I associated my “what do I do” with my paid employment. This was also my means of placing value on myself.  To add value, I needed to work harder, longer and climb the ladder.  Without my job who would I be? Would I have any value?  

Well this year, away from the confines of my workplace, I found out…..

I am the midnight retriever…. of blankies, glasses of water, doses of medicine and soft toys that seek the solitude of the crack between the bed and the wall rather than the comfort of their loved ones arms.

I am the applier…..Of band aids, ice, and carefully crafted truth. Knowledge sifted for useful age appropriate information that will enhance and not harm. Of punctuation in ill written, but lovingly built, 6 year old sentences. Of consequences when all else fails.  Of boundaries that are at times a little too flexible. 

I am the repairer…of Transformer missile deployment systems, lego creations broken by fumbling hands and maimed barbies with matted hair.   Of crushed spirits, burdened hope and broken hearts. 

I am the seeker….of playground disagreement justice, of incident reports from all squabbling parties and the apologies that follow.  Of lost things, socks, buttons, teddy noses, Lego lights and ninjago swords.

I am the navigator…through the often monotonous mundane, towards little pockets of daily parenthood joy.  Carefully steering towards the safe and righteous travels whilst allowing them to journey for themselves.

I am the believer…in the magical healing powers of mothers kisses, prayers to ward of nightmares and to help dreams come true. The tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa Claus. That these baby days will be over oh so fast and then, one day, the house will be clean, the washing all done and they just might remember fondly all that I do, and all that I am, to them.

That’s what I do. 


This is part of the blog Every Day in May project.  I wont be joining every day but this topic just spoke to me.