Pottery Barn Opens in Australia

I have always loved shopping, I mean always.  I don’t spend a lot of money.  I like to think I am a savvy shopper.  If you have been around this blog long enough you will know I buy things I love.  Even if it is from a thrift store, second hand market or dollar store.  Sometimes I dont even buy, I just love to make mental wish lists, browse the stores, admire the window displays, circle the catalogues.  

Which brings me to Pottery Barn.  For years I have coveted EVERYTHING pottery barn.  Firstly thorugh catalogues sent to me by very kind friends in the states.  Then online and when they would not ship I began parcel forwarding.  Last year I was finally able to take them up on their international shipping.  My favourites were the bed linen, office and organising pieces and of course the SEASONAL DECOR! 

When I found out that a Pottery Barn would be making its way to our shores, I squealed with excitement, literally!  No more International Shipping Rates! No more disappointment at the online checkout to find out that the item doesn’t ship Internationally.  I was going to go INSIDE A POTTERY BARN store and experience it all for myself. 

I started making plans of when and how I would get to Sydney to see the Bondi Store. 

Then in the mail came my very own INVITATION, selaed with wax, to the PREVIEW of all four Williams Sonoma owned stores.

The rest is history.  I booked those flights as quick as I could.  Started making wish lists and pinched myself more than once.

The store did not disappoint.  Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids are next to each other and share some floor space.  The store is spread over two levels and the merchandising feels as if you have walked into a luxurious coastal chic home. I wished to just take whole spaces and transport them into my own home.  Even the stores gorgeous dark timber floors and white cabinetry had me drooling.

Now I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


The cushions, the rugs, the bedding, the seaside decor and all that glass, beige and blue!
These photos are so blurry as I couldn’t stand still for long enough.  There was just so much to look at.  Just when I thought I found something I loved, I would find soemthing I loved even more.  I regret I didnt buy more, and wish I had of gone in with a better plan of what I would buy as all that shiny gorgeousness was so distracting.
I just couldn’t believe, that after all this time struggling to find decor items that are my style and suit my homes colour palette, I was now in a store with an abundance of perfection.  I seriously could have grabbed anything in Pottery Barn and it would be a perfect fit for our style and life style.  The fabrics are washable and durable.  The furniture classic, functional and solid.  The prices are comparable to most big box Australian furniture stores.  They offer FREE in home design consultations and for $99 will deliver your furniture in Sydney, assemble it and take away the rubbish.  
The negatives…..just two…
1. It is in SYNDEY!  I havent quite figured out the furniture shipping costs to Brisbane, but I don’t think it will be cheap.  Decor, bed linen etc,  though ships from as little as $12.95!!!!!
2. They don’t stock the complete range.  I am assured the range will expand as they settle in but I couldn’t find the Recharge Station (I know you were all looking for that!) or the Daily System (for Office Organisation).  They also didn’t have those anchors I wanted or that bedside lamp for Master O’s room.  I actually hadn’t stopped to think that because of the different Australian standards (for electrical and plumbing) items such as vanities or lamps will be hard for them to stock. 
BUT THEY ARE HERE!!!!!  POTTERY BARN IS IN AUSTRALIA! If nothing else they are going to change the face of Australian Retail Homewares and challenge the competition to listen to their customers, expand their ranges, offer better in store service and online experiences.   Let’s just hope they are listening. 

Bright Futures

The time has come people.  We have busied ourselves enough over the school holidays, in an attempt to avoid over thinking and the massive inevitable flurry of emotions we are about to face.

Tomorrow, Master O starts at his new school.  He is the most sociable, confident and friendly child you will meet.   Stop at the lights long enough and he is waving at the children in the car next to him.  He is constantly stopping to chat to friends at the shops that he played with once for 5 minutes, last year, in a random playground somewhere. Walk past our house and he will introduce himself and tell you his life story.  But still I am worried.  Will he feel safe and comfortable?  Will he be upset when we leave? Will somebody play with him at lunch time? Is now the right time to move him?  Have we made the right decision?

The hardest part of this decision was that he was perfectly happy at his old school.  It was a good school, but in the long term, for him and for his sister, we needed more.  We know in the long term that he is simply going to flourish there.  It is a perfect fit for him.  It “gets” boys.  He will have space and time to run and be active, activities to help him learn by seeing and doing and feeling, and  more individual attention (he only has 15 children in his class, with an almost full time aide!)  

I changed schools, four times during primary school.  I dont recall ever being upset, just a little nervous and a whole heap excited.  He says he is excited, all those new people to meet, and playgrounds to explore and toys to play with and of course THAT POOL.   As yet it hasnt fazed him.  I have everything riding on the fact that he is young.  Young enough to take it all in his stride, to adapt quickly, to soak it all up.  

And me?  How will I adapt?  That, I am sure, will be harder.  I leave the most amazing bunch of school mums behind.  We were friends before our children went to school together and will continue to be friends.  But now we dont have any one to send a quick message to, to ask if it coloured clothes day, or if they could wait with him for a few minutes whilst we are stuck in traffic.  They were completely accepting of us, and our lives revolved around a constant stream of playdates in the park, birthday parties and coffees filled with gossip.  Will the new Mums be the same?  

So many unknowns, so many expectations and dreams and concerns and questions. But oh so much hope and faith.  Faith in the school, faith in him, faith in us, faith in serendipity and the way everything just came together…..

and that this is just the beginning of a very bright future. 


Transform your life with LG Optimus-G.

Although I run a blog and work online I am not the most tech savvy mumma.  I can navigate a website, pump out a blog post but do not ask me how to get skylanders working on the x-box or how to synch your phone to your computer!    So when the opportunity arose to try out a new smartphone I was a little hesitant.  Try something new in the comfort of my own home, sure, i’ll give it a go.  But try something new in the company of other way more experienced bloggers and tech gurus?  Hmm this deal will need some sweetening.  Throw in a lovely dinner, a few strawberry dacquari’s and the opportunity to have an amazing giveaway for the My Pigeon Pair flock…..I’m in!

So the latest and greatest smartphone on the market is the LG – Optimus G.  

Ok so you had me at Optimus.  That is something I know all about…Transformers.  BumbleBee, SideSwipe, Shockwave, Sentinel Prime and of course Optimus Prime.  I can tell you all about their “powers”  how they fit into the transformers story and wether they are “goodies or baddies.”  Now we have some common vocabulary.   

The new Optimus G is the perfect life transforming device.  Throughout the evening I learnt how to use it’s camera, video, note taking, internet searching, emailing and social media sharing tools. This is one awesome multitasking device.

That is something else I know about, multitasking.  I am a work from home/car/cafe/playground/swimming pool Mum.  I am a freelance writer, resource creator, run a blog and a household.  I use social media A LOT.  I take photos of everything from what’s on sale at the supermarket, to easter craft and my latest DIY project.  I video my child wearing a bunny costume in the Woolworths meat department and my death defying children running in the yard whilst it’s hailing.  My phone needs to do EVERYTHING.  and this phone does!  

The list of features is beyond anything my current iPhone can do.  

What I loved;

This was a feature I literally needed the day before!  We were looking at a house and were trying to call a real estate agent.  With no pen or paper we resorted to the husband remembering the first half of the number and me remembering the last half!  It took us three goes to get the right number!  With quick memo I can jot things down on the screen of the phone, with my finger, whilst on a call!   

Ok so this one is great for the kids as much as me!  It means they can play the games on my phone on the TV!  Or use the big screen to view catalogues on the Internet.  Now the whole family can share in my IKEA/Pottery Barn dreaming!

Ok so don’t ask me HOW this works but what it does is BRILLIANT.  Some how the camera function takes 5 shots before you have even pressed the shutter button.  This means you have 5 shots to choose form when you take a picture.  You never miss that critical moment!

For me these were the key selling points.  There is also the whole memory/processing/HD stuff but for me it is more about having a multitasking device with great hands on features to make life easier.

Would you like to make your life “Easier” with a tool to make multi tasking a breeze?


This is not an April Fools Joke!  

Simply enter via Rafflecopter below and tell me….

What Optimus-G feature would “Transform” your life?


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I was not paid to write this post.  I did receive an LG Optimus G to review and keep. All opinions are my own. 


The Birthday Bunny

This time 3 years ago today, we brought our Little Miss A home from the hospital. A beautiful bundle of pink.   Here she is a bundle of curls, turning 3.  She loves animals, babies and dances around this house instead of walking.  She is always singing and creates her own hilarious song lyrics.  Full of life she is also determined and stubborn (no idea where she gets that from).  She is quiet and painfully shy around others but home she is loud, FAST and incredibly brave.  A real risk taker, she climbs and jumps off everything.  But most of all she is ours.  Such a miracle.  The completer of our family.

Wishing for an Organised Home Office Space

Last year I was on a mission to turn our house into a home.  We would tackle “One Space At A Time”  transforming it into a purposeful, organised and gorgeous part of our family home.

We made a good start and over the year “made over” many spaces, but now due to some room rearranging, a lack of time and general procrastination we are at a standstill.

But that HAS to change. Every day I sit at my desk, look around and cringe at the dumping ground that is our “Home Office”. This space is where furniture goes to die, a dumping ground for papers, bits and party supplies.  Far from organised or inspiring.  I dream of an organised and inspiring space where I can work without stepping over a m

So how do you create such a space;

1. Create a PURPOSE “Wish List”

  • What do you do in this room?
  • What do you want this room to do for you?
  • What could it be used for? Think outside the box, you may be able to rearrange furniture to create whole new purposes for the space.

2. Create a LOOK “Wish List”

  • How do you want this space to look?
  • Do you have a colour pallette in mind?
  • How do you want the space to make you feel?  What could you incorporate into the styling of this room to achieve this.  

3. Create an ORGANISATIONAL “Wish List”

  • What type of storage does this room require?
  • Does it require large storage systems like shelves, drawers or cube units?
  • Would small storage such as buckets and baskets help?

With all this in  mind I got to work creating my own home office Wish List.

With my list in hand I headed to Target.  Partly becuase I always find what I am looking for there but mostly because they are having a Massive Home Wares Sale!

And here is what I came up with!  

1. These small seagrass baskets are grey for hiding away cords, batteries, labelling machines, printer cartridges whilst also keeping them organised.

2. I love a good candle and this metal lantern is so my style.

3. Some inspirational word wall art in my favourite colours to keep me motivated during thos elong nights.

4.  A stylish clock to keep me on track and on time.

5.  A 9 cube storage unit  for folders, books and baskets.  Everything in it’s place!

6. A RUBBISH BIN!  Somehow I have never gotten aorund to having a bin in this space!

Using these simple steps, a task that was positvely overwhelming,  is now a positive step in creating my dream office space! 

So what would be on your wish list? 

Want to make your own homewards dreams come true?
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What would be on your wishlist?


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This is a sponsored post.  All opinions and product selections are my own. 


Organising a Family Calendar

At the hub of our family’s Organisation Station is the FAMILY CALENDAR.


There she is…STEP 3 of the process.  If you look closely you will notice this photo was taken with the calendar showing September 2011 !!!  2013 will be our third year of using a family calendar from Stuck On You

“Spring Nest” Family Calendar from stuckonyou.com.au

 This year we I chose the “Spring Nest” design, you know how much I love those little birds!  I love that it is personalised, a great large size, with large “daily” boxes to fill in all our stuff and that there is a section for notes down the bottom.  Oh and of course I love that it is gorgeously designed and in colour!!!  After all I will be looking at this calendar every day.

Having the calendar is one thing, but you have to USE it EFFECTIVELY for it to help in your household organisation.  Here are my tips for keeping the calendar running smoothly.

 1. Colour Coordinate.  Ok so maybe I am a little OCD when it comes to colour coding but this is something that has always worked for me.  Each member of the family has their own colour. Any events or activities that are for the whole fmaily also have their own colour.  This allows me to see at a glance who has what happening each day.  I use these smae colours in my Diary aswell.

2. Location, Location, Location.  I keep our calendar at our Organisation Station.  It is near the phone, computer and where all of our bills and mails are kept.  This means as soon as any dates are confirmed they can be scheduled STRAIGHT onto the calendar.  If I dont do it straight awy or write it on a piece of paper for transferring later, it doesn’t happen!

3. One and Only.  We have only ONE CALENDAR in our whole house.  There is not one for him, one for me, one for school, JUST ONE FAMILY CALENDAR.  If anybody wants to know what is going on, they know where to look.  This means there is no double booking, or something being written in a work diary that no one knows about.  If it’s not on the Calendar than it’s not on. That brings us to the next point.

4. EVERYTHING GOES ON THE CALENDAR.  If it’s not on the Calendar its not on.  This means medical appointments, returning library books, party rsvp dates, school notes, EVERYTHING.  

5.  Take the time.  I take the time once a week to update my diary with what is on the calendar.  This gets everything clear in my head for the upcoming week.

That is it.  5 simple tips to keeping your life sorted.  Ok so maybe that is not your whole life sorted, but having a family calendar is certainly a great start to having an organised life! 

Want an extra special, organised start to 2013?


from “Stuck On You“!!!

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Change, hit me with your best shot.

This post has had about a million title changes.

“2013 The Year of Taking Control”, “New Year, New Life, New Me”, “Less Thinking More Doing.”

But really what I want to say is that this year will be different.  Very different.  Change is a coming to our family.  We are so grateful to have had such an amazing home, work, childcare situation over the last 6 years but it is changing for good.  Our “Nanny” is moving away,  I have left my job for 12 months and am now the main “child carer/house cleaner/chef/taxi driver” of the household, it is little Miss A’s last year at home and Master O is REALLY at school.

Not working sounds like a great idea.  Being a stay at home Mum is surely a dream.  Don’t get me wrong it is.  But it will also have its challenges.  I can no longer use work as a;

  • break from housework/child raising/temper tantrums
  • an excuse as to why the washing hasn’t be done
  • a reson as to why we are eating takeaway and not a home cooked meal
  • an extra financial boost for homewares/trips/fashion purchases/online shopping
  • a moment to have a coffee uninterrupted and accompanied by adult conversation.
I think I was so caught up in the dream of being at home I hadn’t really stopped to think about the disadvantages!  
But I am also ready to enjoy a new pace and a new brain space.  So I am embracing it, reveling in it, plunging myself into new ways of enjoying life by; 
  • Meal planning with more gusto and attempting to cook and eat in a more healthy way
  • Managing my time better, especially my online time
  • Spending more time playing, teaching, being with the kids
  • Spending more time outside.
  • Developing great household routines
  • Nurturing friendships and family by staying in better contact.
  • Looking after myself
  • Gaining better control over the family finances, spending less, saving more

They aren’t in any particular order.  They all need to find their place in my life.  They aren’t resolutions or even goals.  They are just changes.  Some little, some big, some will require more time or work, some will just mean letting go of old habits.  
But change, as scary as it is, needs to happen.  I am craving it.  I don’t just want to think about it or write it down.  I want to do it, live it, make it happen.  So 2013, I am ready for change.  Hit me with your best shot. 


A Bundle of Pink

Truth be told, I ALWAYS wanted a little girl.  

Oh how I love Master O but I still yearned for some pink.  Nails to paint, dresses to be worn, dancing costumes purchased and hair to be brushed, clipped and bowed.  

Finally after what seemed an eternity, I was pregnant.  The pregnancy was “possible but highly improbable”.  After that enternity we now had another 9 months of waiting. For 9 months, we prayed, held our breath and tried not to expect too much.  Just waiting to know that our baby would be born healthy and without complication. And SHE was.  

We were so happy that the baby was here we forgot to ask the doctor for the first five minutes wether it was a boy or a girl.  We were just too happy, excited, relieved and exhausted.  She was here, the most precious bundle of pink.

Amongst the toilet training, bed invading and tantrums I sometimes forget just how lucky we are.  But yesterday I caught myself in that moment, where it catches you by surprise admidhits you in full force.  As I brushed and clipped and bowed her mess of curls, her little luscious eyelashes looking up at me, I was reminded.  

She is perfect, she is a miracle, she is ours.

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My Little Drummer Boys

 Ok so I tried to be wordless!!!

Blanket Love

Last Wednesday I shared Little Miss A’s “Blanket Style” but she is not alone in her love of her “Blankie”

Master O has had this blanket since before he was born!  Funnily enough he didn’t “love” it until he was 18 months old and he has never slept without it since!

Sshhh he doesn’t want his friends to know!

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Get Learning in the School Holidays!

One of the most exciting parts of being a blogger is being given the opportunity to write for other blogs and websites.  Last month I officially became a regular contributor to the Mum’s Business Website.

Mum’s Business is “an online community for mums, proudly supported by ebay.com.au. It’s a place where you can connect with other mums, share stories, trade tips and ideas. Mum’s Business is also full of clever ways to make and save money, helping you discover interesting ways to finance the fun things in life.”

This week I am over at Mum’s Business sharing some ideas on ways to fill these school holidays or any day with educational, inexpensive and fun activities for your children at home.

Get into the garden, get out the blocks and craft and get learning!

My Tips To An

Educated Holiday