Kids Bedroom Planning and Inspiration


We seem to be a family of bedroom swappers. Without a doubt every year we reassess the kids current bedroom situations and do a swap and reorganize. From shared rooms, to creating a nursery, to sharing a guest room, to everyone having their own room, the swapping never ends in a growing family!

A few years ago we made the decision for Master O and Little Miss A to share a room.  Although some thought this was a sure clue that baby #3 was coming along it was simply because they were begging us to share!  It was one of the best decisions we ever made and resulted in an amazing nights sleep for everyone!  Little Miss A would now wake up her big brother if she was scared instead of us.  It also meant they would wake each other up in the morning and sneak down to watch tv instead of coming into us to declare that they were awake!

But earlier this year Master O expressed a desire for his own space and we made the move to separate them.  We had one problem. This would mean that we would “lose” our guest bedroom.

We NEED a guest bedroom. Both of our families live far away so when they come to visit (which is often) they stay for an extended period of time and we need to have a dedicated room for them. So beds, beds, beds!  How would we make this work?  We decided to

  1. move Master O into the “Guest Bedroom”
  2. leave the Queen size bed in there and
  3. when guests come, he can move out into the lounge room on the sofa bed.

Simple. Except that’s as far as we got. We literally just moved his clothes into the cupboard and only in the last month got him a new queen size quilt.  With all our bedrooms now full, thanks to baby number 3, we really need a more permanent solution, so I am  looking at affordable furniture options that will be both suitable for the needs of a growing boy and for guests.


Bed Size and Style


Ordinarily in a kids room, especially when short on space I would look at a loft bed or trundle bed. I love that this maximizes floor space and creates little niches for desks, play areas or just extra storage.



Manhattan Loft Bed

Manhattan Loft Bed




Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.22.51 PM

Barn Bedroom Suite


Unfortunately for me, I don’t think the grandparents would be quite as excited climbing up a ladder in to bed as Master O would be. BUT, it is the absolutely perfect option for Little Miss A’s room!!!!  It wont take up too much room and when guests arrive her brother can camp out on the trundle!!! and just to add, the styling of this room is perfection.  This is EXACTLY the look I would love to achieve.  Masculine but not too dark or boyish.  PERFECTION.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.25.02 PM

Quebec Bedroom Suite

For Master O’s Room we will eventually need to update his bed  (which is from before we were married 11 years ago!) or at the very least a new mattress.  A Queen Size bed that is of a classic style will fit in with the decor of his room, suit both kids and adults and be the perfect size for his average sized room.


Bed Side Tables

With two kids in one room there was previously no room for bedside tables. Add to this that anything with a flat surface, was used by curious toddlers to climb on to, they just didn’t suit the kids bedroom. However, times have changed and Master O has been using a little stool next to his bed for a lamp and his books. For guests a table either side of the bed is a must, with room for glasses, phones and a glass of water.

Quebec Bedside Table

Quebec Bedside Table


This has been a tricky one for us. To desk or not to desk. We have decided to add a desk to his room not as a place to study but more as a place to escape to draw, build and read away form the hurricane baby and curious little sister. It will also serve as a place to store treasures away from little hands and above it we can place a noticeboard to display his memorabilia and certificates.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.04.16 PM

Ollie Storage Unit


We are lucky enough to have a designated playroom in our house but some toys are just not designed for babies! I would like to incorporate some kind of toy storage and display just for special/dangerous toys like the one million lego creations and remote control cars.  At last our oldest child will be able to put some of his things away just for him to play with.


These storage boxes will be perfect and even better they will fit inside his wardrobe, making the most of limited floor space and hiding them away form guests.

So that is where we are at.  Planning, dreaming, measuring, window shopping and weghing up all the options.  So what say you?  Desk or no desk?  Fan of a trundle bed? How gorgeous is that bedroom!

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An Organised Wardrobe…Part One

This organising project has been our biggest so far, as it involved two rooms!   I have now organised the wardrobes in both Master O and Little Miss A’s Bedrooms.  Our wardrobes have long been a disaster areas piled with clothes that don’t fit, are disorganised and basically jammed in cupboards and drawers.  I used some “Pinspiration” to motivate me to get started and provide me with some great ideas about what I wanted to accomplish with these spaces.

1.  Use the space under childrens hanging clothes.  Childrens clothes are short and this leaves a lot of space under clothes, a great spot for some drawers, baskets or even adding another clothes rail.

2.  Little items are best stored in baskets or containers.

3.  Some items are best stored on shelves, if you don’t have shelves the hanging organisers are perfect.

4.  Coathangers of the same colour make the wardrobe look less cluttered.  As does a huge cull of what your children wear!  None of these wardrobes are overflowing with clothes!

5.  Neatly folded clothes.  Costs you nothing and looks amazingly neat and tidy.

I managed to do all five!  The proof is in the pictures.

So this is number 2, 3 and 5.  I have made the most of the shelves in Master O’s built in wardrobe by sorintg like items onto each shelf.  (Number 3 – Check!)

Top shelf: Lto R Pyjamas, Singlets (in container) Underwear, socks and Hats all in containers.  Behind them are a few long sleeved shirt as it can still be cool here in the mornings!  These containers from Ikea were perfect for all those little bits and pieces that are so hard to keep neat! (Number 2 – Check!)

Middle shelf: Shirts.  They do a left to right migration.  They start off as good shirts, progress to Kindy Shirts and end their lives as home shirts!  You can see on this shelf that I employed a little secret weapon to achieve  neatly folded clothes! More about that later! (Number 5- Check!)

Next Shelf: Shorts.  Two simple piles in containers.  Good Shorts, Kindy/Home Shorts.  I kept them in the same order so he knows what goes with what!

Bottom Shelf: Lto R A winter tracksuit, Transformers Costume (yes it gets its very own space and mud patch clothes.  Thes are the final starw clothes great for digging in the mud, painting, colour water play etc.

I did a massive cull on this side of the wardrobe.  Hanging up are Master O’s good clothes or special occasion outfits and jeans.  (Number 4 – check!) Can you see what is just peaking out underneath?

I have showed you this one before but I love it so much he got a second look in.  This is where master O’s outfits for the week go.  We are getting prepared for 5 days of button up shirts next year!  This is a great use of the space under his hanging clothes. (Number 1 ticked off the list!)  You can read more about this project HERE

I can’t believe how much more space I have, how much neater it looks and how it has made getting dressed a far less stressful and tantrum throwing experience!  

Of course there is more to come!  A whole other bedroom in fact!  

What’s working or maybe not working in your wardrobes?

The Organised Wardrobe ~ Some “Pinspiration”

 As the sorting, culling and crying comes to an end, I am ready to start organising the clothes that do fit the kids.   I am lucky enough to have both shelves and hanging space in their wardrobes.  But I could always do with some pinspiration as to how to keep the space ORGANISED!

This looks very similar to the ELFA storage system from Howards storage world. Such a clever personalised storage system.  Love those clear drawer and itsy bitsy hanging racks!

Those gorgeous baskets would be great for underwear, socks, singlets, hats, togs…you know those small items that always look messy?

This is an easy one to imitate as I have seen this exact unit at IKEA!  Its great because once again it makes use of the space under hanging clothes by using drawers and baskets.  It could also be used in a room that does not have a built in wardrobe!

This is very inxpensive and yet very effective way to organise a wardrobe, especially for a little one and if you don’t have drawers.

Two siblings in one room?  This would be perfect!  It even has a spot for shoes!

Why should the kids have all the fun, oops I mean organised wardrobe space.  Totally unrealistic but worth a dream and drool. 

What’s the purpose of all this “pinspiration”?  Most of these set ups are unrealistic ad expensive but they offer some great ideas.  Heres what I am taking form these pictures.

1.  Use the space under childrens hanging clothes.  Childrens clothes are short and this leaves a lot of space under clothes, a great spot for some drawers, baskets or even adding another clothes rail.

2.  Little items are best stored in baskets or containers.

3.  Some items are best stored on shelves, if you don’t have shelves the hanging organisers are perfect.

4.  Coathangers of the same colour make the wardrobe look less cluttered.  As does a huge cull of what your children wear!  None of these wardrobes are overflowing with clothes!

5.  Neatly folded clothes costs you nothing and looks amazingly neat and tidy.

So now I need baskets, coathangers, neatly folded clothes and a few hours of uninterrupted time.  Not quite sure how that last will happen with my Pigeon Pair around!  Stay tuned!

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Boy’s Bedrooms ~ A Space to Sleep and a Chance to Dream

After hearing a thud come from upstairs and discovering a 2 year old who had escaped from his cot, it was time to move Master O to his own room.  We painted a wall, started a “vintage airplane” theme and then Little Miss A came along.  Although his room looks great it really needs finishing off.  So off to Pinterest for some “Pinspiration”

I am not a fan of “character” bedding and room decor.  I know I am a fun spoiler.  but Master O needs no extra fuel for his bad dreams!  BUT….this one makes the cut for its use of colour.  LOVE the blues, deep and dark and so grown up with the tiniest hint of yellow to brighten the mood.  Oh and you know I love those personalised pillows!

Love a boys room with some blue but some other colours making an entrance as well!  This one is giving me an idea for Master O’s spare wall!  Look at all those frames!!!

Think outside the four walls!  The ceiling space provides a new decorating dimension!  Hang some bunting, a mobile or how about some kites!!!

This room is the colour of Master O’s room so gives me a great idea of how to mix up some other colours.  This is how to use their best loved character whilst still keeping a grown up decor.  Sheets!!  They are Curious George sheets under that gorgeous striped cover!  Fun and Gorgeous!

I love the “theme” of this room and particularly love that rug!  This a great transitional room and would suit a baby, toddler or teen!!!  Without the cot of course!

We won’t be redecorating Master O’s bedroom, but rather we hope to find some clever ways to solve a few “mess” issues and finish the decor off, creating him his own space to sleep and of course, dream.

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A Dreamy Reading Space…..That’s Pinterest-ing

You know those days where it is raining outside and you would love nothing more than curling up with a good book?….well whilst we are dreaming that, that could possibly happen with work commitments, two busy kids and a house to clean I may as well imagine, I have these dream reading spaces in my home!

What a clever use of space under a stairwell.

Love the colours and LOVE the cushions.  Makes a small space so inviting.

Couldn’t you just sleep here all day!

What a simple and gorgeous idea for babies or toddlers.

and my favourite……especially for the little people in your life!

Isn’t this drool worthy divine, This one is going into the dream home file!

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Come Fly With Me….Part One – Party Inspiration

The party preparations for Master O’s 4th Birthday have begun!
This must be undertake with military precision to avoid my usual 
“last minute disasters!”

The idea…..

Master O loves planes!  This may have something to do with the fact that his first flight was at 4 months and he has flown at least 12 times since then!  


I didn’t have to look far for inspiration…
Master O’s Bedroom!
His bedroom has a sky blue, red and navy colour palette with a vintage airplane theme.

 It all started with this….
 Red Vintage Bi Plane and White Letter “O”

Michael Miller Vintage Airplane Fabric Bunting from – Giggleberry Creations

Navy Biplane Vinyl Wall Decal – Circle Line Studio on Etsy

Sheridan Junior – Aviator Quilt Set

The Invitation

Anders Ruff have created a personalised birthday invitation for the big day, like the one above!

So climb on board Master O airlines as the preparations begin for his….
“Come Fly With Me” 4th Birthday!!!!