Fashion Friday…..The Mummy Uniform

I am as far from sporty spice on the fashion spectrum as you can get.   
My idea of exercise is a stroll along the lake or chasing the kids at the playground or does doing laps of the shopping centre whilst window shopping count?
But there is no denying the comfort and practicality 
of a pair of tracky dacks and sport shoes!
Even better a cap to hide the unwashed unruly hair and dark glasses to disguise the evidence of another sleepless night.
So I am adopting a new Mummy uniform.

The Tracksuit.
Must be black and baggy.  
This body is not as trim as it used to be and needs all the slimming disguise it can get. 
Black does just that, and at the same time disguises spew, snot or vegemite.

The Polo
Adds a bit of colour and makes the whole outfit a bit dressier in case my incognito fails and I get spotted by another Mother.  Also looks good if they day warms up and I need to take the tracksuit top off.

My attempt at looking sporty but also ever so practical for wrangling shopping trolleys on an escalator whilst Master O constantly jumps on and off the front.  Or for making the mad dash to the bottom of the playground slide as Miss A blocks a speeding child sliding down.

Sunglasses and Hat
No need for hair and makeup in the morning if I can slap these two on.
A slick of lipgloss and I’m ready to roll

My one slightly glamorous possession to provide me with just a dash of non mumsiness 
(until it spills on the cafe floor revealing an assortment of wipes, nappies, half eaten biscuits and toy cars.) 
Yes, I speak from experience.

Oh how times have changed my BC (Before children) track suit loathe has become a track suit love, 
 if only I could wear it to work!

Do you have a Mummy uniform?

Fashion Finds Friday – Vintage Kid

Vintage Kid Bib and Pants

I have often thought that I was born in the wrong era.  The fashion of the bygone days of roses, frills, and cutesy patterned fabric has so hastily been replaced by licensed “cartoon and movie” products that lack individuality and innocence.  Whilst searching for some “vintage” fabric outfits for my pigeon pair, I unearthed a treasure trove of goodies at “Vintage Kid”.  These gorgeous fabrics are reminiscent of a time when boys played cowboys and indians and not Buzz Light Year vs Ben Ten.  Roses and ice creams for our little pink pretties, which now at most department stores, you will struggle to find, amidst the Hannah Montanna and Hello Kitty.  

Boys Apron
Girls Apron and Ruffle Pant

 Owner of Vintage Kids, Bernice is a mother of 2 kids (Eli 4 and Eva 2). Bernice and her husband  Sean are both educators. He still works full time and Bernice (who was an Early Childhood teacher!) is fortunate enough to stay at home and follow another passion of hers Children’s clothing!   

After searching for unique products for her own children (sound familiar!) she stumbled upon Vintage Kid.

“Vintage Kid was actually started in 2006 and we bought the business in 2008 after starting our own online I wanted to stock Vintage Kid products as I just loved how different and unique everything was. At that stage Vintage Kid mostly stocked hats, nappy covers, bibs and 2 styles of dresses. I have really enjoyed growing and expanding the range to include many more gorgeous designs in fabrics. We have also expanded our range of dresses have now included pajamas, library bags, long ruffle pants and so much more!”

Ruffle Pants

Vintage Kid and The Bees Knees Kids are located in the Northern Suburbs of Perth where Bernice operates the business from their family home. ” I have our games room set up as our stock room. I manage everything from the selections of fabrics and trims, labels to marketing, promotions, sales, customer service, postage everything even maintaining our Facebook pages!”

A creative Mum, Bernice loves to be involved in the design process, especially shopping for new fabrics and viewing the completed products.

“I really like our Long Ruffle Pants and Swing tops. My daughter has so many of these as they mix and match so well, as well as attracting many compliments about how great they look!  Our pyjamas are a newer product that have just passed through all the Australian and New Zealand safety testing.  My kids love their pyjamas!”

Winter Pyjamas

So what does a typical day look like for this clever Mum?

“Busy!! Usually I am multitasking as any other Mum with school runs, washing, cleaning and running 2 businesses from home. Some days it can be a real juggling act trying to fit everything in especially when we get lots of wholesale orders as well as retail orders that need to go out the same day! We also offer exceptional service.   The great customer service we expect to recieve ourselves, which is really lacking these days!” 

So what does the future hold for Vintage Kids? 

We would like to expand our range to include manchester and bedding so that is something to look foward to in the near future!

Vintage Kids is stocked in store and online throughout Australia and even in South Africa!  For stockists visit


But wait…….there’s more

 “Vintage Kid” are generously going to giveaway a pair of their
 divine winter Pyjama’s!!!
Valued at $44.95
Girl’s Pyjama’s


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Happy Entering!


Tuesday Treasury – The Twirly Tulle Tutu

So it all started with this picture……
The fluffy tulle tutu, the layers of fairy floss pink sweetness, the divine personalised bloomers….
I just need the right occasion…
Well when you think about, any occasion deserves a twirly tutu!

Little Miss A’s Birthday is approaching faster than I like to admit.
To keep my mind off the reality that my baby is going to be one, 
I have immersed myself in finding a party outfit for my dancing pumpkin.

I have visions of…you guessed it…
pink, with just a hint of green for my St Patty’s Day Baby.

So here is Tuesdays Treasury of Twirly Tulle Tutus 
( have you noticed yet that I am slightly obsessed with alliteration!)

Dusty Rose Pink Elegant Tutu with diamante bow – $40
I love the length of this one as I don’t want it too short.
The diamante bow adds that little bit of sparkle 
but I am mostly in love with the gorgeous colour!

Princess Tutu – $40
What a divine classic tutu style.  These ones look like they are ready for ballet class!

Pastel Fairy Princess Skirt – Rose – $85
Soft, short and sweet.

Lemonade Classic Tutu – $34.95
This me tutu just shouts party!  Love that it is a bit longer and multi coloured!
This would get LOADS of wear!

I am still searching so…..

Have you seen some tutu goodness in your travels??

Fashion Finds Friday – A little bit homemaker, a big dash of divine

Well over the past few months I have mad a lot of confessions on this blog and here comes the next one…
My name is Larissa and I am a serial offending homemaker.
I struggle to cook, cleaning really is a chore and I would much rather be shopping or blogging.
Before you throw the book at me and send me to a Martha Stewart run recovery program…you must know, I REALLY do try!  
Until I make more progress in the fore mentioned arenas 
I will attempt to at least look the part.

These aprons by Jessie Style at Layla Grayce are enough to get anyone in the homemaker spirit.  I stop by Layla Grayce at least a few times a week to do some window drooling shopping.  I am yet to find an occasion that I haven’t stumbled upon a product that makes my heart flutter. But until I convince them to do international shipping I will trawl through made it and etsy to find some similarly gorgeous aprons. 

Personalised, individual, handmade aprons.
So shabby chic!

Matching Mummy and Me aprons that are wipeable!
These would be great for arts and crafts!
Love the very “grown up” modern and sophisticated fabric.

My size please!  
Love the vintage florals!

Now if only wearing the apron had magical “Mary Poppins” style powers and would help clean my house and prepare a 3 course dinner with a click of my fingers.
A girl can always dream…..

Fashion Finds Friday – Red, White and Blue

French chic, nautical, 4th of July.
Oh how I love the red, white and blue colour pallette!
So fresh, summery and classic.
Keeping with the Come FLy with me party theme I have been on the hunt for some red/white/blue inspired clothing for “My Pigeon Pair”
The style gods/fashion forecasters were on my side!
Current children’s fashion line both in store and online are flooded with the classics at the moment!
SO here are my
“Fabulous Fashion Finds”
this Friday!

Dress Set by Berlingot

Long Sleeve Polo by
Nautical Patent Ballet Flats

Polka Dot Bloomers

Red Vintage Trike Tee
Number Polo

Now I am not usually a massive fan of mass produced lines BUT…
The new Pumpkin Patch “From Paris With Love” line really is gorgeous!

Spotty Fleece Knit Jacket

Martha Stripe Tea Party Dress

Knit Bodice Sailor Dress
Why isn’t this in my size?

 Put it all together…

For me too please!

Ok so I know I already had this one in the collection but it really needs two because I want a pair for me!
Since when were kids clothes so gorgeous, that I wanted to wear them?
Perhaps like Cinderella’s ugly step sisters I could squeeze into these gorgeous slippers?

What are your fashion finds this week?

Fashion Finds Friday – The Pillowcase Dress

Whilst admiring the fabric in the Twomonkeys Fabric Shop, I was dreaming of a gorgeous “Pillowcase Dress” for little Miss A.  
Traditionally this style of dress is made from a pillowcase!  
There are some delightful vintage style pillowcases around but any gorgeous fabric will suit this versatile style of dress.  A classic beauty, the pillowcase dress, consists of  a straight A-line cut gathered at the top with a gorgeous ribbon or fabric bow.  It is so easy to make BUT even easier to buy!  
So here are this Friday’s Fabulous Fashion Finds!!!

My One Brown Mouse – $33 Strawberry Girl Pillowcase Dress
Oh My Strawberry Goodness!

Miff Designs – $32 Pillowcase Dress
A girly Japanese inspired design

Naturaly I love anything with a little birdie on it!

Wouldn’t this be lovely for Christmas!  Check out the sweet little gingerbread men!

Sugar Spice and All Things Nice $39
Love the grown up, bold damask and retro fabrics!

Missy Melly
Love the pink and red colour palette!

All of these beautiful dresses are available in Australia.

( I hope you are sitting down and have a tissue ready for your drool)
I am dreaming of…..

Charming Necessities

Delightful, Delicious, Divine

I know it’s not a pillowcase dress but how dreamy are these vintage sunsuits!

But yes I am only dreaming as this U.S based company doesn’t ship Internationally!!!

Although the weather is perfect for these cool dresses now, throw on a long sleeved shirt and leggings underneath and it will make the seasonal wardrobe transition a breeze!
Now I’m off to con some of my American friends to ship these for me!

Fashion Finds Friday – Tilly & Otto

There is no denying I am a shopaholic.  My craving for the most gorgeous children’s products has devoured my bank account BUT on a positive note, 
my addiction has lead me to create “My Pigeon Pair”! 
 It is no secret that I am on the “I CAN NEVER FIND ANYTHING NICE CLOTHES FOR BOYS” Bandwagon.  I used to think I was imagining that most stores had 3/4 girls fashion and 1/4 boys.  But after many heated conversations with other frustrated Mums of boys, I have realised I am not imaging it…it is true!  Not only does there seem to be a huge inequality in the quantity of boys clothes but arrgghh the style!!!  Sorry but skulls and cross bones, macho/naughty slogans, cartoon/licensed characters have no place in Master O’s wardrobe.  So that leaves me with….well not much.   At least I am not alone…..
A mum to three sons Jordan, 10, Cooper, 5 and Sebastian, 1. Kavala Williams shared this struggle and did something about it…she created tilly & otto.  Named after members of Kavala’s  family, tilly and otto, create gorgeous statement “little man” shorts and layered skirts for “twirling girls.”  In order to keep their quality product fashion forward,  designs are hand-created from imported, designer fabrics and are exclusive in design and number.
No skulls and cross bones here.  Just modern, funky, fresh fabrics in classic designs.  I love the bright, modern fabric colours and the simple long legged cut without unnecessary detailing or bulky cargo pockets.  Naturally I also drooled over the Josie skirt and can just picture Little Miss A’s chuuby thighs poking out the bottom of them!  
Tilly and Otto also create gorgeous quilted play mats!

But this is really about, finally finding a designer that creates something for boys!!!  Throw on a pair of the statement “little man” shorts with a plain polo and there you have it…something for Mummy and the “little man”  Of course I asked Master O’s opinion and he chose…..

Yes he is obsessed with “dotty” clothes lately, remember his choice of hat?

Available through online stores such as or for even more personalised service, tilly and otto are available through high end markets “Mathildas” market, Ascot, “Mummy Tree” markets, Morningside and “Mammas” market, Buderim,  where you can meet the designer in person!

So how does this clever chic do it all….

“An average day in my life entails being a Mummy first and foremost.  Caring for (and often refereeing!) my three sons.  I try to rise before the children to scrape in a few hours work before the regular school runs, swimming lessons, playgroups and sports training…does not always work out, as somehow my baby is still in bed with us!  I am constantly searching for new, fabulous fabrics, so this involves cruising the net at all hours and meeting with reps for the various gorgeous fabric suppliers!  I meet with my team of seamstresses regularly to keep on top of what is being produced and to deliver new orders in person and I love speaking with my customers for feedback or just about up and coming fabric choices etc.  One of the most important jobs that I do for tilly & otto is marketing.  Continually thinking up new avenues and spreading the word about our products.  Running a business and being a Mum means you definitely don’t work normal hours (nights are my best working time..peace and quiet!)  But I love it and I find it so fulfilling.”

but wait there’s more…determined that you will love tilly and otto as much as I do we are going to have a
“My Pigeon Pair” and “tilly and otto” 

Thanks to Kavala we will be giving away

One pair of Tilly & Otto signature “little man” statement shorts, for boys with edge and
One “josie” layered skirt, for twirling girls. 
Winner will be notified as to fabric choices.

How To Enter

1. Like My Pigeon Pair’s Facebook Page
2. Like the “Tilly  & Otto” Facebook Page (let her know who sent you!)
3. Check out the “Tilly & Otto” Website
4. Once you have done so, leave a comment on this post letting me know 
what you love about My Pigeon Pair and 
what you love about Tilly and Otto!

Sign up on the blog as a follower, 
leave me a comment when you have done so for your 

Entries open 6am Friday 21st January
Entries close 7pm Tuesday 25th January
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