Organising The Laundry ~ Inspiration from some AMAZING Bloggers!

Now that we have decided to “Organise Our Laundry”, we are searching for some inspiration.  I didnt need to look far, literally that day, this amazing laundry popped up in my news feed!

Toni ~ A Bowl Full of Lemons ~ Home Organization 101 Organising The Laundry

Toni’s laundry is bright, organised and a great example of using all the space available.  In particular this set of shelves has inspired us to create something similar!

 Right here in our own Internet backyard some clever Australian bloggers have already transformed their laundries into neat, organised, practical and gorgeous spaces.

Living on a Latte ~ Temporary Laundry Solution : Kerina at “Living on A Latte” has created her own temporary laundry using an IKEA table as a bench and IKEA laundry baskets to help divide laundry.  This is such a clever, affordable and practical way to create some much needed bench space.  You know bench space?  That thing I dream of! Kerina also has some totally cute little canisters for her laundry powder!

 Liz ~ Bizzy Dayz ~ D.I.Y Laundry: Liz has done most of the work in this Laundry her self!  She has a great space to work with and has the made most of every inch of it!  I love that she has combined some decroative elements into the laundry and I am swooning over the clever lost sock idea!  Having somewhere to dry your clothes inside is another brilliant idea, only a Mum would think of! Check out Liz’s laundry blog post for how she organises her cupboards and her over sink washing caddy!

Bianca ~ A Little Delightful ~ Laundry Organisation  Bianca is the queen of the printable laundry labels and her laundry is just as clever.  This is a DIY system from Ikea.  It makes practical use of every bit of space and can be tailored to suit your families needs.  I love that Bianca has used that often ignored space towards the ceiling for storage boxes.  Pop by her blog to check out her amazing printable laundry labels!

Cassandra ~ Cassadiva ~ My New Laundry: If Bianca is the queen of the labels, Cassandra is the queen of the custom built laundries.

Cass has designed this laundry herself using elements from the bunnings range of DIY laundries.  It includes overhead cupboards with inbuilt drying racks, A built in ironing system, a sewing or craft bench and enough cupboard and drawer space to make me totally envious!  

 Kat ~ The Organised Housewife ~ Organising The Laundry: Katrina has shared an organising system to help divide that endless pile of laundry.  This divided hamper and a laundry roster help tackle the job. Once again I love that this laundry is organised but cute as well with her very own framed printables.

And me….well all that inspiration has definitely motivated me to get started! The first space is just about finished!  So..the big question…

Do you want me to share our space bit by bit?  

Or just when it is all done?

 Comment away!

Organising The Laundry

I absolutely loved completing “The Organised Housewife’s” 20 Day Challenge.  But there was one room that we gave a miss.  The room that I just felt like there wasn’t much I could do with.  An almost impossible space to create storage or any sense of organisation in….


The “Bowl Full Of Lemons” Organising Challenge is this week focusing the Laundry!  What better excuse to finally tackle this room!

The Space.  The laundry is the one area of our house where we have not been happy with the layout.  Funnily enough the builder has now changed the layout of this room in all their plans!  Oh the problems…

1. The sink is in the middle of the wall.  This leaves no room for a bench.  This also means that the laundry shoot (which is connected to the kids bathroom) is in the middle of the  room leaving little room for any shelves.

2. This room also contains a “powder room”  (which is where I am standing to take this photo!) On the same wall as the powder room door is a small “broom cupboard” two doors, one wall means another wall space that is hard to use! 

3. This is a walk through area to the powder room. Which means this area of the house is possibly on display to guests. It has to look neat and tidy!

4. The Laundry is also where the cat sleeps, so its paraphanalia is also in here!

5. For the last 5 years this room has also had a baby change table. This aqua trolley was a collage trolley from my classroom that got repurposed.  This was the only place downstairs where we could change a baby.

Ok I could go on and on but basically you get the idea.  One room, too many uses and too much stuff. This space is disfunctional and unorganised!

The Plans.  

  1. Little Miss A is now only in nappies at night time so the change table can go!!! This leaves us with space fro some shelves.
  2. These shelves will need to house basket storage for commonly used items.
  3. New shelves opposite the laundry door that can house some pretty baskets and brighten the decor in this room.
  4. Re organise the broom cupboard to better utilise the storage space in here.
  5. Move and tidy up the cat area so that it is not the first thing you see when you open the door! 
This project may take more than a week, now that I really look at it!  
But it MUST BE DONE!!! Wish me luck!

End of Term Organising

The end of term is here!  As the backpacks and lunch boxes were emptied I was left with this…

Katrina from The Organised Housewife has a great list of things to do at the end of each school term!  She has inspired me to get moving on this first weekend of the holidays and get those school things sorted!!! 

PENCIL CASE: On the last day of school I ask Master O to bring home his pencil cases. We go through them checking that everything still works, is labelled and not missing! We clean them out, and refill it, replacing any broken or missing items.

ART WORK: The school bag is usually full of artwork from the term!  We sort through and decide

  • What to Keep and File (We use a super Large A3 Folder in our School Station)
  • What to Display (Displaying Artwork)
  • What to send to our loved ones! (Share the love and the paper clutter!)
PAPERS: I file away any end of term notes, calendars and newsletters in our School File It Folder.  I also go through the folder and throw away anything we no longer need, old notes, tuckshop lists etc. I also restock the folder with new plastic pockets.


CLEANING:  I am using The Organised Housewife’s list and tips and cleaning the school bag, lunch bags and socks! We also have a “yard hat” that needs a good soak and winter jumpers as well!  I add some Eucalyptus oil to the wash to kill all those school germs! On an amazingly sunny day like today I hang it all in the sun to dry!

LABELLING: I check that all of his uniforms, socks, shoes, bags, pencils are still labelled and replace any missing labels.  Next term we have “School Swimming” so those lables will be particularly important!


 RESTOCK: During the holidays I will restock our “School Station.”  Brown paper bags for tuck shop, blank sticky labels, label paper for the DYMO, name labels, staples, scissors and plastic pockets for our filing folders.

CALENDAR:  I adjust our family calendar with the dates for the term ahead and start planning around these dates! Term 4 is crazy!!!!  Christmas Parties, teacher gifts, report cards, swimming lessons…… CRAZY!!!!

I also do up a rough outline of what we will do in the holidays.  This looks more like a brainstorm of possibilities for those moments when “I’m bored” starts to visit.  This is often simple things like “Create A BackYard Obstacle Course” “Outside Water Play” “Create a Cubby House” “Nature Hunt” etc.  

Oh it is so nice to not have to rush off anywhere and to just stay home explore, play and organise!  

So do you have any regular chores at the end of the term?

Oh and I am fashionably late…BUT I would love for you to VOTE FOR ME!







Stuck On Names

It’s a tough life when you have a difficult to spell or pronounce name.  Just ask a Niamh (said Neve) or a Xander (said Zander) or me!!!  I am sure I spent most of my childhood wishing for an easy to spell and popular name like Sarah, Melissa, Jennifer or maybe Stacey from the babysitters club.  I spent many a shopping trip in the 80’s scouring the gift shop racks for a key ring/mini numberplate/mug with my name on it.  IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Luckily for my children their slighty unusual names have not left them wanting for personalised products.  They have everything form labels, height charts, books and bags!  Stuck On You has the hugest variety of personalised products and I love that you can view a sample of the finished product before clicking the order button!  The latest in the “My Pigeon Pair” collection….

 Lunch Pack $49.95 

Of course I had to go with the cute little birds!  Poor Little miss A has been wanting something like her big brother who has the same set but in the robot design for school.  

I now make her daily lunch and snacks when I make Master O’s school lunch.

 Whilst we are out and about, or just at home, she can play schools and choose food from her lunch box!  It is saving me time throughout the day and money whilst we are at the shops as I am not forking out for expensive snacks!  I have also used the lunch box when we went on a recent excursion to hold a little colouring in book, pencils, wipes, tissues etc for her!  Her very own cute, personalised bag! 

What’s even better……we are giving one of the Lunch Value Packs away!!!!

For your chance to win a personalised Lunch Box and Drink Bottle, enter away and tell me….do you love your name?  What did you wish it was??

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Organising and Cleaning The Kitchen

Day 1 of “The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day Challenge” and we are Cleaning and Organising The Kitchen. Let me start by saying that our Kitchen was in an average state.  It is the hub of our home.  Literally.  You can see it from the living and dining room, there is no escaping it.  So we try to keep it fairly clean and tidy….

Here it is mid breakfast prep. We have a “Galley” style Kitchen.  It is fairly small with ok storage space but Oh how we wish we had made it bigger! Hey doesn’t everyone. Notice the hole above the Fridge? Lets just say it pays to measure the height of your new fridge.  Oh and the plant.  Hubby’s addition to the decor!

What we like about our kitchen.

  • It is central in the house so I can see everyone whilst “working” in there.
  • Good Size pantry
  • Granite Bench tops
  •  Coffee Cupboard! ( A small cupboard at the end of the bench fro the toaster, kettle, coffee and tea etc)
  • Ok number of powerpoints
  •  Wall oven
What we would change.
  • More bench space!
  • Closer to the entertaing/outside area of the house
  • More of a u shape or non walk through!  Baby gates are a nightmare in this kitchen!!!
  • More storage space!!!
  • Bigger oven and stove top! Ours just came with the house and we wish we had of looked into this further.  Our oven is tiny!!!
But onto the task…..
There were three areas I wanted to declutter  and clean!
Area 1 – I really want to get rid of the cook books.  They are rarely used and don’t need to be on display taking up bench space! The bread!!!  I hate it being on display!  The biscuit style jar holds salt.  Apparently essential for any “woggy” kitchen!
AFTER- I moved the utensil jar onto the other side of the cooktop.
The recipe books got moved into “The Great Wall of Ikea” Wall Unit
This bread tin was an awesome buy form Kmart!  It was a while ago and they were a set of two tins (a bsicuit tin came with it) for about $15.
BEFORE – Talk about out of sight, out of mind!  This is our under sink cupboard!  We loose a lot of space due to the (“In Sink-er-ator??) Speaking of which…these are a must!!! I buy everything in bulk when on special, hence the multiple packets of wipes and dishwashing tablets!
AFTER – Yes I had all of these containers around the house!  Just call me a basket hoarder! The large tin now holds the dishwashing tablets!  It is a Jamie Oliver tin I bought from Target.  It was sitting under the stairs as I felt it used to clutter our bench top!
The baskets are all from Kmart.  I have tried to keep like items together.  Furniture cleaning, Scrubbing etc.
Behind the tin is “The Stockpile” of cleaning products.  Unopened products.  On the top shelf are our everyday items.  As you can see I love wipes!!!  
BEFORE – This last area is the end of the bench.  The plant was a present from a student many years ago!  But it needs a new home!  This basket literally appeared on the bench last week.  Thats what happens when your husband has a day off work!  I like to keep a little basket/container here for our daily water bottles.  I am hopeless at drinking water so if I cant see it there calling me, I forget to drink!!!

AFTER – Good bye plant and basket!  I have had this little basket for ever!  Now the kids drinks and my awesome CONTIGO drink are tidy but visible.

Over the last year we have organised a few other areas of the Kitchen…you can read about them HERE…..

Organising The Fridge

Organising Take Away Menu

Organising The Pantry 

Organising The Utensil Drawer

The Organised Housewife


Establishing A Morning Routine

The Organised Housewife

 As part of “The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day Challenge” we are establishing some new routines in our house.  When I say new I really mean adjusted.  We are busy, routines in our house have been hard to maintain due to the fact that some mornings we need to be ready by 7.30 (my work days) some days I need to get “presentable” to go to work and others we have a bit more time and flexibility.  But we need routines!  We are early risers in our house, but we also have to leave early.  I leave for work at 7.30am and Master O starts school at 8.15am.

Bearing all this in mind we have developed TWO different routines in our household. Here is what I wanted to achieve

  • Time for sightword revision (this means it is fresh in his mind for the school day ahead)
  • Time for some housework
  • Time for childrens chores
  • Limited TV time
  • Dedicated upstairs and downstairs time (we have a two storey house and to be efficient we need to limit the amount of traipsing up and down stairs!)
  • Lunch preparation (I like to do this on the day)

Morning Routine – Work Day












Prepare Breakfast,

Wake, Milk ,Quiet play





Tidy Kitchen



Go Upstairs


Dressed – Me

Teeth, Face – Dressed Child 1


Dress Child 2

Dressed – Child 2


Go Downstairs


Defrost Dinner

Pack School Bag



TV Time

 Morning Routine – Non Work Day









Washing On




Prepare Breakfast

Wake, Milk ,Quiet play





Tidy Kitchen





 Go Upstairs


Dressed – Me

Teeth, Face – Dressed Child 1


Dress Child 2

Tidy Room – Child 1

Dressed – Child 2


Go Downstairs


Defrost Dinner

Pack School Bag


Washing Out

Morning Jobs


One Room Tidy

TV Time





Some notes!  I had to find a time for MasterO to do his sight words!  So I incorporated tidying the kitchen into the task! He can sit at the bench and say his words for me while I tidy!  Multi task!!!  

TV TIME – On Work days I leave at 7.30 and the “nanny” arrives.  This means that if he is ready and all jobs are done Master O can have about 15 minutes TV Time.  We are very lucky to have Foxtel so I record selected appropriate shows.  These shows also have no ads and each episode is less than 15 minutes long.  Some I recommend are…

  • Team Umi Zoomi (Maths)
  • Ni Hao Kai Lan (Chinese) – Master O learns Chinese at school
  • Number Jacks (Maths)
  • Bubble Guppies (English)
  • Little Einsteins (Music/Art)
MORNING JOBS – Feed the cat, make your bed, tidy the playroom.
 If you have not joined “The Organised Housewife’s 20 Day Challenge” I would strongly recommend it!  
Just finally having this routine on paper makes me “feel” more organised already!

Are you doing the challenge?


An Organised Pantry

The deadline is here! It is time to reveal your PANTRIES!!!

This is the first of what I hope will be many, motivational and inspirational room challenges!

So why did the “One Space At A Time” project start with the pantry??

1. You can’t avoid this space.  You use it everyday! If you want to eat you need the pantry.

2. It will save you money. No more expired products, or things that you buy but never use.  You can see what you have, what you use and what you can stop purchasing!

3. It will save you time.  No hunting for the items that have disappeared into the danger zone or running out to the shops for missing ingredients.  You know what you have and where it is!

4. It will save your sanity.  Looking at a disorganised or chaotic space first thing in the morning and several times a day is a real mod killer.  It makes you FEEL disorganised and chaotic.  I am being serious in saying that opening up to our organised pantry in the morning makes everything seem ok!!!

So here is my pantry after it’s previous overhaul…..

Not too bad but there were a few “Pantry Problems”

After a clean out and a cull it was time to ORGANISE!

By having so many containers stacked on top of each other and sideways I couldn’t easily see what was in each one or grab one in a hurry with out taking out two other containers. I had seen some clever foldable shelves at our local cheap shop and started measuring how many I could fit in our pantry.  They would give me a shelf to put a container on and an area under each shelf to store a second container or basket.  So my plan began…..

Can you see my little shelves?  And yes my plan did involve Tupperware! 


I now have distinct “zones” in my pantry and the new shelves make access to all items quick and easy. 

Top Shelf – Medication, Tea Bags (that’s medicinal right?) and Serviettes.  I solved our Tea Bag Terror by simplifying our containers down to two stacklable tea bag storers from Aldi.  Each one has divided sections inside meaning I now store our whole tea beg selection in just two containers!  Medication is on the top shelf so it is away from little hands.

Zone 1: Staples – I used Tupperware Square 2’s to store our pasta and rice staples. I love using clear contianers so I can see what our quantities are like.  I loved that I was able to use every inch of space including squeezing some jars in the gaps between the containers! By using my new shelves I can easily grab at a handled container without having to move anything! 

Zone 2: Meal Prep – This sits underneath the shelves in the clear handled containers.  gravy, stocks, side dishes, spices all live here ready to be used quickly and easily.

Zone 3 – Cooking – These two containers are from Howards Storage World.  They are brilliant as our oils and tins no longer mark the shelf!   The Tinned Food container has little wheels underneath it so it can be pulled out of the shelf easily.

This little container is ready to grab and ensures that any leftover salt and pepper doesn’t go all of the shelf and stays in the container!

Zone 4: Baking – This area was a disaster zone of mixed sized containers, unlabelled and impossible to get at! I have now used a combination of Tupperware Square 2’s and Oval 2’s and some vinyl labels for my baking staples. I have used my favourite handled containers for colourings, decorations, candles and essences.

Zone 5: Snacks – We have moved our “snack” basket along the shelf and now have room for all the biscuits next to it.  No we don’t snack on Breadcrumbs! But this was the best fitting spot for them!

I used vinyl labels (ordered from etsy) for as many containers as I could and the others I made from scrapbooking paper, laminated them and attached some ribbon.  No one has an excuse for not being able to put things back in their place!

Zone 6: The Archives – This is where we store all of our “extra stock” rice, biscuits, cereals, poppers, juice, longlife milk.  I try to buy products on special in bulk so this is where they live until they are used! 

So that’s my pantry but….


Inspire and motivate others with your clever pantry ideas!    

Link up below because we all know that Sharing is Caring!

D.I.Y – Tile Coaster Tutorial

 The Winter wind has left our outdoor area dull and drab.  We spend a lot of time sitting, playing, eating and just being in this area and it is one of my favourite spots.  So as   Spring approaches I would love to give this area a little TLC in the form of some sunshiney yellow redecorating!  

The first project for the outdoor area was to get crafting and make some….

DIY Tile Coasters

This is one of those projects I have been eyeing off on Pinterest forever (ok maybe a while) But alas most of the projects I lust over on Pinterest involve “Mod Podge” which appeared to be an “American” product.  One day browsing the aisles of my local spotlight, less than 3 minutes away,  I discovered  they had the illustrious “Mod Podge” IN STOCK!  Needless to say I grabbed that baby and ran home to create a long list of Mod Podge DIY projects I could now complete!!!

What you will need:

  • 100×100 White Tiles (these were 30c each at bunnings)
  • “Mod Podge” – Spotlight
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Clear Waterproofing Varnish
  • Self Adhesive Felt (or Felt and a hot glue gun) – I bought mine from Bunnings
  • Foam Brush – Check out the Dollar Stores.
1. Trace around the tile on the scrapbooking paper and cut.
2. Apply Mod Podge over the tile using the foam brush.
3. Place the scrapbooking paper square onto the tile.  Act quickly!  You only have a few seconds to get it straight before the mod Podge “glues” it into place! Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.
4.  Apply a layer of “Mod Podge” on top of the tile.  Leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes.  Repeat 3-4 times.  
5.  Spray an even coat of varnish over the tile.  Allow to dry. Repeat 2-3 Times. This will waterproof your tile and make it safe to place your cool drink on! 

6. Turn the tile over and stick the felt circles on to the corners of the tiles.  This will stop your new coaster scratching or slipping on your furniture.
7. I left mine to REALLY DRY for a few days before…..pouring myself a cold drink and enjoying my new sunshiney yellow COASTERS!


“One Space At A Time”

Sometimes running an organised household is positively overwhelming.  But this year we have been on a mission to…..

Some months we have been successful and others, not so much, but all that matters is that we are trying.   We are not aiming for picture perfection but practical.  What has helped has been the inspirational words and pictures from other bloggers and of course the “My Pigeon Pair” flock.  

“One Space At A Time” we have been organising and decorating our home.  But it’s not fair that I should have all the fun and be motivated by YOU!  

So introducing….

“One Space At A Time” will be a new regular feature on  “My Pigeon Pair”

Together we can motivate, inspire and challenge each other to transform our homes and lives “One Space At A Time”

How it works?

When each space is announced, a deadline will be set.  We all need TIME FRAMES! During that time we will tackle just one space.  This allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment without being overwhelmed.  We will motivate each other with the progress we are making by using the My Pigeon Pair Facebook page or Instagram feed to;

  • post your progress pics
  • share storage container finds
  • motivate others with words of wisdom
When the deadline is HERE!!!!!


send in your pics to


Can link up their post in our link party!


Progress is Perfection!

We will then publish all of the spaces in one giant BLOG POST!




So are you in???

Organising Take Away Menus

With the Fridge Organised, it is time to move onto the second Organising Project on our list for July.  In the bottom drawer in the kitchen I had a rapidly increasing pile of Take Out Menus!  There is nothing like having a drawer full of back up plans when you don’t feel like cooking dinner! But the chaos! I had admired the Kikki-K Take Away Menu Organising Folder, but it was too big for my space.  I wanted to be able to keep the menus in their current drawer but in a more organised fashion.  

This week as a woman on a mission I searched everywhere for the right “container” for the job.  Then at my local Big W I found this perfect folder.

“Ditto” – Expanding Wallet – Big W

This plastic expanding wallet with 13  sections and labels, was less than $3 in the Stationery section of Big W.   It has an elastic band closure and tab tops for easy labelling. It is a DL Envelope size which is simply perfect for take out menus! PERFECT!

So armed with my bazillion menus and my trusty DYMO Labelmaker, I set to organising those babies! 

The “wallet” came with little cardboard tabs, but I wanted labels!  I used my DYMO to make a label for each section, stuck them to each cardboard tab and then slid them into each tabbed divider.  I could have just labelled the plastic divider, but this way if I ever need to I can change the categroies around!

Boy that is a lot of menus, not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed?

I also kept one category right at the very back for coupons.  Unlike those lucky americans we dont get a lot of coupons but I do save the occasional “Shop-A-Docket” or Play Centre coupon. Got to love organising two things with one container!  Of Course now the “Wallet” was begging for a pretty label.

I made up my own Tangerine Trellis labels using Word and printed it onto self adhesive paper.  I attached them to the cover and spine.

There she is!  A Take Out Menu Organiser, made in under an hour and for less than $3! 

Happy Organising!

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