An Organised Pantry

The deadline is here! It is time to reveal your PANTRIES!!!

This is the first of what I hope will be many, motivational and inspirational room challenges!

So why did the “One Space At A Time” project start with the pantry??

1. You can’t avoid this space.  You use it everyday! If you want to eat you need the pantry.

2. It will save you money. No more expired products, or things that you buy but never use.  You can see what you have, what you use and what you can stop purchasing!

3. It will save you time.  No hunting for the items that have disappeared into the danger zone or running out to the shops for missing ingredients.  You know what you have and where it is!

4. It will save your sanity.  Looking at a disorganised or chaotic space first thing in the morning and several times a day is a real mod killer.  It makes you FEEL disorganised and chaotic.  I am being serious in saying that opening up to our organised pantry in the morning makes everything seem ok!!!

So here is my pantry after it’s previous overhaul…..

Not too bad but there were a few “Pantry Problems”

After a clean out and a cull it was time to ORGANISE!

By having so many containers stacked on top of each other and sideways I couldn’t easily see what was in each one or grab one in a hurry with out taking out two other containers. I had seen some clever foldable shelves at our local cheap shop and started measuring how many I could fit in our pantry.  They would give me a shelf to put a container on and an area under each shelf to store a second container or basket.  So my plan began…..

Can you see my little shelves?  And yes my plan did involve Tupperware! 


I now have distinct “zones” in my pantry and the new shelves make access to all items quick and easy. 

Top Shelf – Medication, Tea Bags (that’s medicinal right?) and Serviettes.  I solved our Tea Bag Terror by simplifying our containers down to two stacklable tea bag storers from Aldi.  Each one has divided sections inside meaning I now store our whole tea beg selection in just two containers!  Medication is on the top shelf so it is away from little hands.

Zone 1: Staples – I used Tupperware Square 2’s to store our pasta and rice staples. I love using clear contianers so I can see what our quantities are like.  I loved that I was able to use every inch of space including squeezing some jars in the gaps between the containers! By using my new shelves I can easily grab at a handled container without having to move anything! 

Zone 2: Meal Prep – This sits underneath the shelves in the clear handled containers.  gravy, stocks, side dishes, spices all live here ready to be used quickly and easily.

Zone 3 – Cooking – These two containers are from Howards Storage World.  They are brilliant as our oils and tins no longer mark the shelf!   The Tinned Food container has little wheels underneath it so it can be pulled out of the shelf easily.

This little container is ready to grab and ensures that any leftover salt and pepper doesn’t go all of the shelf and stays in the container!

Zone 4: Baking – This area was a disaster zone of mixed sized containers, unlabelled and impossible to get at! I have now used a combination of Tupperware Square 2’s and Oval 2’s and some vinyl labels for my baking staples. I have used my favourite handled containers for colourings, decorations, candles and essences.

Zone 5: Snacks – We have moved our “snack” basket along the shelf and now have room for all the biscuits next to it.  No we don’t snack on Breadcrumbs! But this was the best fitting spot for them!

I used vinyl labels (ordered from etsy) for as many containers as I could and the others I made from scrapbooking paper, laminated them and attached some ribbon.  No one has an excuse for not being able to put things back in their place!

Zone 6: The Archives – This is where we store all of our “extra stock” rice, biscuits, cereals, poppers, juice, longlife milk.  I try to buy products on special in bulk so this is where they live until they are used! 

So that’s my pantry but….


Inspire and motivate others with your clever pantry ideas!    

Link up below because we all know that Sharing is Caring!

A cup full of inspiration……A Tea Party

Dainty vintage tea cups, ribbon sandwiches, spring dresses.
It is no surprise that a “tea party” is one of my favourite party themes.
It is simple, classic and can be adjusted to suit just about any age group or occasion.

A “sip and see” baby shower
(Where attendees sip tea, as you reveal the gender of your baby! 
or come and meet your baby for the first time)
A high tea bridal shower.
A teddy bears tea party for little ones
An “Alice in Wonderland” mad hatters tea party
A garden party with milk and cookies!
The possibilities are endless.

The hardest part of any party planning is having the courage to have a party!
Once you have your initial concept or idea 
it is time to let the imagining and inspiration begin!
I always start with the invitation or party printables.
This gives me a much clearer picture of what I want to do and also the colour palette.
You don’t always have to use a theme, in fact some of the most gorgeous parties I have seen have just chosen an effective colour palette and incorporated it into all aspects of their party.
but for me….
Bought online they are sent to you via email file for you to print at home.
A simple version is very cheap and the more personalised designs then vary in expense.
Just buy, download and print as many as you need!!!
If you don’t have a great printer at home you can take the file to Office works or a copy shop and have it printed!
Think cupcake toppers, banners, candy wrappers, thank you cards, favour tags, drink bottle wraps, food labels if you can think it, you can print it!

If you have the time or are creative you can make your own very easily on a computer and using some scrapbooking paper or even just using stationary items from around the house!

So here are some inspiring invites and printables for your next tea party…

Owly Molly Print is owned by an Australian Mummy!
Love the top right design, think simple pink, vintage lace and doilies!

Mad hatter inspired tea party.
Love the bright spring colours a break from traditional pink!
even better……

they have a whole printable collection!
How fresh are those colours!

For a more garden tea party style….

Pink, Lemon and Lime
Girly, elegant and timeless
Great for a garden party or high tea.

they also have these great matching printables
that are very affordable!

LOVE these fresh vibrant colours from Sweet Bee Design
A mix of fun and girly

and they have matching printables!
These would be great for a little girl or even a teenager
(you’re never too cool for a tea party)
Sweet, simple, elegant pink!
Love the very simple design with just a hint of chocolate.

Of course a party inpsiration post would not be complete without my favourite party gals…

This elegant style could not only be used for a sip and see baby shower but  
little girls tea party or a ladies afternoon high tea! 
The colours are very neutral and modern

Even better than tea…how about milk and cookies?
Perfect for a first Birthday!

Think outside the teacups….
Why not use the shabby chic collection and have a vintage inspired tea party!

Having a spring Birthday?
This invite would be perfect!
Love the mix of classic pink damask and contemporary lime dots.

So with invitation inspiration in hand, it’s time to start thinking food and decorations….
but first…I think it’s time for a cup of tea!

Little Miss A’s 1st Birthday – The Party

Part of the table centrepiece, this divine print
From Owly Molly Print
(our lovely sponsors!)

My oh my how the first year flew by!  
So we all say it and even the old Nanna’s in the shops will tell you, 
they truly do grow up so quickly!

So this weekend we celebrated our Little Miss A’s 1st Birthday!  
We had family fly in, and a full house of helpers, and an absolutely wonderful time!
Little Miss A was in her element and is definitely a party girl 
I can laugh about that now but no doubt 
it will come back to haunt me in those teenage years!

The Birthday girl, ready to party in her
 gorgeous Tara K Designs outfit, shoes and all!
Thank you so much Kerrie, she was a pink birdie dream!

This is what happens when I attempt to get a photo of the Pigeon Pair together

It’s my Party, I am way too excited to sit still for a photo!
Master O: Are you excited about your Birthday party?

You bet I am!  I want to dance!!
Check out the feet!!!

Getting the table ready.
The gorgeous buntings are from Anders Ruff, of course!

A little tree with some sweet birdies 
The birdies are made using the paper in the Anders Ruff Party Package.

A little birdie, watching over the party from her nest.

Logo Bunting and Food Labels from Anders Ruff

Little Chocolate Birds nests

Whats a party without cupcakes?

Some Bickies in cupcake cups, perfect for baby hands!
cupcake cups from Robins Kitchen

Birdie Bickies
Worms in a nest
Prawns in Tart Shells with Lime Aioli

Little Miss A’s Great Grandmother sent some “Toroni”
Almond Nougat
A long standing tradition in our family, there is never a party without it!

Party Favours

Some little eggs to take home to your nest.

The Birthday Cake
I am sure it would be easier to buy a cake but it’s so much more rewarding to make one!
Icing mishaps and all!

Blow out your candles and make a wish!
The cake knife was an engagement present from my parents.
It has cut our engagement cake, wedding cake, both christening cakes and all of our birthday cakes ever since!
The cream ribbon is from our wedding, the blue from Master O’s Baptism and the pink from
Little Miss A’s baptism!

so lady like with a spoon for the cake….

Well for a moment at least….fingers work much better!

Did you say photo? Strike a pose!

Is that it? It’s all over?  Clearly unimpressed!
Happy 1st Birthday, Little Miss A
May all your birthday wishes come true xx

My, oh my, how the first year flys by…Little Miss A turns one…

I still can’t believe our little miracle is going to be 1 on Thursday!
I have thrown myself into birthday preparations
 in hope that I won’t dwell on how quickly she is growing up 🙁

So….our theme for her 1st Birthday….is…

Naturally our first swoop was on Anders Ruff…
I knew I wanted pink and green.
Pink for a girly girl and green as she is born on St Patrick’s Day!
The lovely party girls customised this invitation for us…

Then it was on to printables…
do I even have to tell you where I got them from?

Anders Ruff
So party supplies underway, the most important part….
her outfit!
It has truly been a year of discovering the most divine clothes for my baby girl.
One of my favourite outfits she has worn since she was 5 months old is this one

so I asked the lovely Kerrie from Tara K Designs if she could design an outfit for little Miss A
the brief;
Pink, green and a little bird.
Hope you are ready to swoon…..

Oh the prettiness!
The lace, ruffles, tulle, and that little sweet bird!

Here is that little sweet tweet

These shoes were made for party dancing.
They are almost too divine to wear!

Little Miss A’s hair band.  

Thank you so much Kerrie, your creations have once again exceeded all my dreams!

now for the cake…..
Time to dig out the “Womens Weekly” Birthday Cake book!

Thoughtful Thursday – One "SUPER" Party

Is it a bird, is it a plane not its a
How divine is this Birthday Party from
you guessed it..
So incase you haven’t guessed by now, 
I am constantly inspired by the amazing creativity of these party girls.
This “Super Hero” inspired party, just defies belief.
The details are incredible!
be prepared to feast your eyes on one 
Birthday Party….

Hippity, Hoppity…Easter’s On It’s Way

So it may only be February, but if the easter egss are in store and the hot cross buns are on the shelves, surely the Easter Bunny is on it’s way?
It’s never too early to start planning for Easter!
So check out these gorgeous Easter Printables!

Love the whole collection
wondering if I could use it for a different occasion
So in love with this colour pallette
Anders Ruff

Love the fresh, simple logos

Too cute and Australian

Love, Love this blue damask print!

After Christmas, Easter is my favourite holiday.  
I am looking forward to touring the blog world to view everyones divine easter parties and decor!

Come Fly With Me….Part Two – Real Parties From The WWW

This party planning, can sure be all consuming!  
You have to admire these clever mummy’s and their attention to detail!
Oh how I would love to have the time to create one of these stunning masterpieces!

What a gorgeous table!
Check out the cake!
Cupcake toppers and picture from

Same party, Love the Birthday bunting!
Love the colour scheme!

Love the goody bags!  They are made from recycled cereal boxes!  
The coordinated party logos really tie all the elemants together!

Delicious lollipop airplanes!  What a brilliant idea!

Polka Dot Prints
At last an Australian made Airplane Party
Love this colour palette!  Wish I had of found it earlier, so fresh and vibrant!

What beautiful fluffy clouds, they are tissue paper pom poms!
You can buy  tissue paper pom poms in all colours and sizes from

The queen of the desert table…the one and only Amy Atlas
How gorgeous are those cupcakes?
Love the two toned colour pallette and runway table setting!

Water bottle wraps and gorgeous themed cutlery
Nothing like making water more appealing to a group of 4 year old boys!

Divine red,white and blue paper drinking straws

Ok so it’s not airplanes, but oh how gorgeous!
Love the colours and the backdrop

What a great way to serve popcorn!

Off to work for me!  Still struggling to get used to the idea that Thursday is the first day of my working week!

Do you have any party tips you can share?

Make It Monday – Be My Valentine

Totally delicious, free printables from
my favourite party gals
Anders Ruff

What a cute way to spread some love this Valentine’s day!
Just click, print, create!

Now….sit down…with some strawberry milk (pink!)
and swoon over the Anders Ruff
Valentine’s Collection
soooo pinkalicious!

For the whole post including how to buy this printable package
(which is on SALE!)
head on over to

Do you have any plans for Valentines day?


Come Fly With Me….Part One – Party Inspiration

The party preparations for Master O’s 4th Birthday have begun!
This must be undertake with military precision to avoid my usual 
“last minute disasters!”

The idea…..

Master O loves planes!  This may have something to do with the fact that his first flight was at 4 months and he has flown at least 12 times since then!  


I didn’t have to look far for inspiration…
Master O’s Bedroom!
His bedroom has a sky blue, red and navy colour palette with a vintage airplane theme.

 It all started with this….
 Red Vintage Bi Plane and White Letter “O”

Michael Miller Vintage Airplane Fabric Bunting from – Giggleberry Creations

Navy Biplane Vinyl Wall Decal – Circle Line Studio on Etsy

Sheridan Junior – Aviator Quilt Set

The Invitation

Anders Ruff have created a personalised birthday invitation for the big day, like the one above!

So climb on board Master O airlines as the preparations begin for his….
“Come Fly With Me” 4th Birthday!!!!

I’m grateful for…… Childhood Birthday Memories


January is coming to an end….
At long last, the tedious month of returning to work and school preparations is over.
Now, I am filled with excitement, anxiousness and a touch of insanity as
February and March
are the 
in our house!

Master O will turn 4 in February (I can’t believe I will have a four year old!)
AND Little Miss A will turn 1 in March!

Well actually I just LOVE Birthdays AND Parties, 
so the two combined places me in party planning heaven!

Birthday’s ARE A BIG DEAL in our family.
Growing up, my Mum always insured that we had Birthday Party every year! 
 No fast food chain Birthday Parties for us!
Only the at home, decorated with balloons and streamers, 
hand made cake, playing games in the back yard variety!
Mum even created birthday parties for my Cabbage Patch dolls, including a cake!
So, now you know where I am coming from, I can not escape the party planning gene, it’s inherited!

I always took our Birthday parties for granted, 
now as a mother I finally realise how much work Mum put in each year.
But Mum, it was sooo worth it!
So many of my favourite childhood memories and traditions are associated with my Birthday Parties!

The Australian Cake Choosing Tradition
The preparations for the upcoming Birthday would begin months in advance as we drooled over the cake creations in the Womens Weekly Birthday Cake book.
I had a rabbit, a butterfly, a “Hickory Dickory Clock” BUT 
I always wanted the swimming pool!  
You know the one filled with blue jelly?!
Lucky us, we usually chose two cakes one for the party and one for Mum to bring up to school!!!

Planning who to invite
With the best of intentions we had the rule you could invite as many people as the age you were turning – For example 8 people for your 8th Birthday. Fortunately for us this rule was easily bended!
To this day I still hear the 5 year olds in my class bartering with each other over a birthday party invite
“I’ll give you the pink crayon if you invite me to your birthday party!”

The outfits
There are two most memorable Birthday outfits for me.
Before you read, be kind, it was the 80’s!!!
A handmade balloon skirt,  that was actually made out of fabric with balloons on it!
and a pink and green tracksuit type outfit reminiscent of Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits, I even frizzed my hair Nicole Kidman style for the occasion!

The Decorations
There was nothing more exciting than having a pre party nanna nap to awake to the house decorated.
Think foil, Happy Birthday Banner, pink balloons and the mandatory intertwined streamers that were wrapped around everything!

The Games
Pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, freeze and one of my favourites the pass the ballon and pop it when the music stops.  Inside the balloon was a small piece of paper on which was written something you had to do.  
Sing “Twinkle Twinkle” or “I’m a Little Tea Pot” or dance the “Macarena”
 Oh the fun and the embarrassment!

The Food
Oh how the food nazi’s would cringe over our typical 1980’s food!
What was a Birthday Party without Fairy Bread, Cheerios and RED Cordial!!!

  As I prepare for my children’s birthdays,  I can only hope, that amidst the cupcake toppers, gluten/dairy everything free food that I will remember the simplicity and old fashioned fun of those childhood birthday’s.   I am sure there were late nights, ruined icing and sore fingers from tying balloons but those birthday memories, created for me by a loving Mum….for them,  I am truly grateful.