Hippity, Hoppity…Easter’s On It’s Way

So it may only be February, but if the easter egss are in store and the hot cross buns are on the shelves, surely the Easter Bunny is on it’s way?
It’s never too early to start planning for Easter!
So check out these gorgeous Easter Printables!

Love the whole collection
wondering if I could use it for a different occasion
So in love with this colour pallette
Anders Ruff

Love the fresh, simple logos

Too cute and Australian

Love, Love this blue damask print!

After Christmas, Easter is my favourite holiday.  
I am looking forward to touring the blog world to view everyones divine easter parties and decor!

Search, Stalk, Swoon….My top 5 covets of the week!

Now that the party is over for Master O, for another year, the coveting for gorgeous products for Little Miss A can continue.  
Here are my top 5 products I am searching for, swooning over and stalking this week!


Ruffle Bum Combo – Singlet Set

All that time I spent dreaming that one day I would have a dughter to wear some frilly bum bloomers and I still haven’t bought a pair!  I LOVE matching sets (hence my obsession with Gymboree, but thats another story) The last days of summer are upon us so its about time I grabbed a set like this one from Melt Designs.  Love that in one purchase I have the matching bottoms, top AND hairband!!!

(oh and could you through in the tea set!)

Little Miss A has been walking since she was 9 months old!  Not only have I been blessed by horrible sleepers but early walkers.  So now at 11 months she LOVES to dance!!!  Dancing has been a big part of my life and I get goosebumps thinking about someday watching my daughter twirl in her tutu.


for my little dancer!

Every girl needs some dancing shoes and what better shoes then some “real” dancing shoes.  Bloch the maker of ballet/jazz/everything dancing wear now has baby ballet flats!  
How comfy do they look!
My size please!


So I STILL haven’t finished decorating MissA’s room.  By the time I finish she will no longer require a cot!
Her room has a shabby chic feel and these little carousel horses would blend in beautifully!
I am a massive bargain hunter but also a big believer in buying a few heirloom pieces that one day she can pass down to her daughter! 
(well at least thats what I will tell my husband when I tell him I want to buy this wall art!)
Just this weekend my Mother bought down with her the knitted pink dress that I wore for my first Birthday!  It is now already for Little Miss A!


Now I am on to Miss A’s First Birthday which is less than a month away.
I am still undecided wether to go for the personalised 1st Birthday outfit or just a gorgeous dress?
What do you think?

What are you coveting this week?

Come Fly With Me….The Party

The Birthday Boy with a very reluctant smile for the camera!

Well we are back from Planet Party!
Reality has hit us with its full force after a wonderful weekend with family and friends!
Presents, Cake, Candles, Laughter and lots of
Although Master O officially turned 4 on Friday in true Pigeon Pair style, we have spread the celebrations out over the weekend!
Sorry for the horrible photography but this Mummy was busy, busy, busy 
(well thats my excuse for my shocking camera skills!)

Ready to party with Little Miss A
I couldn’t help myself, I had to dress them in…
Red, White and Blue

Food is ready to fly!

Flying Fours – Shortbread

Lamington Pops 
(last minute decision with the left over Birthday Cake!)
Cups – Robert Gordon – Robins Kitchen
Toppers – Anders Ruff

Cups of Clouds – Popcorn

Parachuting Potatoes
Cups of Potato Chips (like Pringles)

Pilot Pop Tops
Berry Juice Pop Tops

Captain’s Cupcakes
Charterplane Cheesecakes
(mini white choc and berry cheescakes)
Jetplane Jelly
I still can’t believe I found blue jelly!
Wonder Water
Bottled water for those very sweaty boys!

Candy Bar 
Smarties, Freddo’s, Blue Lollipops, Marshmallows, Chocolates and

“Thanks for making my day so sweet
Please take a bag and fill with treats
Some Yummy smarties, the marshmallows are nice
and for the sticky fingers there’s some baby wipes!”
Also on the table was;
Qantas quiche- Mini Quiches
Propellor Pinwheels – Pastry Pizza Pinwheels
Sky High Salmon – Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese
Soaring Strawberries – Strawberries on fruit picks.
and of course the cake!
A runway number 4!
Master O with his cake
(after lots of running around with his plane!)
Party Favours
Wooden planes with waterpaint markers
We played pass the parcel.
Each child “won” a foam plane.
Master O’s Dad and Grand Dad’s helped the kids put the planes together for some backyard
plane competitions!
Master O with his plane
Collecting his plane after the race

 I found these little airplane puzzles as prizes for our games and the airplane race.
Check out the price on the packet! $1.99 for 4 puzzles!

Make a wish, my big four year old boy, 
but please don’t let it be,
 to grow up any quicker than you already are.


Time to turn 4!

“My Pigeon Pair” has been a bit quiet this week….

but for very good reason….
today Master O turns 4!!!  
This time 4 years ago I became a mummy!  

This big bundle of blue made his dramatic entrance to the world and changed our lives forever.  
I may be a teacher but it is my son who has taught me lifes most valuable lessons. 
1.  There is nothing that a hug can’t fix. This also applies to broken toys.  
2.  There is no use crying over spilt milk.  Even if the milk is on your freshly ironed outfit just as you are about to leave for work and came out of a baby’s mouth not out of a glass. Having a baby sure puts things in perspective and teaches you patience!
3.  Sleep is overrated and can come in many forms including, sleeping with a baby on your lap while you are sitting up on the couch, on the lounge room floor during toy story 3, snuggled between 3 year old and snoring husband.  All sleep is good sleep.

4.  Embarassment is an emotion of the past.  After way too many shopping centre tantrums, loud 3 year old over shares, sharing trips to the toilet and everything that comes along with giving birth, nothing is sacred.

5. Love is ALL things.  It is deep, overwhelming, limitless and only grows with each child.

I can no longer remember what life was like before kids and quite frankly I don’t want to.  
There is ALWAYS a snippet in time, however brief, in my day when they make me smile, laugh and sigh at their adorable antics.
This week Master O’s Kindy teacher told me that he is such a kind boy.  
Whenever someone is upset he is the first to comfort them with a cuddle if that doesn’t work he finds an appropriate toy and tries to distract them!  
The class clown, loves to dress up and has the children in hysterics.  
To him the world  is a giant obstacle course and all objects are made for tumbling over and jumping off.   
Mr sociable runs into Kindy each day and barely says goodbye yet when I pick him up in the afternoon he always runs to greet me and ask me how MY day was!  

I wonder if time will ever learn to pause for just long enough for me to savour these moments of littleness.  It seems with each birthday, the clock hand speeds up a little.  This year he will have his first birthday with “HIS” friends.  No more mummy’s friends kids or children from mothers group.  He has chosen this mix of boys (he calls them his guys!) to join him for this special occasion.  I am sure I will blink and we will be discussing no alcohol allowed at parties and what time he has to be home.  
But today I will take a moment to capture in my mind his every ounce of innocence.   
For today he is 4.  
This day will never be repeated.  
Tomorrow will just have to wait.

First Birthday….under the sea..More interested in eating the icing then the cake!

2nd Birthday, the last of the curly hair!

Poor Master O spent his 3rd Birthday in a full leg cast after breaking his leg at daycare!

Can’t wait to post more pics after the party on Friday, but for now I am logging off screen and logging in to life.


Wordless Wednesday – Time

A fleeting moment in time…..he made me a Mama and now he is about to turn 4!

Master O – 4 years ago.
Master 0 – Today
(Naomi V Photography)
Playing along with wordless Wednesday at


Tuesday Treasury – Bean Bags

So I have a confession to make.  
As a little girl I wasn’t always as sweet as sugar. 
 Occasionally (so maybe a bit more than that) I was “naughty”.  
There are stories of me biting my baby brother out of jealousy (I never was one to share the spotlight!) and having a few tantrums (actress in training!) Before the days of the “naughty corner” we had the “time out bean bag” for me it was shades of pink with Holly Hobby on it!  Bean bags are a great place for children to chill out, read a book or watch a movie and boy are they stylish!  Gone are the corduroy styles of my 80’s childhood and now there are beanbags to match all decor schemes blending seamlessly with your “grown up” furniture.


 What a great style for boys, especially teenagers!
This one matches the teepees at milkbottles! Would also make a great footstool!
I want this one for me!  Do you think I could get away with it?

A little birdy of course!


Cushions and beanbags, these look like cuddling perfection!

and just because barely a day goes by that I don’t dream of Pottery Barn Kids

Sleepless nights with Little Miss A at our place at the moment thanks to the dreaded stuffy nose!
I think I may need to curl up on Master O’s Bean bag for a mama nap!


I am grateful for….Baby Cino’s.

Today I am playing along

I am grateful for….Baby Cino’s

Coffee is my drug of choice.  Without my morning hit you do not want to attempt a conversation with me or even worse do not interrupt my first sip with a request to find your missing transformers leg.
It was inevitable that I would pass this habit down to Master O.  His first outing as a newborn was to the shops and naturally whilst there we stopped for a coffee.   I don’t think a week has passed since,  where we have not had at least one trip to a cafe.  Once he was of drinking age he progressed from watching the ritual to partaking in it.  Thankfully at most places his regular “baby cino” comes free with Mummy’s mug (this is an expensive habit!).
Now, Master O, has developed a ritual of his own.
 Step 1.  Place the marshmallows in the cup.
 Step 2. Spoon them out 

Step 3. Drink

Step 4. Be sure to get every last bit.

But this habit is more than just a drinking ritual.  It is “our” time.  For a moment he is all mine.  As I watch him stir, lick and spoon, suddenly conversations about stranger danger, not throwing sticks and monsters in the closet, are a world away.  With each sip reality fades into the background.  We are together. We are sharing something special.  Occasionally the slurping is broken with a giggle as he does his best to create a milk moustache.  I laugh at the way he somehow manages to get chocolate in between his eyebrows.   I love the excitement in his face as he watches the waitress pour sprinkles on the top.  The way he yells from the playground “Mummy, is my coffee here yet!”,and the disapproving stares this comment attracts.  (I assure there is no “real” coffee in it) For now he is young enough to enjoy this simple pleasure with his Mummy.  As the years pass, I am sure it will be the height of embarrassment to be seen having coffee with your mother.  But until then I will savour every sip and every moment of our coffee drinking ritual, together.


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Fashion Finds Friday – Red, White and Blue

French chic, nautical, 4th of July.
Oh how I love the red, white and blue colour pallette!
So fresh, summery and classic.
Keeping with the Come FLy with me party theme I have been on the hunt for some red/white/blue inspired clothing for “My Pigeon Pair”
The style gods/fashion forecasters were on my side!
Current children’s fashion line both in store and online are flooded with the classics at the moment!
SO here are my
“Fabulous Fashion Finds”
this Friday!

Dress Set by Berlingot

Long Sleeve Polo by
Nautical Patent Ballet Flats

Polka Dot Bloomers

Red Vintage Trike Tee
Number Polo

Now I am not usually a massive fan of mass produced lines BUT…
The new Pumpkin Patch “From Paris With Love” line really is gorgeous!

Spotty Fleece Knit Jacket

Martha Stripe Tea Party Dress

Knit Bodice Sailor Dress
Why isn’t this in my size?

 Put it all together…

For me too please!

Ok so I know I already had this one in the collection but it really needs two because I want a pair for me!
Since when were kids clothes so gorgeous, that I wanted to wear them?
Perhaps like Cinderella’s ugly step sisters I could squeeze into these gorgeous slippers?

What are your fashion finds this week?

Come Fly With Me….Part Two – Real Parties From The WWW

This party planning, can sure be all consuming!  
You have to admire these clever mummy’s and their attention to detail!
Oh how I would love to have the time to create one of these stunning masterpieces!

What a gorgeous table!
Check out the cake!
Cupcake toppers and picture from

Same party, Love the Birthday bunting!
Love the colour scheme!

Love the goody bags!  They are made from recycled cereal boxes!  
The coordinated party logos really tie all the elemants together!

Delicious lollipop airplanes!  What a brilliant idea!

Polka Dot Prints
At last an Australian made Airplane Party
Love this colour palette!  Wish I had of found it earlier, so fresh and vibrant!

What beautiful fluffy clouds, they are tissue paper pom poms!
You can buy  tissue paper pom poms in all colours and sizes from

The queen of the desert table…the one and only Amy Atlas
How gorgeous are those cupcakes?
Love the two toned colour pallette and runway table setting!

Water bottle wraps and gorgeous themed cutlery
Nothing like making water more appealing to a group of 4 year old boys!

Divine red,white and blue paper drinking straws

Ok so it’s not airplanes, but oh how gorgeous!
Love the colours and the backdrop

What a great way to serve popcorn!

Off to work for me!  Still struggling to get used to the idea that Thursday is the first day of my working week!

Do you have any party tips you can share?