Wordless Wednesday – Curiosity

Master O, Aged 7 months
“At a child’s birth, 
if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, 
that gift should be curiosity. “
 ~Eleanor Roosevelt
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Milk bottles is an online children’s boutique showcasing the very best of fashion, decor, homewares, gifts and acessories 


It is a pleasure to welcome Jenna and Milk bottles to the “My Pigeon Pair” flock.

So why does “My Pigeon Pair” LOVE milk bottles?
I love shopping. Unfortunately as a mother of two extremely adventurous children, shopping in store has lost its lustre.  SO I have turned to online shopping.  How great is it to browse, in the peace and quiet, with a coffee and no one pulling at your skirt!

Milk bottles has it all.
I initally stumbled accross milk bottles whilst searching for a bean bag chair for Master O.
I found the chair AND a gorgeous bloomer and tank set, the groovy gripper and Tilly and Otto (it was along night of oohing and ahhing)
I was instantly in love with their eclectic range of unique fashion, homewares, accessories and gifts.
Many products are handmade, all are high quality, but what really had me sold was the number of Australian created, Mummy designed products!  (and the great postage rates!)

milk bottles was originally started by Jenna’s sister and was a site selling second hand designer clothes.  Jenna was looking for a way to have a career and be with her two boys (now aged 2 and 3) so when her sister decided to leave milkbottles for a new venture it was a match made in Mummy heaven!

So straight from Jenna herself…
Do you have a favourite milkbottles product? 
Everything on milk bottles I personally pick.  I only stock products that I LOVE. So all of milk bottles products are my favourites! If I really had to pick it would be the teepees.  They are such a classic play piece and have endless imaginative play possibilities! I love that they are bringing back old style play so kids are not  sitting in front of a computer. 
What do you love about having your own business? 
The freedom of being able to put my family first.  My work can be adapted around my family.
What does a typical day look like for you? 
My days are mainly spent packing orders,  updating the website, post office runs, and dancing around the house with my boys! 
Most of my computer work is done at night time once the kids are settled in bed and asleep, but most nights you’ll still find me on the computer at midnight browsing madeit.com, esty and the internet for new items to stock. It’s my form of shopping and its very addictive as most mums would know!

Antique Vintage Tank and Bloomers
Tank – $24.95
Bloomers – $26.95

Another birdie product for me!
Organic cotton Tweet Tweet top

shhh don’t tell Master O..
This is his Birthday present from Nonna!!
Bluebell Stripes Bean Bag Chair

Remember Master O’s Bedroom!
This would fit in perfectly!
Boys Red and Navy Hand Crochet Blanket
One for Mummy!
Even if overseas travel is little more than a dream at the moment
Harmony Passport Cover

but wait there’s more!
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Make It Monday – Be My Valentine

Totally delicious, free printables from
my favourite party gals
Anders Ruff

What a cute way to spread some love this Valentine’s day!
Just click, print, create!

Now….sit down…with some strawberry milk (pink!)
and swoon over the Anders Ruff
Valentine’s Collection
soooo pinkalicious!

For the whole post including how to buy this printable package
(which is on SALE!)
head on over to

Do you have any plans for Valentines day?


I’m grateful for…… Weathering the storm

Playing along with “I’m grateful for..”
Today it’s personal…..
It’s been a week of  running on adrenalin and a good few doses of coffee….
of trying to tear myself away from the TV and the Beaureu of Meterology website
of unanswered phone calls to my friends anf family as they bunkered down, without power to face the largest cyclone in Queenslands living memory.
I don’t usually get too personal on the blog, but today is different.
A bit about me….
I may live in South East Queensland but I am a North Queensland girl at heart.
Townsville is my hometown.
My first teaching job was “a country posting” in a small school an hour North of Townsville,  Ingham.
My Mother hails from Innisfail.
This weekend, these places, so treasured by me, will begin the clean up, of debris strewn across lawns and schools.
Whilst “My Pigeon Pair” slept soundly in their beds unaware of the tumultuous weather affecting the places they love,  my friend, in Tully, was attempting to get her pigeon pair to sleep in their households bathroom, amidst the freight train roar of the cyclone.
The morning after Yasi, my mundane daily routine of boiling the kettle and calling Mum had my stomach in knots.
No phone call today. No kettle boiling at their place this morning.
What did the night bring?
School, for my students, was on as usual.  
We went to the library and read stories about storms to ease their fears.
But not for my old students, the first ones that I ever taught.
Instead their school was thrashed 300km winds and flooding rains, library books packed away in plastic containers in hope that they will withstand the inundation of flood waters. 
At home we soaked up every ounce of sunshine with a savour we have not felt before.
I delighted in watching my safe children, fearless of the weather and the water, galavanting under the sprinkler, catching the water in their mouths.
I went to work, the normality of the everyday routine was hard.
My body was there listening to the children’s stories of storms, floods and cyclones, 
but my heart and mind was in the North, weathering the storm, right alongside those that I love.

Fashion Finds Friday – The Pillowcase Dress

Whilst admiring the fabric in the Twomonkeys Fabric Shop, I was dreaming of a gorgeous “Pillowcase Dress” for little Miss A.  
Traditionally this style of dress is made from a pillowcase!  
There are some delightful vintage style pillowcases around but any gorgeous fabric will suit this versatile style of dress.  A classic beauty, the pillowcase dress, consists of  a straight A-line cut gathered at the top with a gorgeous ribbon or fabric bow.  It is so easy to make BUT even easier to buy!  
So here are this Friday’s Fabulous Fashion Finds!!!

My One Brown Mouse – $33 Strawberry Girl Pillowcase Dress
Oh My Strawberry Goodness!

Miff Designs – $32 Pillowcase Dress
A girly Japanese inspired design

Naturaly I love anything with a little birdie on it!

Wouldn’t this be lovely for Christmas!  Check out the sweet little gingerbread men!

Sugar Spice and All Things Nice $39
Love the grown up, bold damask and retro fabrics!

Missy Melly
Love the pink and red colour palette!

All of these beautiful dresses are available in Australia.

( I hope you are sitting down and have a tissue ready for your drool)
I am dreaming of…..

Charming Necessities

Delightful, Delicious, Divine

I know it’s not a pillowcase dress but how dreamy are these vintage sunsuits!

But yes I am only dreaming as this U.S based company doesn’t ship Internationally!!!

Although the weather is perfect for these cool dresses now, throw on a long sleeved shirt and leggings underneath and it will make the seasonal wardrobe transition a breeze!
Now I’m off to con some of my American friends to ship these for me!


Lucky comment number 2;

I have purchased some fabric from there before, I loved it!

Id love to get some of the Gypsy Bandana Flower White fabric, it’s gorgeous!!”

Please email us at
to claim your FABULOUS prize!

Thank you to the gorgeous Twomonkeys fabric for an 

Wordless Wednesday – Leap of Faith

Master O
He may be 3 but he could sure teach Mummy a thing or two.  

playing along with
Wordless Wednesday

 Excuse the blurry, amateur, mummy pics, taken with a very budget camera!

Come Fly With Me….Part One – Party Inspiration

The party preparations for Master O’s 4th Birthday have begun!
This must be undertake with military precision to avoid my usual 
“last minute disasters!”

The idea…..

Master O loves planes!  This may have something to do with the fact that his first flight was at 4 months and he has flown at least 12 times since then!  


I didn’t have to look far for inspiration…
Master O’s Bedroom!
His bedroom has a sky blue, red and navy colour palette with a vintage airplane theme.

 It all started with this….
 Red Vintage Bi Plane and White Letter “O”

Michael Miller Vintage Airplane Fabric Bunting from – Giggleberry Creations

Navy Biplane Vinyl Wall Decal – Circle Line Studio on Etsy

Sheridan Junior – Aviator Quilt Set

The Invitation

Anders Ruff have created a personalised birthday invitation for the big day, like the one above!

So climb on board Master O airlines as the preparations begin for his….
“Come Fly With Me” 4th Birthday!!!!

Sew..a needle pulling thread! The GREAT FABRIC GIVEAWAY!

Oh how I wish I was a sewer!
Every time I stumble across the gorgeous handmade products on made it.com,
I once again get the urge to borrow the sewing machine, buy some gorgeous fabric and create!
If only that didn’t also involve, struggling to thread the needle,  having the cotton get caught around the bobbin, and eventually adding it to the pile of other half started projects.
I have the best of intentions, just not the patience!
But this is my year!
I will create!
 I have started simply and created a…..

Sheet Bag for Master O to take to Kindy!

Here are some of the gorgeous and clever ideas that others are creating with their fabric!

Phoebe Eloise on madeit.com.au
Gorgeous shabby chic dresses!

AngelLea Designs – Tie and Skirt Pattern
Need a pattern?

Two Smitten – Cushion and Pinboard Set
Love it!  Two smitten also has framed fabric and cushion sets!

Cupcake Fabric Napkins, perfect for a tea party!

A wipeable mat for the kids!  What a great idea for dinners out.

Want your diary to be different?

Inspired yet?
Forget Spotlight, if you are looking for some gorgeous fabrics, available online you have to check out

Aren’t they divine!  

 “twomonkeys is a world of designer fabrics including Riley Blake, Michael Miller, Robert Kaufman, Alexander Henry just to name a few. We sell our fabrics by the metre and at a price everyone can afford so you too can add that designer touch to your handmade creations”

So……because we are so sure that you will love twomonkeys as much as we do…


You could win some fabric from twomonkeys worth $18, to create your own masterpiece!

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4. Comment on this blog post, letting us know which twomonkeys fabric you would love to purchase if you win!

Competition Opens – Midday Monday 31st January
Competition Closes – 7pm Thursday 3rd February
Winner chosen via random.org
Open to Australian residents only

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I’m grateful for…… Childhood Birthday Memories


January is coming to an end….
At long last, the tedious month of returning to work and school preparations is over.
Now, I am filled with excitement, anxiousness and a touch of insanity as
February and March
are the 
in our house!

Master O will turn 4 in February (I can’t believe I will have a four year old!)
AND Little Miss A will turn 1 in March!

Well actually I just LOVE Birthdays AND Parties, 
so the two combined places me in party planning heaven!

Birthday’s ARE A BIG DEAL in our family.
Growing up, my Mum always insured that we had Birthday Party every year! 
 No fast food chain Birthday Parties for us!
Only the at home, decorated with balloons and streamers, 
hand made cake, playing games in the back yard variety!
Mum even created birthday parties for my Cabbage Patch dolls, including a cake!
So, now you know where I am coming from, I can not escape the party planning gene, it’s inherited!

I always took our Birthday parties for granted, 
now as a mother I finally realise how much work Mum put in each year.
But Mum, it was sooo worth it!
So many of my favourite childhood memories and traditions are associated with my Birthday Parties!

The Australian Cake Choosing Tradition
The preparations for the upcoming Birthday would begin months in advance as we drooled over the cake creations in the Womens Weekly Birthday Cake book.
I had a rabbit, a butterfly, a “Hickory Dickory Clock” BUT 
I always wanted the swimming pool!  
You know the one filled with blue jelly?!
Lucky us, we usually chose two cakes one for the party and one for Mum to bring up to school!!!

Planning who to invite
With the best of intentions we had the rule you could invite as many people as the age you were turning – For example 8 people for your 8th Birthday. Fortunately for us this rule was easily bended!
To this day I still hear the 5 year olds in my class bartering with each other over a birthday party invite
“I’ll give you the pink crayon if you invite me to your birthday party!”

The outfits
There are two most memorable Birthday outfits for me.
Before you read, be kind, it was the 80’s!!!
A handmade balloon skirt,  that was actually made out of fabric with balloons on it!
and a pink and green tracksuit type outfit reminiscent of Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits, I even frizzed my hair Nicole Kidman style for the occasion!

The Decorations
There was nothing more exciting than having a pre party nanna nap to awake to the house decorated.
Think foil, Happy Birthday Banner, pink balloons and the mandatory intertwined streamers that were wrapped around everything!

The Games
Pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs, freeze and one of my favourites the pass the ballon and pop it when the music stops.  Inside the balloon was a small piece of paper on which was written something you had to do.  
Sing “Twinkle Twinkle” or “I’m a Little Tea Pot” or dance the “Macarena”
 Oh the fun and the embarrassment!

The Food
Oh how the food nazi’s would cringe over our typical 1980’s food!
What was a Birthday Party without Fairy Bread, Cheerios and RED Cordial!!!

  As I prepare for my children’s birthdays,  I can only hope, that amidst the cupcake toppers, gluten/dairy everything free food that I will remember the simplicity and old fashioned fun of those childhood birthday’s.   I am sure there were late nights, ruined icing and sore fingers from tying balloons but those birthday memories, created for me by a loving Mum….for them,  I am truly grateful.