Give me some colour….Things I Know

A change is a good as a holiday, isn’t it?  Our living room desperately needs a holiday!  It is bland, cold and unwelcoming.  It actually does not look much different to when we moved in!  It is white, beige and well not much else!  It truly needs an injection of colour!  But what colour… THINGS I KNOW ABOUT COLOUR

I know that yellow is……sunny, bright, welcoming and maybe a little too girly?

I know that Tiffany blue is smart, elegant but maybe a bit formal for a family home?

I know that pink is bright, lively but maybe too feminine?

I know that this mix of blue and beige is inviting, informal, homely

and this is sophisticated but welcoming and PERFECT!
What do you know?  Is this the right colour scheme for our home?