2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 4 – Lunchbox Laughs

Part of the reason we start our Elf so early in the year, is that we finish school so early in the year!  Private schools in Queensland finish the last week of NOVEMBER! I love for the kids to be able to share the joy and magic of the elves with their classmates and teacher, so we start on the 25th of November.

One of the ways I love to spice up the last week of school, is by having the elf make a mark on the school lunch!  

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 5.56.35 AM


Holly Jingles had gotten into the biscuits, whilst Trixie had the Vegemite! 

The Clue Card read…….

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 5.59.10 AM


This leaves it open for you!  You could just pop a “Lunch Box Laugh” card into your childs lunch box. (See Below for FREE Printable)

Or add a sweet treat – We added Marshmallows, but you could add a Christmas biscuit, pretzel, or chocolate.

Or even add your own little note from the Elf! 


[download id=”9″]


Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 6.08.43 AM


It also includes two blank cards for you to write your own joke, riddle or Love Letter.


2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 3 – Passport Photo

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 5.43.07 AM

Looks like Holly was trying to send Trixie HOME!

Using this cute Mail Box form The Reject Shop the elves found a new place to hide!

But elves don’t travel by mail!  They need a passport and we have to make one for them!

For today’s activity, we created a passport for each Elf.  We took a photo of them and printed it out, cut and pasted it on to the template and then filled out the questions!  So how old are Elves?  Where were they born?  There were some interesting answers!

Elf Passport

 There is also a blank sheet included in the Printable if you want to use it to write a story about The Elf’s Journey From the North Pole to your home! 

For additional ideas on how to extend the talking and learning for this activity check out last year’s post HERE.

2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 2 – The Christmas Creation Station

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 5.29.09 PMThe Elves have left a Christmas themed creation Station for us to use over the festive season!  That cheeky “Holly Jingles” even got into the sticky tape!

Using a Large Christmas Box, I gathered some cheap Christmas Craft supplies.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.16.48 PM

Christmas Tape, Stamps, Laminated Word Cards, Sticky Note Pads


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.16.31 PM

Writing Paper, Coloured Paper, Colouring In Books


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.17.04 PM

Stickers and Pencils 

and lots of envelopes and Christmas Cards! 

The Elves were sitting pretty with Trixie using a giant pen (from Big W) to leave a note! 

I created this area in the Playroom and used a cute spotty paper fan to make the space feel Christmasy!  We will be doing lots of writing this festive season especially with our Elf Activities!

 Day 2’s Elf Activity to follow on from the Elfy Breakfast was to talk and write about our Elves names, using the template below.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.34.09 PM

Name Your Elf Worksheet 

For more ideas on how to position your elf, some cute names and activities to go with Naming your elf check out last year’s NIFTY NAME post. 

2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 1 – A Very “Elfy” Breakfast

Here is how our elves arrived in 2013……


The Elf Antics have begun!

Yesterday our mischievous elves arrived all the way from the North Pole for the third year! All of the late night shenanigans of this tired Mummy were totally worth it, when she heard the squeals!!!

So this is how it happens in our house!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.20.48 AM

The night before the big reveal, I set up a simple breakfast table.  

  • A cheap plastic Christmas tablecloth (that will come in handy for many cooking and craft activities that was left over form last years cookie decorating party) bought form a discount store
  • Divided Christmas Plate (Kmart)
  • Christmas Cup (The reject Shop)
  • Christmas Serving Dish (The Reject Shop)
  • A Christmas Box (The Reject Shop)
  • Printed Santa Letter of Introduction
  • Clue Card (see the bottom of this post)

The elves were placed on top of the Christmas box with their case.  The boy elf is our original elf.  Back in 2011 I wanted to do the Elf but could not get him in time for Christmas so a lovely friend of mine found this little fellow at a Christmas Warehouse.  His name is “Trixie” Master O took him to Kindy for show and tell that first you and the following year when he appeared in my own classroom some of the kids (that went to Kindy with Master O) remembered him!  I couldn’t believe it! 

The girl elf is an “Official” Elf on the Shelf and her name is “Holly Jingles” She arrived last year and Master O called her Holly as he loved the Christmas song “It’s a Holly, Jolly Christmas!” 

Calling it a night, I left it to be discovered!

Master O is an even earlier riser than me and I heard him sneak downstairs about 5am! Little Miss A was only a minute behind and came to get me.  Before us girls could get to the top of the stairs Master O was calling out and running!

 “They’re HERE!  Trixie is HERE!  I’m not lying you have to come and see this!”

 The look on his face was priceless!  Little Miss A wasn’t sure wether to be wary or excited! They ran over to the table and started checking it out!  Master O remembered all of it from last year and quickly began imparting his knowledge to Miss A.  We sat down and read the letter together.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.46.23 AM

They were happy to just sit at the table staring and talking whilst I got started on Breakfast.

ON THE MENUScreen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.47.15 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.47.38 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 5.47.56 AM

  • Pancakes with Syrup (cut into Christmas Trees)
  • Yoghurt (Little Miss A doesnt like pancakes)
  • Fruit (Banana’s and Strawberries)
  • Wafer Biscuits (which doubled as straws for our hot chocolate)
  • Hot Chocolate with mini marshmallows

Over breakfast we chatted about the Clue Card:

“Maybe it’s Snowy, maybe it’s Sue

Whatever my name is, it’s up to you!

Please make it lovely or maybe just fun

Something easy to say and spell for everyone!”

Are they the same elves?  What were their names last time?  Do we keep the same names?

It was a resounding YES to the last one!

So we now have “Trixie” and “Holly Jingles” in our house visiting!

Now it’s your turn!

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 6.05.35 AM

DOWNLOAD and PRINT our first 8 Clue Cards!

[download id=”8″]

Elf Letter Of Introduction

The Elf is nearly here!  Our Elves (we have a girl and a boy) are preparing for their arrival on MONDAY!!!!

I have written before about some different ways to Welcome Your Elf.  

However they arrive, they will need a way of introducing themselves and the concept!


Using the Elf and Book set:

  1. I suggest reading the book to the children the night before the Elf arrives at your house! This will help introduce the character, story and concept.  By giving your children a “heads up” not only will they understand who the elf is and why they are in your house but it also builds excitement and dispells fear! 
  2. Print the letter and have it ready to arrive with your elf.  By reading the letter the concept is reinforced and the child begins to make a connection between Santa and his special helper, your Elf!


If you have had a visiting Elf before (like us!) go straight to step 2! This will give them a reminder about the Elf and you can then enjoy the story at a later time! 

We have two versions of the ELF INTRODUCTION LETTER for you! 

The first is for A CHILD (just one child participating)

2013 Elf Intoduction Letter – Child

 The second is for CHILDREN (this is suitable for families or a class)

2013 Elf Introduction Letter – Children

Print, Share and ENJOY!

The Elf Antic Planner

Preparations for a special little elf’s arrival are well under way in our house.  The key to maintaining the Elf’s presence for such a long period of time is to be prepared!

To start our adventure, I created an Elf Antic Planner.  

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.08.30 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.03.16 AM

This planner has three columns.  

The Idea or Antic

The first column is a space in which to write your idea or antic.  There is room to add two lines of text so underneath I make note of anything specific to that activity.  For e.g Under Train Trouble I jotted in that this needs to be on the day we have booked to go to SantaLand. An Antic can be as simple as a funny place the elf is hiding or as complicated as a whole days worth of activities planned!

The Date

This is completely optional.  We do the “Elf On The Shelf” a little differently in our house.   Each day his antic gives us  a clue to that days’s events.  For example if he has made a mess in the kitchen and is hiding in the flour tin, that day we are doing some baking!  For this reason some antics are flexible with their dates and others we need to do on certain days as I have pre-booked activities.  If you are looking for some great Christmas Activities, check out the following places

  • Your Local Council
  • The Local Library
  • Shopping Centres
  • Museum/Art Galleries
  • Newspapers
  • School Newsletter
  • Hardware Stores (Bunnings/Masters/Mitre 10)
  • Fabric/Craft Stores (Spotlight/Lincraft)
  • Department Stores (Big W/Target/Kmart/Myer/David Jones)

This is where I tell you…..THESE ACTIVITIES ARE FREE!!!!  I do not go to any activities that I have to pay for!  Christmas for us is about the experience and enjoying our holidays together not paying for extravagant outings! NOTE: BOOK NOW.  The best activities require bookings as the numbers in each group are limited.  Although the age range of some activities excludes smaller children, if you ask they often let them participate as long as the parent stays to assist. 


All the ideas planned on paper is great but you will need some props to really bring out the Elf fun!  This could simply be a bag of marshmallows for the elf to bathe in or things you already have at home!  Use what you have first!!!  Check the pantry and playroom!  You will be amazed at the ideas it gives you!  I do BUY a few “Christmas” themed props BUT…..My budget for each prop is $2.  Yep $2.  The only thing I spent more than $2 on was some advent calendars, they were $3!!!!  Check out the discount stores, grocery stores and department stores for some great Christmas themed items.  If all else fails buy a big packet of Christmas stickers!  A christmas sticker can make anything seem Christmassy!  Some great props to have on hand are;

  • Marshmallows
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Stamps
  • Pencils/Paper
  • Printer Ink!!!!
  • A box to keep everything in!


I personally like to print it out and write directly on it as I am constantly chopping and changing my ideas! I keep it hidden in my planner!  I like to take it out and about with me as it stops from me overspending.  I am a Christmas addict and I could seriously buy everything that has a reindeer on it.  But if it’s not on my list, I don’t buy it. Unless of course I know that the kids will love it, and I will use it for years to come (like a cute mailbox I found!) so I chop and change ideas on my planner.

Here it is, it’s nothing fancy but it works and it’s free!

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 5.53.35 AM

[download id=”2″]

Goodbye Elf

I didnt realise how quiet it had been on here!  Sometime the “My Pigeon Pair” Facebook page is so busy I forget I haven’t written a blog post!

As Christmas Eve approaches it is time to prepare to say goodbye to our beloved elves.  We will be doing this with a letter.  I have included a free editable letter template for you to use at home!

Elf Letter Blank Template  

With their Good bye Letter, Holly and Trixie will deliver their final report on the children.  I found this clever printable on Pinterest.  I just know the kids will love it! 

Source: scribd.com via Jamie on Pinterest


Well and that was as creative as I was going to get until……

You the “my Pigeon Pair” readers started giving me some new ideas!  I loved the idea of the new pyjamas on Christmas Eve!  What better way to wake up on Christmas day than wearing a gorgeous new pair of pyjamas!  

Jamie Oliver and Family in matching Pyjamas

I just loved this picture of Jamie Oliver and family in matching Pyjamas.  Love the little one crying. So real, so very very real.  Never fear we will NOT be wearing matching PJ’s!

But the great ideas didn’t end there.  Another reader suggested that the ELF would deliver the pyjamas on Christmas Eve!  PERFECT! A new tradition! So today I am off to scour the shops for some gorgeous summer pyjamas.  

So how will your Elf be saying goodbye?

Day 11 ~ Christmas Cookies

 One of my favourite things about Christmas, is saying goodbye to the diet and indulging in some home made sweets!  This activity has endless opportunites but is basically about baking together!  Christmas is a great time to reach out to those around you, so how about packaging some of your baked goodies and spreading some Christmas cheer?

“Looking for something for my tummy

Something crumbly, something yummy

Something with chocolate, something thats sweet

Something so delicious to eat! “

 This clue card is the first of the next set.  This set will be available to download later in the series.

Anything to do with baking! 



 This actitivy is very flexible but basically involves baking!

There are many easy and creative Christmas recipes out there!

Use the Blank Recipe Card template below to write out your own recipe! 

  • Now look at the recipe card.  For younger students don’t tell them it is a recipe and read out the card.
  • Ask them to guess what it is!  A letter, a poster, a postcard?  A recipe!!!
  • Look at the different features of a recipe. Look at the different, genre specific vocabulary (ingredients, method)
  • If you want to take a Maths focus, look at quantities, number and sequencing.
  • Now lets get cooking! Well creating at least as this recipe requires no cooking! 

We will be making..

Chocolate Reindeer Crackles!


These are an easy no bake Christmas treat that are simple enough for even the youngest child to get involved in, and they are delicious too!

Recipe Card Blank

The links to any cooking activity, in the Australian Curriculum,  aren’t explicit, but they are there if you look hard enough!  
It will all depend what context you focus on, it could be;
Maths: Measurements, Number, Sequencing, Conversions
English: Genre specific vocabulary,
Science: Liquids and solids and the way the can change when combined.
There is alwasy learning to be found!
So what will you be baking?
Share your favourite Christmas Recipe on our Facebook Page!  

Day 7 ~ Paper Problems ~ “My Christmas Elf” ~ Paper Roll Craft


Ready to get crafty?  Christmas isn’t Christmas without some Christmas Craft.  The best Christmas Craft is simple, quick and involves the kids.  What better craft supplies to use, than those lying aorund your house. Paper rolls. Toilet paper, paper towel, wrapping paper, any kind of paper roll will do, it’s time for that cheeky Elf to have some fun!

“Oh last night I had so much fun

I skipped and hopped and went for a run

But alas I tripped and a had a fall

Sorry about the mess, you will have to clean it all!”

Anything involving paper!   

Source: flickr.com via Mary on Pinterest


Source: Uploaded by user via Mary on Pinterest




We are going to use all those toilet paper or paper towel rolls to create some art and craft!

  • TEACHERS: If you are in a school or childcare you will need to buy unused toilet paper rolls.  You can buy these in bulk from educational supply catalogue or even rom Riot, art and craft!
  • PARENTS: Wrapping paper rolls are perfect for this!  Just cut them up into smaller pieces!  Or paper towel rolls, clingwrap, alfoil rolls!  Any kind of cardboard roll!

The ideas for paper roll craft are endless and it will depend on the age of the children.  But here are my favourite:


Source: budgetsavvydiva.com via Larissa on Pinterest

 These activities don’t require downloadable printables or even links to the curriulum.  Just crank up the Christmas Carols, get crafting and join in on some Christmas fun!!

Day 5 ~ Marshmallow Magic ~ My Christmas Elf Cooking

Soft and Sugary and Sweet the Elf is ready to play a little Marshmallow Magic!  Little Marshmallows make a perfect sugary bubble bath for your elf!  This series is not just about learning but about fun too!  So time to get into some christmas cooking!


“Soft and white and oh so sweet

These little goodies are so nice to eat!

But they make an even better bath

Dry me off and please don’t laugh!”

The elf is found having a bath in a bowl full of Marshmallows!  Or maybe he is head first inside a packet of marshmallows with some scattered around the packet!


What you will need:

  • Marshmallows in varying sizes
  • Recipe Card (PRINTABLE)
  • Fruit
  • Skewers


  • Ask children if they know what the marshmallows are! 
  • Sitting down in a circle give each child a marshmallow
  • Ask each child to take a turn to say one word that describes the marshmallow
  • Ask them to use their senses.  They can smell it, squeeze it, taste it, look at it!  Is it soft, sweet, pink, white, small, round, big, small.  Try not to repeat any words!  If you like you can record their answers!
  • Now look at the recipe card.  For younger students don’t tell them it is a recipe and read out the card.
  • Ask them to guess what it is!  A letter, a poster, a postcard?  A recipe!!!
  • Look at the different features of a recipe.
  • Now lets get cooking! Well creating at least as this recipe requires no cooking! In fact if you pre cut the fruit yourself it also involves no knives !


Recipe Card Marshmallow Skewers

 Want to really get creative?  Set their imaginations alight with mini skewers for the elf!

Copy the recipe above but use toothpicks and mini mallows!  They make a great lunchbox treat too!

This activity is really for fun but if you HAVE to find the learning in it…..

Maths: Quantities, conversions, addition (You will always find these concepts in cooking!)

English: Exploring a new “text type” and its features! (A Recipe)

This sweet treat has quickly become an after school favourite in our house!
I just know your kids will love it too!