Day 4 ~ An Elf Travel Passport

 So how DID this magical Elf travel to your home?  Was it by Reindeer, floating on a snowflake, posted through the mail?  However he arrived, he will need a passport to get back home again! 

“This little elf is far from home

But how did he get here, nobody knows?

It’s not stamps that help you travel far away

It’s a passport and you need to make one today!”

    • Children find the elf covered in postage stamps as he has tried to mail himself home or stuffed in an envelope!  
    • Or maybe he is half in and half out of the mailbox or front door or stuffed in an envelope!  


If you have a toy bus, car, motor bike or airplane (The Fisher Price variety are perfect) he could be trying to hitch a ride!


  • The Elf spent his first night away from home and is homesick  😥 Tell your children that occasionally the Elf will pop back home to visit Santa.  They better be extra good because when he returns to the North Pole he will report on the children’s behaviour! 
  • But if he was to go back home, how would he get there?
  • Look at where the North Pole is on a globe or atlas.  Even use Google maps to calculate how far it is from your place!
  • How would he travel that far?  Could he go by car? Plane? Boat? What do you need to travel out of the country? A Passport of course!
  • If your children have their own passport have a look at it and discuss with them what it is for and what is written on it.  Otherwise get your own passport out! 
  • Look at the features of a passport and discuss what information is recorded in a passport.
  • Talk about the stamps that go in a passport and the ways in which this records where you have travelled to!  Can you find these places on a map?
  • Now it is time to create your very own Elf Passport!
  • Fill out the “My Christmas Elf” Passport Printable with your children.  This will promote lots of discussion!  As you complete each question ask your students or children to answer the question about themselves as well!  What colour eyes do they have?  Where were they born? What is their Date of Birth.  Where possible let the children fill out their own Elf passport. 
  • Height: Talk about what they think the word “Height” means.  Use words like  long, tall, short.  How do you measure height?  Using a ruler or tape measure measure how long your elf is!  Talk to the children about how you will record this measurement (how do you write height?) Even small children can read out the numbers off a ruler!
  • Weight.  Have the same discussion.  What does weight mean use words like heavy, light, kilograms and grams. How do you measure weight?  Get out the scales and weigh your elf!  They wont weigh much so make sure you have sensitive scales!  Now how do you record weight?  Older children can be introduced to the correct terms and abbreviations such as kilogram (kg) etc
  • Occupation. Get creative!  Explain what an occupation is and discuss what an Elf might do for a living!
  • Draw a picture of the Elf’s head and face in the frame box.  Discuss that passport pictures don’t show your whole body.  Remember this activity is for your child so help where you can but give them a chance to write and draw when they c
  • Now Your’e Elf is ready to travel!
  • On the printable I have included some boxes to add your own passport stamps!  You could create your own stamps on paper, cut them out and glue them on or for little ones christmas ink stamps are readily available at dollar stores and Big W!
    • How did the Elf arrive?  Write a short narrative telling the story of the Elf’s journey to your home or school.
    • Get Crafty.  Design a stamp that represents your family, class or home that could go in the Elf’s passport.

Elf Passport

 There is also a blank sheet included in the Printable if you want to use it to write a story about The Elf’s Journey From the North Pole to your home! 

Maths – Measurement and Geometry – Using units of measurement


  • Use direct and indirect comparisons to decide which is longer, heavier or holds more, and explain reasoning in everyday language (ACMMG006)

Year 1 

  • Measure and compare the lengths and capacities of pairs of objects using uniform informal units (ACMMG019)

Year 2

  • Compare and order several shapes and objects based on length, area, volume and capacity using appropriate uniform informal units (ACMMG037) 

  • Compare masses of objects using balance scales (ACMMG038) 

So which is your favourite mode of “Elfy Transportation?”

Oh and how far is it to the North Pole? 

Day 3 ~ A Nifty Name ~ Naming Your Christmas Elf

Just like naming a doll or pet, naming an elf can be difficult!  But you can’t go any further on your elf adventure without a befitting name for the main character!  Talk to your children about how you chose their names and the meaning behind their name. Brainstorm a list of names and as a family chose which one suits your elf!

“Maybe it’s Snowy, maybe it’s Sue

Whatever my name is, it’s up to you!

Please make it lovely or maybe just fun

Something easy to say and spell for everyone!”


The Elf has a marker in its hand and is writing a list of names with some crossed out.  Add the children’s names for a bit of fun! 


Maybe the Elf has spelt your child’s name out with cereal!

If you have a baby name book have the elf sit on top of it!


  • When you are brainstorming Elf names record the options on some cardboard and have children help you spell each name.
  • Narrow the names down to the 4 or 5 most popular options. You could use a simple “Hands up, vote once” voting system.  Record the most popular options along the bottom of a large graph.
  • Now using post it notes or square pieces of paper each child “votes” for their favourite Elf name. 
  • As you call out each name option, the children who have voted for that name bring their post it up and place it on the graph.
  • At the end of voting count up which name had the most votes!
  • Give The Graph a Title
  • Discuss which name had the least votes, which name came second and third?
  • Discuss what other options they could have used to decide a fair vote? (Picking names out of a hat, hands up and counting, picking the short straw)

Need help thinking of a name?  Kids really are cretive when it come to choosing Elf names but some popular Elf names we have heard are;

  • Jingle
  • Trixie
  • Pixie
  • Snowy
  • Red
  • Buddy
  • Rudolph
  • Santa’s Helper
  • Elvis The Elf
  • Evie
  • Eve
  • Holly
  • Belle


  • Now that your Elf has a name!!!!  If you have bought an “Official” Elf On The Shelf you can register their name online! Follow the instructions in your pack.
  • Make your elf  a name card! Use the “My Christmas Elf” “Name Your Elf Printable” to write the Elf’s name, draw their portrait and record how you came up with their name! Get creative! Use paints or stamps or stickers to make it an artwork.  


Name Your Elf Worksheet 


Clue Cards For Weeks 1 and 2

Maths – Statistics and Probability –  Data representation and interpretation 


  • Answer yes/no questions to collect information (ACMSP011)

Year 1

  • Choose simple questions and gather responses (ACMSP262) 

  • Represent data with objects and drawings where one object or drawing represents one data value. Describe the displays (ACMSP263)

Year 2

  • Identify a question of interest based on one categorical variable. Gather data relevant to the question (ACMSP048) 

  • Collect, check and classify data  (ACMSP049) 

  • Create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and interpret them (ACMSP050)

Year 3

  • Identify questions or issues for categorical variables. Identify data sources and plan methods of data collection and recording (ACMSP068) 

  • Collect data, organise into categories and create displays using lists, tables, picture graphs and simple column graphs, with and without the use of digital technologies (ACMSP069) 

  • Interpret and compare data displays (ACMSP070) 

So what will you name your Elf?  

Day 2 ~ Welcoming Your Christmas Elf

Welcoming any new member of the family is a joyous occasion.  Celebrating the arrival of your new elf should be just the same! Our Elf makes its grand entrance in the form of a surprise “Elfy Breakfast” 

 On the morning of the 25th November the children awake to find a cheeky little Elf has prepared them a Christmas themed Breakfast!  The Elf also presents the children with a “Letter of Introduction” from the Jolly man himself, Santa!!!

So how will YOU welcome the Elf?

Here are some ideas for your family or class.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 9.58.44 AM

An “Elfy Breakfast”:  Christmas Themed food complete with hot chocolate with snowballs (marshmallows) Snowman shaped pancakes with bacon scarves, and elfberry muffins (raspberry muffins)  If breakfast is too hard you could always have an “Elfy” afternoon tea or dinner! I originally saw this brilliant idea on “Little Pumpkin Grace” this clever mummy has spared no detail!

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.05.58 AM



Elf Door Drama:  Eye spy with my little eye an ‘elfy ‘body stuck in the front door holding onto a set of keys!  This cheeky little elf tried very hard to come through the front door but his key wouldn’t work!  Lucky Santa sent a key for him to use next time! (Santa keys are readily available form most department stores.  We bought this one from Big W) 

Riding in on a Reindeer: Some little powdery tracks on the floor lead to an Elf riding a reindeer!  How else would elves travel but by First Class reindeer flight!  The Elf may even have their very own Reindeer ticket!  Reindeer Christmas decorations are a perfect size for an elf to sit on and tracks can be made with a little cocoa or baby powder on the floor.

However your Elf make it’s grand entrance they will need a letter to introduce themselves, so here it is! 

Letter of Introduction from Santa

Blank Santa Letter Template

  • Use the “My Christmas Elf” letter and ask the students or children what it is that you have (a letter)
  • How did they know it was a letter and not an email or a postcard or a poster or a recipe?
  • What is in a letter?
  • Using the blank letter template as a class (for younger students) or individually (for older students) write a thankyou letter back to Santa!  Fell free to enlarge the Blank template to A3 size for easier use with a whole class.
  • If you are a parent ask your child what they would like to say to Santa!  Be the Scribe and write down what they say!  This is a great one to file away with other special Christmas memories, to look back on in years to come!
  • For Older Students; Discuss what they will need to write (Address at the top, Dear Santa, Letter Body, Closing) Encourage them to write as much on their own as possible, sounding out words and using sight words.  You will be amazed at how much they can do!
Other possibilities: 
  • Take your Elf on a tour of the house.
  • Introduce the Elf to the other “dolls” in the house.
  • Take a photo of the Elf on his first night in his new home!
These are all great opportunities to encourage social skills, oral language and develop creativity and imagination!

Their are numerous links to  be made to The Australian Curriculum for this activity. Some possibilities are;   

English – Language – Text Structure and Organisation (By reading, identifying and discussing the features of a letter)
Foundation – Understand that texts can take many forms, can be very short (for example an exit sign) or quite long (for example an information book or a film) and that stories and informative texts have different purposes(ACELA1430)
English – Literacy – Creating Texts (By writing a letter)
Year 1 – Create short imaginative and informative texts  that show emerging use of appropriate text structure, sentence-level grammar,  word choice, spelling, punctuation and appropriate multimodal elements, for example illustrations and diagrams.(ACELY1661) 
English – Language – Text Structure and Organisation (By reading, identifying and discussing the features of a letter)
Year 2 – Understand that different types of texts have identifiable text structures and  language features that help the text serve its purpose (ACELA1463)
So get writing and welcome a new piece of wonder and magic into your lives!

“My Christmas Elf” ~ A Christmas Tradition

Oh how very true.  And I have been doing just that…..

Creating an experience, to share with somebody VERY special…



Late October “My Pigeon Pair” will be presenting……

“My Christmas Elf  ~

A Series of Fun and Educational,

ideas and activities to enrich your Christmas Elf Tradition!”  

“My Christmas Elf” will run over 20 days (Monday-Friday)

 on the “My Pigeon Pair” blog.  

Each day will feature; 

  • A new activity to enrich your Elf Tradition
  • Printables to enhance each activity
  • Positioning ideas for your Elf!
  • Australian Curriculum Links for Teachers of children Foundation – Year 3
  • Much, Much more!!!
This series is appropriate for children aged 2-8 and has been created for both Teachers and Parents! 
Why Late October?  Running the sereies a month before you really need it allows you time to organise and prepare for the busy Christmas season.  You can print and prepare as you go and come the 1st of December you will be ready to welcome to your Elf!  It also means school teachers with classes that finish at the end of November (like me!) will still be able to participate in this wonderful tradition!!!
What kind of activities?  Think writing, reading, maths, creating, crafting, cooking and just spreading some Christmas cheer! 
What does it cost?  Printer Ink and paper!!!  During the series all printables will be FREE.  Just share the love!  If you love it let your friends know! Oh and it will also help to have a few basic craft supplies on hand and a bit of imagination!
What if I don’t have time?  This series just gives you some ideas!  Each activity is completely separate to the one before it so you can do as many or as few as you like and at a time they suit you! 
How do I get involved?  
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and be ready for a Christmas your children will never forget! 
So are you in???

A massive thanks to Lisa from “Life As We Know It

who is an absolute creative graphic genius! 

Mischief ~ Wordless Wednesday

Someone has been getting up to mischief at our house!

Tricksy has just been hanging around!  He didn’t get the initial reaction we had intended!  Master O was actually a bit scared of him but Little Miss A promptly began treating him like a baby doll!

Do you have an elf getting up to mischief?

My Little Drummer Boys

 Remember you can vote every day!

The Elf on The Shelf ~ A Joyful Christmas Tradition

The Elf on The Shelf is a Christmas Tradition.  I could give you a long winded explanantion about him but basically, this cheeky little elf appears in children’s homes in the lead up to Christmas.  He finds himself some adventures, always leaving a little clue as to what he has been up to while the children are sleeping.  Some clever “Elf on The Shelf” participants even leave notes, photographs, emails and videos all igniting the joy and wonder of Christmas.  

Of course you can buy the authentic “Elf on The Shelf” which comes packaged with a story about the little guy. Or you could just do what I do and just buy your own little elf from a dollar store!

Not all elves have to be cheeky!  Some may do good deeds, or imitate parts of the nativity story, or just leave little notes encouraging children to do good deeds.  It is you elf and your family!  Oh and don’t forget to give him/her a name!  Here’s what some cheeky elves have been up to! 

Paint your childs nose red in the night!

A fishing elf with a candy cane fishing rod

All wrapped up!

Reading a "toy story"

Baking reindeer cookies

A few drinks and games with the boys

Vanity elf has replaced all the family pictures with pictures of himself!

Ready for some Christmas shopping? This elf is in Mummy's Bag!


A slipper race!

Attempting to be crafty!

Hanging by a thread!

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