Kids Bedroom Planning and Inspiration


We seem to be a family of bedroom swappers. Without a doubt every year we reassess the kids current bedroom situations and do a swap and reorganize. From shared rooms, to creating a nursery, to sharing a guest room, to everyone having their own room, the swapping never ends in a growing family!

A few years ago we made the decision for Master O and Little Miss A to share a room.  Although some thought this was a sure clue that baby #3 was coming along it was simply because they were begging us to share!  It was one of the best decisions we ever made and resulted in an amazing nights sleep for everyone!  Little Miss A would now wake up her big brother if she was scared instead of us.  It also meant they would wake each other up in the morning and sneak down to watch tv instead of coming into us to declare that they were awake!

But earlier this year Master O expressed a desire for his own space and we made the move to separate them.  We had one problem. This would mean that we would “lose” our guest bedroom.

We NEED a guest bedroom. Both of our families live far away so when they come to visit (which is often) they stay for an extended period of time and we need to have a dedicated room for them. So beds, beds, beds!  How would we make this work?  We decided to

  1. move Master O into the “Guest Bedroom”
  2. leave the Queen size bed in there and
  3. when guests come, he can move out into the lounge room on the sofa bed.

Simple. Except that’s as far as we got. We literally just moved his clothes into the cupboard and only in the last month got him a new queen size quilt.  With all our bedrooms now full, thanks to baby number 3, we really need a more permanent solution, so I am  looking at affordable furniture options that will be both suitable for the needs of a growing boy and for guests.


Bed Size and Style


Ordinarily in a kids room, especially when short on space I would look at a loft bed or trundle bed. I love that this maximizes floor space and creates little niches for desks, play areas or just extra storage.



Manhattan Loft Bed

Manhattan Loft Bed




Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.22.51 PM

Barn Bedroom Suite


Unfortunately for me, I don’t think the grandparents would be quite as excited climbing up a ladder in to bed as Master O would be. BUT, it is the absolutely perfect option for Little Miss A’s room!!!!  It wont take up too much room and when guests arrive her brother can camp out on the trundle!!! and just to add, the styling of this room is perfection.  This is EXACTLY the look I would love to achieve.  Masculine but not too dark or boyish.  PERFECTION.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 6.25.02 PM

Quebec Bedroom Suite

For Master O’s Room we will eventually need to update his bed  (which is from before we were married 11 years ago!) or at the very least a new mattress.  A Queen Size bed that is of a classic style will fit in with the decor of his room, suit both kids and adults and be the perfect size for his average sized room.


Bed Side Tables

With two kids in one room there was previously no room for bedside tables. Add to this that anything with a flat surface, was used by curious toddlers to climb on to, they just didn’t suit the kids bedroom. However, times have changed and Master O has been using a little stool next to his bed for a lamp and his books. For guests a table either side of the bed is a must, with room for glasses, phones and a glass of water.

Quebec Bedside Table

Quebec Bedside Table


This has been a tricky one for us. To desk or not to desk. We have decided to add a desk to his room not as a place to study but more as a place to escape to draw, build and read away form the hurricane baby and curious little sister. It will also serve as a place to store treasures away from little hands and above it we can place a noticeboard to display his memorabilia and certificates.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 7.04.16 PM

Ollie Storage Unit


We are lucky enough to have a designated playroom in our house but some toys are just not designed for babies! I would like to incorporate some kind of toy storage and display just for special/dangerous toys like the one million lego creations and remote control cars.  At last our oldest child will be able to put some of his things away just for him to play with.


These storage boxes will be perfect and even better they will fit inside his wardrobe, making the most of limited floor space and hiding them away form guests.

So that is where we are at.  Planning, dreaming, measuring, window shopping and weghing up all the options.  So what say you?  Desk or no desk?  Fan of a trundle bed? How gorgeous is that bedroom!

All images and stock can be found at Super Amart.

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Super Amart.

Using Trays To Organise and Decorate

 There is a little area of our home that needs some love.  It is a low buffet unit in our living room and I just can’t figure out how to decorate it.  Last week at West Elm I spied some gorgeous trays.  I love the way using a tray can group random items together to make it look like a gorgeous vignette! Trays are also a great way to keep items organised! Using a tray helps control the clutter as it provides a confined space for it to live. 

Now for the ‘pin’spiration…….



Think outside the tray. These are test tubes! This looks like an amazing thrift store find, decorated with a simple, single bloom each!

A vintage tray, filled with glasses of assorted shapes but similar size, topped with such amazing flowers.  What a gorgeous centrepiece this would make to any able setting.

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest

That blue lattice urn is just striking! This little vignette would be great in a bathroom or guest room.



This is a great example of how varying vases are all “brought together” by using a tray, plate, frame.


My favourite colour! Such a random scatter of tiny jars but it looks perfect!

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


I saw a display similar to this at pottery barn and it would be perfect for my wooden buffet. 

Source: via Larissa on Pinterest


Tidy up any space and keep it organised with a tray to confine the clutter! 

Now I think a trip to a few thrift stores must be planned for later this week to find a tray and some cute recycled glass vases! Anyone else got a tray display they can show me? Which one is your favourite?

Pottery Barn Opens in Australia

I have always loved shopping, I mean always.  I don’t spend a lot of money.  I like to think I am a savvy shopper.  If you have been around this blog long enough you will know I buy things I love.  Even if it is from a thrift store, second hand market or dollar store.  Sometimes I dont even buy, I just love to make mental wish lists, browse the stores, admire the window displays, circle the catalogues.  

Which brings me to Pottery Barn.  For years I have coveted EVERYTHING pottery barn.  Firstly thorugh catalogues sent to me by very kind friends in the states.  Then online and when they would not ship I began parcel forwarding.  Last year I was finally able to take them up on their international shipping.  My favourites were the bed linen, office and organising pieces and of course the SEASONAL DECOR! 

When I found out that a Pottery Barn would be making its way to our shores, I squealed with excitement, literally!  No more International Shipping Rates! No more disappointment at the online checkout to find out that the item doesn’t ship Internationally.  I was going to go INSIDE A POTTERY BARN store and experience it all for myself. 

I started making plans of when and how I would get to Sydney to see the Bondi Store. 

Then in the mail came my very own INVITATION, selaed with wax, to the PREVIEW of all four Williams Sonoma owned stores.

The rest is history.  I booked those flights as quick as I could.  Started making wish lists and pinched myself more than once.

The store did not disappoint.  Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids are next to each other and share some floor space.  The store is spread over two levels and the merchandising feels as if you have walked into a luxurious coastal chic home. I wished to just take whole spaces and transport them into my own home.  Even the stores gorgeous dark timber floors and white cabinetry had me drooling.

Now I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


The cushions, the rugs, the bedding, the seaside decor and all that glass, beige and blue!
These photos are so blurry as I couldn’t stand still for long enough.  There was just so much to look at.  Just when I thought I found something I loved, I would find soemthing I loved even more.  I regret I didnt buy more, and wish I had of gone in with a better plan of what I would buy as all that shiny gorgeousness was so distracting.
I just couldn’t believe, that after all this time struggling to find decor items that are my style and suit my homes colour palette, I was now in a store with an abundance of perfection.  I seriously could have grabbed anything in Pottery Barn and it would be a perfect fit for our style and life style.  The fabrics are washable and durable.  The furniture classic, functional and solid.  The prices are comparable to most big box Australian furniture stores.  They offer FREE in home design consultations and for $99 will deliver your furniture in Sydney, assemble it and take away the rubbish.  
The negatives…..just two…
1. It is in SYNDEY!  I havent quite figured out the furniture shipping costs to Brisbane, but I don’t think it will be cheap.  Decor, bed linen etc,  though ships from as little as $12.95!!!!!
2. They don’t stock the complete range.  I am assured the range will expand as they settle in but I couldn’t find the Recharge Station (I know you were all looking for that!) or the Daily System (for Office Organisation).  They also didn’t have those anchors I wanted or that bedside lamp for Master O’s room.  I actually hadn’t stopped to think that because of the different Australian standards (for electrical and plumbing) items such as vanities or lamps will be hard for them to stock. 
BUT THEY ARE HERE!!!!!  POTTERY BARN IS IN AUSTRALIA! If nothing else they are going to change the face of Australian Retail Homewares and challenge the competition to listen to their customers, expand their ranges, offer better in store service and online experiences.   Let’s just hope they are listening. 

Easter Wrap Up – The Beautiful, Crafty and Delicious.

 Nothing says Easter like some pastel decorations, white porcelain bunnies, bunting and of course some crafty projects!  Here are my top 5 Easter ideas from the Australian blogosphere!

Sharnel Dollar ~ My Life, My Loves

The bunny cake plate, the crisp white china and of course that cake!  What is not to love!!!

Living On A Latte

Kaz shows how you can mix some cute easter decorations seamlessly into your homes decor. Cute and sweet.

Bizzy Dayz

This gorgeous button artwork steals the show and even better it’s made with love by little hands!!! 

The HOME She Made

Oh how I love some classic Peter Rabbit but not as much as this ingenius way to make an Easter table runner!

My Big Nutshell

 A quick, easy and cost effective present for the kids that is not JUST CHOCOLATE!!!  Too clever!

On that note, I have some chocolate waiting for me…

Source: via Jodi on Pinterest


Top 5 Organising Projects of 2011

Somehow between my first year of blogging, working part time, kindy drop offs and being a part time stay at home mum I managed to complete a few organising projects in 2011.  Some were big, some small, but they all have had a HUGE impact on how we live our lives.


The Organised Panty

This was a HUGE job.  Our pantry had NEVER been organised.  It was full of expired lurkers at the back and general chaos at the front.  Nothing had a place and no systems existed.  After a little shopping for some container ideas and a few days  culling, sorting and ordering we had a “new” pantry!  This project was life changing and I am very happy to say that thanks to all the containers it has stayed organised!!!


The Organised Bathroom

This was another BIG project.  The bathroom was a dumping zone.  A hundred bottles of deoderant, messy make up and things that just don’t belong in a bathroom!  The drawers have needed reorganising a few times but the cupboards have stayed organised!


The "OiOi" Carry All ~ That really carries all!!!

I literally think about this life changer every day!  This bag never leaves my side and thanks to it’s brilliant design I am always organised and can find everything at my finger tips!


The Family Organisation Station

The Organisation Station took a few attempts to get it right!  We are still working on keeping this system going but it works.  Most of all having the one family calendar has been a life saver!  


The "INSTA- Shelf"

If there was a time to get emotional it was all about the wardrobe.  The culling of the oh so gorgeous baby clothes is enough to make anyone cry and I had whole containers of it!  But the end product of weeks of work was two sorted and organised wardrobe’s with some great systems in place to keep them that way!!!

  • The school zone – A place to keep under control the mountain of paper work associated with a little one at school, a place to do homework, to keep home readers and to get organised for learning.
  • A bag zone – For handbags, swimming bags, beach bags, grocery bags!
  • Outdoor Equipment – A way to store all of that outdoor craft and play equipment and some much needed play area makeovers!
  • The Linen Closet – A final solution for this space
  • The Entryway – A system for when we enter the house and to beautify the area!
  • Two picture boxes – Two picture boxes that are bland and one that is a dumping ground for keys!
  • Two photo galleries – Finally getting around to creating some family photo display areas!
  • A Display area – A seasonal area to display trinkets and pictures.

Oh I could go on for ever!!!!  But there you have it the projects of 2011 are inspiring me to continue on into 2012!!!  

What needs organising or beautifying at your place?




Give me some colour….Things I Know

A change is a good as a holiday, isn’t it?  Our living room desperately needs a holiday!  It is bland, cold and unwelcoming.  It actually does not look much different to when we moved in!  It is white, beige and well not much else!  It truly needs an injection of colour!  But what colour… THINGS I KNOW ABOUT COLOUR

I know that yellow is……sunny, bright, welcoming and maybe a little too girly?

I know that Tiffany blue is smart, elegant but maybe a bit formal for a family home?

I know that pink is bright, lively but maybe too feminine?

I know that this mix of blue and beige is inviting, informal, homely

and this is sophisticated but welcoming and PERFECT!
What do you know?  Is this the right colour scheme for our home?


In the next house….

I am addicted to houses.  Home magazines, open homes, display homes.  I love dreaming and drooling over gorgeous designs, clever ideas and delightful decor.  I am go grateful for the home we have, but there is nothing wrong with a little daydream every now and then.  We built this house almost 6 years ago now.  It’s a sure sign your’e getting itchy feet when a lot of your sentences start with….in the next house…..

So in the next house…..

We will have a white, light, and BIG kitchen with a little nook for chatting to the cook and 

a little study nook and…

lots and lots of storage and bench space and one more thing for the kitchen

a servery from the kitchen to the…

outdoor room.  That has room for a lounge setting and outdoor kitchen and is weather proof!

A laundry that is a room, not a washing machine in a walkway.  I may actually want to do washing in this room!

So the list could go on and on.  Funny how its all about the kitchen and laundry!  The two “work” areas of the home! Enough dreaming and time to start doing. Today’s household project is to go to Bunnings and buy a seedling, or maybe a tree.  You know one of the variety that grows money?  Thats all that is missing from our next house dreams!

You can find these images and more on my Pinterest Boards.

Tina Gray {dot} Me

Enter our home….

What is the first thing you see as you walk in your front door?  A place of function or great design?  Is it inviting?  Tell something about who you are?

Well ours is bland.  We have a gorgeous chandelier and a lovely french antique table but as a display area it lacks well…..everything! I want it to be a place that looks good all year round.  Something easy to change with the seasons and celebrations.  So yet again I go looking for some pinspiration…

6th Street Design School

Simple decor as the statement mirror and elegant table say it all.

I would love for our entry table to be a place to display family photos!

Good Girl Gone Glad

LOVE LOVE LOVE, this is my kind of colour pallette and style.  Love that simple mirror and the wallpaper is divine!

6th Street Design School

I would love a mirror over the table but am worried about the mess we might see in the reflection!

Country Girl Home

Symmetry meets classic and elegant decor.

the house of smiths

I love the idea of a picture rail.  That way I can easily change frames and pictures with the seasons without dealing with hooks in the wall!

and who would be the queen of all things photo display?

Becky Higgins

Becky Higgins of course!  Becky is the mastermind behind Project Life!  I love this novel idea, of frames within a frame.  I have the perfect spot for this!  Its a picture box with a very ordinary photo in it at the moment.  I am thinking some wall paper and matching frames will look amazing in our space!

So what’s on your entry table?

Ooh, that's!