When all is quiet..

When all is quiet, you know mischief is brewing.  

This mischief includes TWO packets of what were unopened feathers…

To say she created a massive mess is an understatement!

 But what is childhood without some feather fun?

That look on her face, her squeels, the way she jumped higher each time, was worth every feather fibre found throughout the house!

Does mess make you cringe?  Or can you let it slide in order to have some fun?

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You got a friend in me.

Master O loves stuffed toys.  

Yep at age 5 he still has an obsession with his two favourite companions Oscar and Rolley, the stuffed toy dogs.  Then last term a new “friend” entered his life.  Garfield.  The class “pet”.  Each student has a turn taking him home and then writing about what he did at their house!  

So what was the first thing Master O wanted to show Garfield…..

The Sunset of course.  This child is truly remarkable.

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What Lies Ahead…Wordless Wednesday

If only I could have seen his face.

The excitement, the awe and wonder, the fun and axihilaration, of what lies ahead.

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Certificates, Birthday Cards, Artwork our home is full of them without Master O even having started school!!!  Naturally my organising gene is already kicking in and I found this amazing product to keep all your children’s pieces of paper in order, in the one place and protected for life………..

The SmileFile.  This is more than just a box with folders in it.  This is an organisation system.  The sysytem involves 5 plastic storage folders.

1. Certificates/awards & sports ribbons/medals
2. Photos & digital materials
3. Paintings & drawings

These three are purpose designed folders that contain plastic pockets inside.

SmileFile ~ Certificates and Awards Folder

 Then there are 2 Document boxes for

1.Special events and memories
2. Report cards and special projects

These are larger than the other folders and designed to hold bulkier items such as cards and projects.The Starter Kit also comes with one each of 

  • A3 pockets for paintings & drawings
  • A4 pockets for certificates, photos & paintings
  • A5 pockets for certificates & photos
  • 6 x 4” pockets for photos
  • Purpose designed CD/DVD/USB pocket
  • Purpose designed sports ribbon pocket
The rest is up to you!  More pockets are available and the kit also comes with some great labels to help keep everything categorised!  
How we will use it……”The Smilefile” outer box is huge!  It has to be to hold ALL of your childs items.  For this reason we are storing our in our store room.  We already have the “School Folder” in our Organisation Station.  Once items come into the house they go into this folder.  Then at the end of each month I will transfer all these items into the “SmileFile” where they can stay until next time we need them!  
I have been asked if you could just make this yourself.  Yes if you had a lot of time, money and space.   But the simplicity of this system, the way it is all stored so beautifully categorised in the one place is what appeals to me.  You simply unpack it and use.  No printing of labels, creating folders and sourcing boxes to put everything in.  
This product is just not about organising.  It is storing those tresured memories in a way that we can enjoy them all!
“Smilefile” is available from Smilefile and the “Starter Kit” retails for $89.90

Wordless Wednesday…..Never Smile at a Crocodile

Master O was adamant that he would wear a “Bumblebee Transformer” or “Super Man” costume to his Kindy Dress Up day.  This was hard for me!  I had other costumes in mind?  But I learnt to let go and…….

HE CHOSE to go as a Crocodile!  This costume was under $20 from Kmart!    I couldn’t help but smile at this little Crocodile!

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Christmas Craft for Kids….Easy Ideas To Make at Home

 There are only 5 weeks left of the school year!  You know what that means?  It’s time to get out the glitter, paimt and crepe paper and emmerse your children in Christmas Craft!  Unfortunately it is alays this time of year that the clasroom budget starts to run dry so I have found some 5 year old friendly, cheap and creative ideas you can make at home!  


Hand me a Santa. Take some card and paint and a cute little handprint!  What a great memento of their 2011 Christmas.  If you want to turn it into a keepsake why not put it on a canvas!


Wrap a Wreath. This is an effective and easy family or class project!  Just use a wire coathanger, bend it into a wreath shape and then tie hundreds of ribbons on to it!  A handmade wreath!


Paper Roll Puppets. Got some toilet rolls and craft scraps!  How cute are these little guys!  They would make a wonderful puppet show!  These are obviously made by an adult but with a little help your child could make their very own christmas puppet!

Santa Sticks. I have these sticks!!!  I bought them at a 2 dollar store a while ago waiting to see what I would do with them!  You could use felt, paint, material scraps anything you can scrape together!  Add some ribbon to the top and hang them from the tree!


Countdown Claus. Is it chirtsmas yet?  How many more sleeps?  I will definitley be doing this clever idea!  LOVE it!  Just add a new cotton wall ball to santas beard every day!  I am going to send home this one to the students in my class.  Once school finishes they will still have more than 20 days to count down until Christmas!  Hopefully this helps pass the time!

My favourite….


Footprint Christmas Tree. How cute!  A perfect memento of how big they were!  You could put it on paper and lmainate it, turn it into a christmas card for family, or print onto a canvas and hang it up each christmas!  This is a double winner for me!  Great for my class and great for my own children!

So do you have a favourite Christmas Craft?

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Wordless Wednesday ~ On the other side of the fence

This weekend Master O heard laughter coming from….the other side of the fence.

So this is how they spent the weekend.  Chatting, laughing playing with the neighbours over the fence.  Topics of conversations included why Bumblebee is better than Optimus Prime, which are the best playgrounds, and why are the ducks always on the road.  I couldn’t help but listen in!

Playing along with the gorgeous Trish from

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What you REALLY need to teach your child….Keeping it R.E.A.L

Want to know the most common question I am asked as an Early Childhood Teacher?
  What can I do to help my child at home?
Naturally this would usually come with a long winded, personalised to the child and situation answer, but really the simple answer is……
Keep it R.E.A.L
R is for READING  
Reading is THE most valuable gift you can give to your child.  Read everyday,  every thing, everyone needs to read! –  Reading is so much more than stories!  Don’t restrict yourself to reading the old faithful bedtime story.  From an early age it is important for children to realise that print carries meaning.  The words on a stop sign mean that the car has to stop here.  The print on a menu tells me what I can choose to eat.  The print in the phonebook helps me find someone to come and fix the fridge.  The print on the street signs tell me where I live.  The print on shop signage tells me what the shop is called.  PRINT IS EVERYWHERE!  
Let your child look at the menu at the cafe while you read out the options.   Read out the recipe while you are cooking.  Let them play with books and role play reading! 

E is for ENGAGE
Engage your child in everything you do.   Invaluable learning skills can be gained and reinforced doing the most everyday tasks!  
Whilst doing the groceries talk about what you are doing. 
Can they choose 4 red apples for you?  (colour, counting) 
Older children could choose the cereal that is the best value for money (comparison between size and cost) 
Whilst your cooking dinner? If I cut this tomato down the middle I will now have two halves.(fractions)  
Could you write on the shopping list, milk? (writing,phonics)  
Let your children gain independence, social and communication skills, by doing things that you would normally do.  Let them talk to the checkout operator and handle the money.  Let them ask the post office for a stamp and put the letter in the mailbox.  Engaging in the every day not only lets your child acquire invaluable life long skills but can help end whinging! Once they are school age,  ENGAGE in your child’s education. Year after year it amazes me the direct correlation between parents that you never see at school or show no interest in what their child is doing and underachieving or misbehaving students.
Your child is an individual with talents that need to be appreciated and applauded.  You are the primary teacher of confidence and self esteem.  Don’t dwell on the negatives, appreciate your child’s talents and applaud their effort regardless of the otucome.  It is amazing to see a child’s confidence soar with a bit of appreciation and encouragement.
L is for LOVE, LAUGH and LEARN together.  
A teacher can teach your child to love learning, but it is your job to LOVE your child.  Teach them to laugh.  Laugh when times are tough or you make a mistake. Keep it in perspective, maybe the fact that little Billy only wants to play in home corner seems like a big deal now, but you WILL be laughing about this on his 16th Birthday. Seeing you relaxed and laughing at the situation helps your child do the same.  Being able to “laugh it off” helps teach your child resilience and self coping skills.  LEARNING IS FUN.  Try not to battle over it! Let your child know that learning is a life long process.  Even you don’t know everything (even if you think you do!)
Learning is something we can not deny.  It happens every day wether we are aware of it or not.  By keeping it R.E.A.L as parents, we can create confident, enthusiastic, learners who will have a love of learning for life!
For more ideas on how to prepare your child for school check out our article
Preparing Your Child For School” over at Lovely Living.

Playtime Overhaul

I have a horrible case of boring Mummy syndrome.  Sypmtoms include;  asking your child if they want to do a puzzle whenever they say they are bored, craft ability is suddenly limited to drawing, and helping to hang up the clothes is a game isn’t it?

So this week I have trawled the web looking for some new play ideas for Master O (4) and Miss A (1).

I-Spy Rice ~ Living on a Latte

This is a great idea for all ages!  Just place some rice in a bottle with some little things for your little one to discover!  This would keep Master O very entertained and of course Little Miss A had to sneak a peek to see what he was so excited about.  In the end she used it as a shaker!

When the washing machine steals your socks ~ Mummy to Five

Now you have to be clever to see that big pile of socks as a fun game for kids….but it is!

Simply line the kids up and let them take turns to throw the socks into the bucket!

See the gorgeous photos on the link above!  

Chatterboxes ~ Puddles and Gumboots

Boy do these bring back memories!  Master O wanted to help me make these and was quite fascinated by the folding of the paper but even more fun was making his little sister do whatever it said inside!  Including lay an egg like a chicken!

What are your favourite games this week?