A Family Update

Hello Strangers…..

It has been a long 6 months since I updated this blog.  The longest time it has sat quiet in 5 years!

There is so much to catch you up on I am not quite sure to begin, so lets start at January……

I was all out of leave.  You name it I had used it!  Unpaid leave, long service leave, maternity leave, extended maternity leave, all gone. So it was either return to work or forfeit my permanent position.  With bills mounting and future dreams scheming returning to work seems the most sensible decision.  The hunt for a job share partner started and ended quickly as I had the perfect person already in mind, with one catch.  I had to return in Term 1 and her Maternity leave didn’t finish until the start of Term 2.  So I sucked it up and went back full time for Term 1.  For the first time in 10 years I was placed not in Prep and instead tried a new adventure in Year 3.  To add to the craziness I also took on a one day a week role as a “Visible Learning Impact Coach”.  To say I have loved it is an understatement.  By far the best teaching year I have ever had.  A beautiful class, wonderful teaching team and I could just about go full time forever!  (I am now on 4 days, 3 in class, 1 in Visible Learning)

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.10.59 PM

The one catch is that this means our little Hurricane (who is now 2.3) had to start Day Care.  Bonus is it’s only 3 days a week and located at my work so super handy.  He cries every morning, but when I pick him up he has had a great day.  His language has EXPLODED and he talks more than any of my kids have!  He is an exceptional eater but a horrific sleeper.  Can’t win them all.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.13.39 PM

Little Miss A is in Grade 1 and has been blessed to have the same teacher she had for Prep who has now just left for the rest of the year on long service.  Poor little girl is heartbroken!  We have upped the anti with dancing this year and are throwing all our time (and all our money) into her favourite thing to do.  She is now in 6 classes a week!  She would go every day if we let her.  She spends every waking moment watching dancing, playing dancing or practicing dancing.  She has her first Violin solo coming up and her first dancing eisteddfod!  She thrives at school and has a particular penchant for numbers.  Her obsessive personality sure comes into it’s own in Maths.  She fills pieces of paper with equations, just for fun.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.11.58 PM

Master O is now in Grade 4 and filling his days with Choir and Drama lessons.  Still intent on a job on Television he will do anything to be on a stage.  His confidence still amazes me.  He completed a NIDA Drama workshop and at then end stood in front of a crowd of parents (strangers) and presented his line flawlessly and without the slightest hint of nerves.  Not only that but he simply loves it.  He is desperate to go to a film workshop but thats where the big bucks (so far the cheapest has been $500!) come in so we are shopping around for one in Brisbane that is good and affordable!

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.12.33 PM

Perhaps the biggest change in our lives is THE LAKE HOUSE.  After years of dreaming and scheming and planning we finally did it.  We sold our much loved first family home, bought a block of land, moved into a rental and started planning our new build, by the lake.  It’s our dream location and our dream home, but dreams sure don’t happen quickly!  This process is a whole blog post in itself!

So that where we are at.  Building, working, schooling, multiple drop offs, hours in dance and drama waiting rooms and living life!


Bright Futures

The time has come people.  We have busied ourselves enough over the school holidays, in an attempt to avoid over thinking and the massive inevitable flurry of emotions we are about to face.

Tomorrow, Master O starts at his new school.  He is the most sociable, confident and friendly child you will meet.   Stop at the lights long enough and he is waving at the children in the car next to him.  He is constantly stopping to chat to friends at the shops that he played with once for 5 minutes, last year, in a random playground somewhere. Walk past our house and he will introduce himself and tell you his life story.  But still I am worried.  Will he feel safe and comfortable?  Will he be upset when we leave? Will somebody play with him at lunch time? Is now the right time to move him?  Have we made the right decision?

The hardest part of this decision was that he was perfectly happy at his old school.  It was a good school, but in the long term, for him and for his sister, we needed more.  We know in the long term that he is simply going to flourish there.  It is a perfect fit for him.  It “gets” boys.  He will have space and time to run and be active, activities to help him learn by seeing and doing and feeling, and  more individual attention (he only has 15 children in his class, with an almost full time aide!)  

I changed schools, four times during primary school.  I dont recall ever being upset, just a little nervous and a whole heap excited.  He says he is excited, all those new people to meet, and playgrounds to explore and toys to play with and of course THAT POOL.   As yet it hasnt fazed him.  I have everything riding on the fact that he is young.  Young enough to take it all in his stride, to adapt quickly, to soak it all up.  

And me?  How will I adapt?  That, I am sure, will be harder.  I leave the most amazing bunch of school mums behind.  We were friends before our children went to school together and will continue to be friends.  But now we dont have any one to send a quick message to, to ask if it coloured clothes day, or if they could wait with him for a few minutes whilst we are stuck in traffic.  They were completely accepting of us, and our lives revolved around a constant stream of playdates in the park, birthday parties and coffees filled with gossip.  Will the new Mums be the same?  

So many unknowns, so many expectations and dreams and concerns and questions. But oh so much hope and faith.  Faith in the school, faith in him, faith in us, faith in serendipity and the way everything just came together…..

and that this is just the beginning of a very bright future. 


Smile, Say….REINDEER!

Having a Christmas photo taken is a Christmas tradition in our house!  Every year I dress the kids up in their Christmas outfits and take a photo for a Christmas Card to be sent to the relatives and friends near and far!  Looking back at the last four years of Christmas Cards I cn’t believe how much they have grown and our life has changed!

Master O's First Christmas ~ Dressed as an elf!

Master O is almost two and that smile says it all ~ CHEEKY!

About to receive the best present of all ~ A new baby sister!

and then there were two!

Lucky for me their Christmas outfits from 2010 still fit!  So today I am going to TRY and get a 2011 photo!  There will be wriggling, fussing, bribing and begging but all in the name of  capturing a precious moment this Christmas!

Do you take a Christmas Photo?

My Little Drummer Boys

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I choose today

There are Reindeer Crackles and angel wings to be made.  Christmas cards to be written, Santa photos taken, christmas presents bought, but today….

I choose today to breathe.  I need to, to survive.  To just take it slow. Well at least slower. To savour some extra time at Kindy instead of rushing off to accomplish my to do list.  The to do list will hapen every day, kindy days are numbered.

I choose today to read.  Outside.  In the breeze, under the mulberry tree with Little  Miss A.  Because the christmas cards to people I have not spoken to all year are not as important as having a limited moment with my girl without her brother interrupting.

I choose today to sit down to drink my coffee instead of taking it on the run with me.  I will savour every mouthful as I sit and watch them play outside.  I will leave the computer off and talk to those that I love “in real life”.

I am not sure why or how but I really need to have “a day” of less.  My mind will wander and I will begin to stress and plan and list but I choose today to really try to see and listen and be still.  I choose today to start stressing less and enjoying more.  To plan less and dream more.  Will it be easier said then done?