101 Lunch Box Ideas and a Lunch Box Planner!

Can you believe it has now been 7 years since I first started packing lunchboxes on this blog! The days are long but the years are so short.

What has changed in that time?  We now have Master O entering his last year of Primary school, so no more cute shaped sandwiches or bento lunch boxes.  Its all about BULK!  That kid eats more than an adult!  Little Miss A is STILL THE FUSSIEST eater you have ever seen.  She tends to request the same lunch EVERY day!  Our little Hurricane is now in full time Pre-Prep and lucky for us they supply all his food. He is by far our best and biggest eater and will request eggs with smoked salmon and French toast for breakfast.

But lunchboxes…..Our 101 ideas is essential to keeping the variety going because come mid term, I am OVER making lunch decisions.  The planner helps ensure we are fulfilling a variety of dietary requirements and nutritional needs.  Even better the planner has been helpful in nurturing independent packers of lunch boxes.  They each know they need to pack something form each category.


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Bento Lunch Ideas



Happy Planning!

The Complete Guide to Meal Planning

I have written a lot about meal planning.  It is the single biggest saver of money, time and sanity in our house.  So as I update our latest Meal Planning template I thought it might be worth establishing a single blog post with all of our Meal Planning templates, ideas and tips!

2 years worth of experience here peeps! 

But let’s start at the very beginning, because it is a very good place to start..












I have to say that this template works so well I used it for a whole year before I started changing it.  I have only started working on another one as I now mainly shop at Aldi and needed my list in a different order.  The highlight of creating this template is seeing it in use!  I will never forget a friend opening her pantry and seeing it hanging inside!

 2. Attacking The Grocery Shopping.



I get stopped in Aldi all the time with people asking me where I got my list and bags from!  Those amazing reusable shopping bags are from Aldi!

3. Creating a Menu Board.




This was a time consuming project to create but once it is up and running it is a great way to ensure you plan balanced meals across a week, fortnight or month!

4. Great Lunchbox Plans.   



and here is the update Meal Planning template I am working on!

It’s not as “pretty” as the other one but it has a more comprehensive shopping list and is in the order of the aisles at Aldi at Woolworths.   This is just a sneek peak at it, I will tidy it up a little and get it ready for YOU TO DOWNLOAD! 

I have 4 templates, each with a different Monthly Shopping Category.  

So there you have it


If you have any questions about meal planning or grocery shopping leave me a comment HERE!!!

Tomorrow I will share with you my 5 Favourite Weekly Meal Plans! 

Bringing Back The Bento

No glad wrap, nut free, packaging free, no junk food.  The Kindy Lunch box rules were strict and enforced, with this naughty Mummy getting a note sent home in the first week of Kindy for not following the rules (I sent a home made muffin that broke the no sweets rule!)  At first it drove me crazy but I  now admit (very quietly) that a year of preparing healthy, environmentally friendly lunches has set up great habits for Master O and Mummy!  We went a whole year without using a single piece of glad wrap, alfoil or snap lock bag.  A year without a pre packaged biscuit, muesli bar or chip.  A year without peanut butter, jam or Nutella on a sandwich.  How?  It’s all about the Bento.  

Traditionally Bento is a Japanese cuisine that refers to food packed in a box of “Convenience”  More recently in the world of Mummy made lunch boxes Bento is snack sized food arranged in a box cut, pushed and drawn on to make clever little novelty lunches!  Our lunches were no where near as creative these Mummy’s lunches!

The novelty of Bento is a great way of getting fussy eaters to eat healthy food!  So here’s to another year of healthy, environmentally friendly lunches, the Bento way!

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