2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 4 – Lunchbox Laughs

Part of the reason we start our Elf so early in the year, is that we finish school so early in the year!  Private schools in Queensland finish the last week of NOVEMBER! I love for the kids to be able to share the joy and magic of the elves with their classmates and teacher, so we start on the 25th of November.

One of the ways I love to spice up the last week of school, is by having the elf make a mark on the school lunch!  

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 5.56.35 AM


Holly Jingles had gotten into the biscuits, whilst Trixie had the Vegemite! 

The Clue Card read…….

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 5.59.10 AM


This leaves it open for you!  You could just pop a “Lunch Box Laugh” card into your childs lunch box. (See Below for FREE Printable)

Or add a sweet treat – We added Marshmallows, but you could add a Christmas biscuit, pretzel, or chocolate.

Or even add your own little note from the Elf! 


[download id=”9″]


Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 6.08.43 AM


It also includes two blank cards for you to write your own joke, riddle or Love Letter.


Bringing Back The Bento

No glad wrap, nut free, packaging free, no junk food.  The Kindy Lunch box rules were strict and enforced, with this naughty Mummy getting a note sent home in the first week of Kindy for not following the rules (I sent a home made muffin that broke the no sweets rule!)  At first it drove me crazy but I  now admit (very quietly) that a year of preparing healthy, environmentally friendly lunches has set up great habits for Master O and Mummy!  We went a whole year without using a single piece of glad wrap, alfoil or snap lock bag.  A year without a pre packaged biscuit, muesli bar or chip.  A year without peanut butter, jam or Nutella on a sandwich.  How?  It’s all about the Bento.  

Traditionally Bento is a Japanese cuisine that refers to food packed in a box of “Convenience”  More recently in the world of Mummy made lunch boxes Bento is snack sized food arranged in a box cut, pushed and drawn on to make clever little novelty lunches!  Our lunches were no where near as creative these Mummy’s lunches!

The novelty of Bento is a great way of getting fussy eaters to eat healthy food!  So here’s to another year of healthy, environmentally friendly lunches, the Bento way!

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