2013 – My Christmas Elf – Day 2 – The Christmas Creation Station

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 5.29.09 PMThe Elves have left a Christmas themed creation Station for us to use over the festive season!  That cheeky “Holly Jingles” even got into the sticky tape!

Using a Large Christmas Box, I gathered some cheap Christmas Craft supplies.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.16.48 PM

Christmas Tape, Stamps, Laminated Word Cards, Sticky Note Pads


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.16.31 PM

Writing Paper, Coloured Paper, Colouring In Books


Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.17.04 PM

Stickers and Pencils 

and lots of envelopes and Christmas Cards! 

The Elves were sitting pretty with Trixie using a giant pen (from Big W) to leave a note! 

I created this area in the Playroom and used a cute spotty paper fan to make the space feel Christmasy!  We will be doing lots of writing this festive season especially with our Elf Activities!

 Day 2’s Elf Activity to follow on from the Elfy Breakfast was to talk and write about our Elves names, using the template below.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.34.09 PM

Name Your Elf Worksheet 

For more ideas on how to position your elf, some cute names and activities to go with Naming your elf check out last year’s NIFTY NAME post. 

Day 3 ~ A Nifty Name ~ Naming Your Christmas Elf

Just like naming a doll or pet, naming an elf can be difficult!  But you can’t go any further on your elf adventure without a befitting name for the main character!  Talk to your children about how you chose their names and the meaning behind their name. Brainstorm a list of names and as a family chose which one suits your elf!

“Maybe it’s Snowy, maybe it’s Sue

Whatever my name is, it’s up to you!

Please make it lovely or maybe just fun

Something easy to say and spell for everyone!”


The Elf has a marker in its hand and is writing a list of names with some crossed out.  Add the children’s names for a bit of fun! 


Maybe the Elf has spelt your child’s name out with cereal!

If you have a baby name book have the elf sit on top of it!


  • When you are brainstorming Elf names record the options on some cardboard and have children help you spell each name.
  • Narrow the names down to the 4 or 5 most popular options. You could use a simple “Hands up, vote once” voting system.  Record the most popular options along the bottom of a large graph.
  • Now using post it notes or square pieces of paper each child “votes” for their favourite Elf name. 
  • As you call out each name option, the children who have voted for that name bring their post it up and place it on the graph.
  • At the end of voting count up which name had the most votes!
  • Give The Graph a Title
  • Discuss which name had the least votes, which name came second and third?
  • Discuss what other options they could have used to decide a fair vote? (Picking names out of a hat, hands up and counting, picking the short straw)

Need help thinking of a name?  Kids really are cretive when it come to choosing Elf names but some popular Elf names we have heard are;

  • Jingle
  • Trixie
  • Pixie
  • Snowy
  • Red
  • Buddy
  • Rudolph
  • Santa’s Helper
  • Elvis The Elf
  • Evie
  • Eve
  • Holly
  • Belle


  • Now that your Elf has a name!!!!  If you have bought an “Official” Elf On The Shelf you can register their name online! Follow the instructions in your pack.
  • Make your elf  a name card! Use the “My Christmas Elf” “Name Your Elf Printable” to write the Elf’s name, draw their portrait and record how you came up with their name! Get creative! Use paints or stamps or stickers to make it an artwork.  


Name Your Elf Worksheet 


Clue Cards For Weeks 1 and 2

Maths – Statistics and Probability –  Data representation and interpretation 


  • Answer yes/no questions to collect information (ACMSP011)

Year 1

  • Choose simple questions and gather responses (ACMSP262) 

  • Represent data with objects and drawings where one object or drawing represents one data value. Describe the displays (ACMSP263)

Year 2

  • Identify a question of interest based on one categorical variable. Gather data relevant to the question (ACMSP048) 

  • Collect, check and classify data  (ACMSP049) 

  • Create displays of data using lists, table and picture graphs and interpret them (ACMSP050)

Year 3

  • Identify questions or issues for categorical variables. Identify data sources and plan methods of data collection and recording (ACMSP068) 

  • Collect data, organise into categories and create displays using lists, tables, picture graphs and simple column graphs, with and without the use of digital technologies (ACMSP069) 

  • Interpret and compare data displays (ACMSP070) 

So what will you name your Elf?