Fishing for Home Office Organisation Ideas

Pencils, Pens, Highlighters, Scissors, Paper Clips the office bibs and bobs list, goes on and on.  I have been searching for a way to organise and store these items so that I can always find what I need! 

We have a great office space but it is in an embarrasing state at the moment.  But we are making a start.  One of the big problems is that even though I have a large desk it has no drawers! 

 I rectified that quick smart with these nifty little drawers from you guessed it The Reject Shop.  They were $30.  Great deal but wait there’s more…..I had specifically gone to the reject store with a purpose.

Remember this project?  

 Well more than 6 months on our “Fishing Tackle Box, Battery Organisation” was still working except for one minor detail.  After constant use over the Christmas period the lid had broken off!  So I bought a new one to replace it.

Once home I assembled our drawers and used the broken Tackle Box to check that it would fit inside one of my new drawers. This would be a great place to store my battery container. You would never believe it.  

Perfect fit!  One Reject Shop Tackle Box, sans lid, fits perfectly inside one Reject Shop drawer.  That is no coincidence my friends, that is called organisational destiny. 

So of course I needed more tackle boxes.  EVERYTHING was going to have a compartment!  I would be able to sleep at night knowing each little item had its very own home! So this happened.

Introducing my new top drawer.

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful! I used some scrapbooking paper leftovers to line the base just to make her pretty.  These containers are brilliant as the dividers can be moved around to create perfectly sized compartments.

I may have then looked at what else I could organise in the same way. 

I may have collected a hook or two over the past few years!  These were in all little packets scattered over the house.  A quick roll call and they were lined up, sorted and introduced to their new homes.  Now I know exactly what we have and what we need, well when it comes to hooks at least.

The Other Drawers….

I now have more desk space, less clutter all over the office and can find exactly what I need when I need it.  Even better did you notice that the drawers on wheels?  I actually wheeled it out to the dining room the other day to work at the table! Totally handy! Unless of course you need to work in the closest Mc Cafe. Not sure I could go that far.

Yesterday I started work on one other wall in the office.  It is going to be a HUGE job but it has to be done!  I am drowning in Office clutter! 

What is your biggest office organisation problem? 

Do you love a good tackle box as much as me? 


Organising The Office ~ The Paper Trail

A week ago over at a “Bowl Full Of Lemons” it was all about “Organising The Office.”When we built our house we added a study/office to the lower level.  For the first year we used this space every day.  Then Master O was born and it was just too hard to find time to work inside an office and watch him at the same time.  Thank heavens for laptops!  Then just in time for Little Miss A to be born we got wi-fi!!!  So my office became the dining table, backyard, lounge room floor.

Over time our office space has become an unused space holding our large three drawer filing cabinet, a massive desk, wireless printer and a whole lot of junk.  It was just not a practical place to store bills, budgets, mail and calendars.  Hence, the birth of…

The Organisation Station

The numbers and arrows in this picture show the order or system which we use to keep track of everything.  You can read more about this HERE.

Basically this area consisted of 4 main components.

1. A Bills Clipboard.  

Once mail is opened any bills are recorded on the claendar inside the Family Finance Folder and then placed on the bills clipboard.  As money comes in we check the clipboard to see what needs to be paid next.

2. The Family Finance Folder 

This folder is divided into common categories and acts a storage file for bills paid and receipts.  Inside the cover is a calendar where we record when bills due.  This is the single best thing we have done to manage the paper in our house!

3. The School File It Folder.

This is a similar folder but for all the paperwork associated with having a child at school! We have since moved this folder out of this area and established a “School Station” so that all school times Hats, bags, folders etc stay together!

4. The Family Calendar and Whiteboard

This is where we record and store family appointments, rosters, invitations, community notices.  It helps having them all in one central place easy for everyone to view.

With an effective systme in place it is easy to use a small space to help control the endless paper control that comes, well form just living!

How do you control the paper clutter in your life?  

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