Organising My Wardrobe ~ Part One

I hope you are sitting down….my name is Larissa and this is my wardrobe. Don’t judge.

Ok so it could be worse.  It was.  This is an after before photo.  You know the kind where you are half way through the job and realise you didn’t take a before pic! This wardrobe is all kinds of messy.  But you get an idea of the layout.  It’s not perfect but pretty good.  We have long hanging space (in the middle) short hanging space and shelf (under the window on the left) and shelves (on the right).  To the left of this picture is almost the same layout but for “his” stuff.  My side is suffering.

It has been diagnosed with the following problems;

1. Overfull.  This wardrobe has a nasty habit of holding on to stuff. Ok so it might not be the wardrobes problem but no one is playing the blame game here.  It is FULL of clothes that are past their style used by date, don’t fit and need mending.

2. Mismatched hangers and baskets.  Basically the system is find a hanger or find a space and throw it in.

3. No labels. Baskets that aren’t labelled which results in a “rummage” for clothes.  I can never find anything I am looking for and over time undewear has ended up with socks and swimwear with the stockings.

4. Folding.  Is just not happening.  I am sorting but just into piles.

So I am honest.  I know what my problems are and now I am going to fix them!

Step 1.  Purge and Sort.

I gave away a LOT of clothes.  Most of it was things that no longer fitted (damn that baby weight) and things that quite frankly should have never been bought.  I am an ebay procrastinator so this wasn’t an option for me.  I gave a select few items away to friends but most is destined for our local charity store.  The best things about this part were the discoveries!  I actually had more clothes that are wearable for this winter than I thought!! 

Step 2. Hang.  

I bought packs of black plastic hangers 12 for $3 from Kmart.  I now have matching hangers!!!  Of course I would more gorgeous looking wooden hangers but that wasn’t in the budget.  Baby steps.  Step 1 and 2,  took me one day.  I don’t have an ace team of organisers surprising me with their expertise.  But I do have kids. I am realistic.  They are great distractions.  This was going to take time.   But I was prepared to do it!

Step 3. More purging and sorting!

So by this stage we are now onto Day 2.  Time to attack the other wall of my wardrobe.  The photo above is where I store socks, underwear, swimwear, stockings, the little things! This also had to be purged and sorted.  They were a mess!  Because these are on a high shelf and unlabelled I have not been able to see what is in them!  This has not helped my morning getting ready for work process!Step 4. Folding.

 I had some crudely folded piles of sort of sorted tops.  This was a great nap time actvity!  Just me, my clothes, my flipfold and a daytime movie!  Would it be wrong to say it was actually kind of enjoyable?

So that is the end of Day 2.  

I have clothes that are purged, sorted, hung, containerised and folded!  

Not bad progress I say…..but wait there’s more…a whole other day worth….stay tuned...