8 Perfect Paint Recipes from Pinterest

There are some VERY clever Mums out there on the Interwebz.  Unlike me who has been a teacher for a long time and a mum, they have manage to fine tune the most amazing “Homemade Paint” recipes!   




This one comes from Kidspot. It is perfect for using on the driveway, footpath, concrete or pavers. The paint is an unusual fizzy consistency that the kids go crazy over! It is easy to wash off and can be made with things you probably already have in your cupboard!



Who wouldn’t love glow in the dark paint! If you are looking for ANY kids craft ideas, Growing a Jeweled Rose is the blog to go to! You can buy flurescent paint but glow in the dark paint works best for this. Besides the glowing ingredient everything else you will be able to find right at home.


Source: kiboomu.com via Larissa on Pinterest




Years ago I bought some ice cube trays from ikea that were a long cylinder shape. They were intended to be able to be used to stir your drink with the ice cube, but i have found a different use… Bath Crayons! We LOVED bath crayons but unfortunately the black and blue got into the grout and has stayed their ever since. These are easily made, much cheaper and cleaner too.




I LOVE THIS PAINT. It is a staple in our paint collection as it is so easy to make and use. A tip is to use it on cardboard or buy some art paper books that have a thicker cartridge paper in them. We bought squeeze bottles from Riot Art and Craft but sauce bottles from your local discount store work just as well.



When I say edible, it really mean non toxic. This recipe uses items from the kitchen cupboard, so although not tasty it is totally safe for accidental finger suckers. Finger painting is brilliant for fine motor strengthening and I have to say, besides the mess, I find something soothing about finger painting. Finger paint on some plastic sheeting (available by the metre at Spotlight) and then “print” their creation onto a piece of paper by laying it on top!



I haven’t attempted this one yet as I am still trying to figure out what corn syrup would be equivalent to here in Australia. We love watercolour paints mainly for the easy clean up factor. They dont stain, last forever, and give the most beautiful effect especially over the top of a drawing.


Source: havingfunathomeblog.blogspot.com via Larissa on Pinterest

This is the first paint recipe I ever made! It was such a favourite with my Preschool class it saw many reincarnations. Green St Patricks Day paint, Red Christmas paint….the list goes on. Once again I love this recipe for it ease of creation and clean up. The kids go ga ga over this. It feels so nice in their little hands! Best bit is you can even play with it in the bath. The main ingredient is shaving cream. The cheaper the better I say. Just make sure you buy Shaving CREAM, not shaving GEL. Yes I am speaking from experience!



This one is not for the littlies. Chalkboard paint can get quite expensive but not if you make it yourself. All the ingredients for this recipe can be found at the local hardware store. This is great for reusing and repurposing household items or would be great for mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift making at school. Or even for some decorating projects around the house!

You can find all of the original links underneath each image. These blogs are ALL AMAZING! So what paint are you keen to try first? Have a recipe to share?

Storing the Soft Toys ~ Pinspiration

As part of our playroom transformation we are looking for ideas on how to creatively and effectively store the massive pile of soft toys!  Besides sending them out for adoption to some other kind families, we have come up with nothing!  So of course it was off to “Pinterest” for some Pinspiration! 

I love this one as it is cheap, effective, stylish and moveable!!!  I love anything on castors as it makes cleaning up and playing easier and more flexible! Source: google.com via Larissa on Pinterest

I recently saw something exactly like this at Howards Storage world in gorgeous pastel pink colours!  Too big for our room but if you had the space it is brilliant!

Just have to cull them to use this clever idea.  You could even use wooden or plastic buckets!  By putting them up on the wall it also becomes part of the design and not just storage!

Source: rosebudscottage.typepad.com via Larissa on Pinterest

Another amazing idea that I have seen other Mummy’s create in their playroom!  A hanging planter basket drilled onto the wall is a perfect size for soft toys! I am pretty sure I have seen this in “Lime Tree Kids” playroom!

Source: centsationalgirl.com via Larissa on Pinterest

Well this playroom is divine on all counts but those hanging baskets would be perfect!  A size larger and a little lower this would be a great solution for us!  Or even hanging them vertically with big kids toys on top and babies toys on the bottom!

Source: nietylkodzieciaki.pl via Larissa on Pinterest

So what do you think? Which idea would work for you?

January Organising Challenge ~ Part 2 ~ Inspiration

 During the week I wrote about IDENTIFYING a space in your home that needed some organisation and love.  In particular that little place that your sheets and towels call home! That my friends is the easy part!  Now, with your brave hat on, have a really good look at the area and….. IDENTIFY what is the problem? That’s right I forgot to tell you that Step 1 has 2 parts to it!

Does it just need tidying?  

Is it over full and you are in need of more space?

 Is it a disaster zone that hasn’t been touched in years that needs sorting, culling AND reorganising?

For me my linen and towel cupboards  have three problems;

1.  It just looks generally messy as nothing has been folded properly or organised into piles. (FOLDING/SORTING)

2. It starts off looking ok but quickly disolves into a mess as I am never sure which size sheets are which (LABELLING)

3. The kids towels get a bit crazy as they get into them and just grab from the too high pile spilling the rest of them all over the floor! (SORTING and SYSTEMS)

Now that I have IDENTIFIED the problems, I can start thinking about some possible solutions.  The most common problems are;

Space. Do you really NEED everything that is in the cupboard?  Could some towels and sheets be relegated to the bin pile?  Does everything have to be in this cupboard?  Maybe there are some items that could find a home elsewhere?

Folding/Sorting. If you only do one thing, sort.  Well actually sort and fold.  Put like items together.  Fold them so they are a similar shape and size so they look neat and tidy.  This little tidy makes all the difference to your space.

Storage.  Although folding and sorting helps sometimes there is just soo much stuff that you need the assistance of baskets, dividers or containers to keep everything in it’s place.  Storage could also mean storing rarely used items like winter bedding into containers and moving them to another location like an attic, ceiling cavity or garage.

Labelling.  If your cupboard starts off tidy but never lasts that way maybe you need labels.  Label the shleves, baskets anything to help your sheets return to their right space and find that items you are looking for without going through everything!

Systems.  There is no method to the madness!  You need to establish some systems when it comes to the space.  For me it is separating the towels so that adults and children’s towels are in different places.  I am also going to move the children’s towels and washers to a lower space where they can grab them easily without rummaging through the whole pile!

Now that I have thought about all of that I need some INSPIRATION!  My favourite part!

Step 2. Inspiration.

I use Pinterest to search for solutions to my organising problems.  I simply type in problem in the search engine and reveal a wealth of images that may help solve my problem!

Labels.  I love that these labels look so much nicer than the ones I make with the labelmaker!  Oh and how neat are those dividers between the towels!

How to fold towels so that they are neat and tidy!  This is just too clever!

You have to check out this easy way to fold fitted sheets so that they are neat and tidy!

This is a brilliant way to store sheets so they all stay grouped together!

For these and many more clever organising ideas check out my PINTEREST boards.

With the problem identified and some inpsirational solutions on hand….it’s time to get to work!

What are your problems with sheets and towels?

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The Elf on The Shelf ~ A Joyful Christmas Tradition

The Elf on The Shelf is a Christmas Tradition.  I could give you a long winded explanantion about him but basically, this cheeky little elf appears in children’s homes in the lead up to Christmas.  He finds himself some adventures, always leaving a little clue as to what he has been up to while the children are sleeping.  Some clever “Elf on The Shelf” participants even leave notes, photographs, emails and videos all igniting the joy and wonder of Christmas.  

Of course you can buy the authentic “Elf on The Shelf” which comes packaged with a story about the little guy. Or you could just do what I do and just buy your own little elf from a dollar store!

Not all elves have to be cheeky!  Some may do good deeds, or imitate parts of the nativity story, or just leave little notes encouraging children to do good deeds.  It is you elf and your family!  Oh and don’t forget to give him/her a name!  Here’s what some cheeky elves have been up to! 

Paint your childs nose red in the night!

A fishing elf with a candy cane fishing rod

All wrapped up!

Reading a "toy story"

Baking reindeer cookies

A few drinks and games with the boys

Vanity elf has replaced all the family pictures with pictures of himself!

Ready for some Christmas shopping? This elf is in Mummy's Bag!


A slipper race!

Attempting to be crafty!

Hanging by a thread!

To view these clever Mummy created ideas and many, many more elf ideas check out


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5 Kids Paints You Can Make At Home

Making paint at home is as easy as diving into your pantry.  Yep, the pantry comes to rescue play time yet again.

Try these 5 simple paints to make at home!

Edible Finger Paint ~ Our Best Bites

DIY - Watercolours ~ Lilac Shilhouette

Puff Paint ~ Delaware County Moms

Chalkboard Paint Image ~ The Idea Room and Recipe ~ Martha Stewart

Sparkly Salt Paint ~ Erin Shakespear

 Master O has only one day of Kindy this week so we will be doing lots of painting at home!  First on our list will definitely be the Puff Painting!  Pinterest is not just good for inspiration but can lead you to a whole web of child friendly activities!

For more pantry play ideas click HERE

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