Creating a Kids Craft Space

Remember our Anatomy of a Playroom?


One of our first priorites was establishing an “Art Space”  well this space would more be like a painting, gluing, constructing, displaying, drawing, writing space.  

 That is one long shopping list of “wants”.  We do not have an endless budget so we had to use as much of what we had, as possible!  We spent another $30.   

Repurposed items + $30 at IKEA = ………

A Children’s Craft Space

The Details. Top to Bottom

Magnetic Whiteboard. IKEA – SPONTAN – Magnetic Whiteboard – $19.95 

I wanted somewhere I could put up our magnetic letters and numbers.  Also I wnated it to be a whiteboard so I could write Master O’s sightwords on it.  I am also hoping to use it as an inspiration board

Craft Jars with Lids.  IKEA – I can’t find these on the website but I think it was 3 jars for $6.99.  They are in the Kitchen section.

 These are actually intended to be spice jars!  They now hold sequins, googly eyes and pompoms.  The sorts of things I need to keep away from little fingers and mouths!  They have a mganetic base so attach easily to the board.

Art Display Line.  IKEA – DIGNITET – Curtain wire – $14.99 –

We already had this but it was on a different wall and twice as long.  It got so loaded up with artwork that it started to pull out of the wall.  So we hope by making it shorter we will stop this form happening!  It comes with little hook clips that hold the artwork.  We also had some “Plastic Pockets” that used to hang on it that have mysteriously dissapeared!

Storage rail with buckets. IKEA – BYGEL – rail – $2.99 – containers – $1.99

We already had something like this inplace but with less buckets no basket and much shorter.  It was hard to reach both sides whilst sitting at the table.  Now a child can sit on each side and still access a bucket!  The buckets left to right contain.  Paintbrushes, crayons, pencils, school supplies (lead pencils, eraser, sharpener, glue stick, name card).

Themed Basket.  IKEA – BYGEL – Wire Basket – $2.99

This is a new idea I have had!  We are all sick of doing the same “drawing” activities.  Master O has had a new wave of enthusiasm about “drawing” and I desperately wanted to harness it and explore it!  So…. each week I intend to put some new materials in this basket!  This week it has been “crayon rubbing” so leaves, coins, dominoes, rubbing plates anything that would make a good “impression” on the paper.  I find if its out and easily accessible we will use it!  

Table and Chairs.  I had these made for me before Master O was even born and I used to have it in my classroom.  I love that it can comfortably fit 5-6 children at it even when it is up against the wall!  I also love that it is on wheels which means we can take our activities outside!  

We chose this particular space in our playroom as it gets heaps of natural light AND is close to our TROFAST unit which now houses more craft supplies (more about that in another post)  

So what do you think?  Do you have any ideas as to what I can add? 

The Anatomy of a Playroom

Yes we have a playroom.  Yes we know we are lucky to have a designated space, for all things play.  Yes we use it A LOT.  The kids practically live in this room.  They play in it, do homework in it, read in it and destroy it daily.  Over the years it has “grown” with the needs and interests of “My Pigeon Pair”.  


Then two months ago I noticed something.  “My Pigeon Pair” were no longer “playing” in the playroom.  It was being used to “store” toys but they had lost interest in “using” the space.  We had a problem.  They had changed.  The playroom hadn’t.  They had outgrown its use.  We needed to change the rooms layout, contents and workspaces to suit there new abilities and interests.  After a lot of discussing and pondering we had this…..

When designing and creating a space for your children it pays to really look at what THEY do.  All the fancy pictures of playrooms are great inspiration but it has to be a space to suit the interests, abilities and ages of YOUR children!

In case you have been living under a rock Master O started school this year.  With this huge change has come an even bigger change in the way he “plays”.  He wants to read, write, draw, learn and build.  He needs a space designed for creating and displaying.  His lego collection has suddenly started to explode and he is no longer interested in his fisher price sets.

Little Miss A copies everything her brother does.  She loves to draw and read.  But she also loves to “play house”  anything involving baby dolls!  

 Over the coming weeks (hopefully it’s not months!) we will be rearranging, re purposing and reorganising this integral space in our home.  We are desperately trying to use what we have and not spend MORE money on creating a space we will use, play in and LOVE!