Pottery Barn Opens in Australia

I have always loved shopping, I mean always.  I don’t spend a lot of money.  I like to think I am a savvy shopper.  If you have been around this blog long enough you will know I buy things I love.  Even if it is from a thrift store, second hand market or dollar store.  Sometimes I dont even buy, I just love to make mental wish lists, browse the stores, admire the window displays, circle the catalogues.  

Which brings me to Pottery Barn.  For years I have coveted EVERYTHING pottery barn.  Firstly thorugh catalogues sent to me by very kind friends in the states.  Then online and when they would not ship I began parcel forwarding.  Last year I was finally able to take them up on their international shipping.  My favourites were the bed linen, office and organising pieces and of course the SEASONAL DECOR! 

When I found out that a Pottery Barn would be making its way to our shores, I squealed with excitement, literally!  No more International Shipping Rates! No more disappointment at the online checkout to find out that the item doesn’t ship Internationally.  I was going to go INSIDE A POTTERY BARN store and experience it all for myself. 

I started making plans of when and how I would get to Sydney to see the Bondi Store. 

Then in the mail came my very own INVITATION, selaed with wax, to the PREVIEW of all four Williams Sonoma owned stores.

The rest is history.  I booked those flights as quick as I could.  Started making wish lists and pinched myself more than once.

The store did not disappoint.  Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn kids are next to each other and share some floor space.  The store is spread over two levels and the merchandising feels as if you have walked into a luxurious coastal chic home. I wished to just take whole spaces and transport them into my own home.  Even the stores gorgeous dark timber floors and white cabinetry had me drooling.

Now I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


The cushions, the rugs, the bedding, the seaside decor and all that glass, beige and blue!
These photos are so blurry as I couldn’t stand still for long enough.  There was just so much to look at.  Just when I thought I found something I loved, I would find soemthing I loved even more.  I regret I didnt buy more, and wish I had of gone in with a better plan of what I would buy as all that shiny gorgeousness was so distracting.
I just couldn’t believe, that after all this time struggling to find decor items that are my style and suit my homes colour palette, I was now in a store with an abundance of perfection.  I seriously could have grabbed anything in Pottery Barn and it would be a perfect fit for our style and life style.  The fabrics are washable and durable.  The furniture classic, functional and solid.  The prices are comparable to most big box Australian furniture stores.  They offer FREE in home design consultations and for $99 will deliver your furniture in Sydney, assemble it and take away the rubbish.  
The negatives…..just two…
1. It is in SYNDEY!  I havent quite figured out the furniture shipping costs to Brisbane, but I don’t think it will be cheap.  Decor, bed linen etc,  though ships from as little as $12.95!!!!!
2. They don’t stock the complete range.  I am assured the range will expand as they settle in but I couldn’t find the Recharge Station (I know you were all looking for that!) or the Daily System (for Office Organisation).  They also didn’t have those anchors I wanted or that bedside lamp for Master O’s room.  I actually hadn’t stopped to think that because of the different Australian standards (for electrical and plumbing) items such as vanities or lamps will be hard for them to stock. 
BUT THEY ARE HERE!!!!!  POTTERY BARN IS IN AUSTRALIA! If nothing else they are going to change the face of Australian Retail Homewares and challenge the competition to listen to their customers, expand their ranges, offer better in store service and online experiences.   Let’s just hope they are listening. 

A New Addition

I bet that title had you wondering if we were adding to our family?  

No, I am afraid my baby making days are over.  

But I have just been welcomed into a new family…

A few weeks ago I was asked to become a part of an amazing family.  


Williams Sonoma Inc encompasses the three dreamy American homewares stores – West Elm, Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn Kids.  I am joining some incredibly inspiring Australian bloggers to share with our readers all that is Williams Sonoma.  


The FIRST AUSTRALIAN stores open in Bondi Junction on May 2nd.  But never fear they will also have online shopping! I am predicting we will  see Melbourne and Brisbane openings, sooner rather than later.

Can you believe it?  I have shopped at Pottery Barn for years!  First via parcel forwarding and then by paying international shipping prices, just to have a little piece of their gorgeous range in my own home.  I have a rather empty suitcase I will be taking with me to Sydney, that will hopefully return VERY full! 

I will be posting a whole heap of photos from the Launch Event on May 1st.  


#PotteryBarnAus or #mppPotteryBarn

on Instagram for all the divine finds!

Nautical Inspired Boys Room

Master O loves the water. The ocean, the lake, the river, the pool. Where there is water, you will find him.  Probably helps that he is an Aquarius.  Remember his “Fishing/Sailing” birthday party?  Yep his choice of theme.

Over the last year I have been planning on updating his room.  So naturally we are going for a “Nautical” theme! His current bedroom has been the same since he moved in there, straight out of the cot!  But as things often go in this house it has been a long process of planning, collecting and creating.

Then last month a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT reinspired me….


In fact the entire Williams-Sonoma company is coming! For those new players,  Williams Sonoma includes, Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. Yep 4 amazing homewares stores all opening right here! Well in Bondi to be exact. So I have featured many a Pottery Barn product before but now it’s time to really start making some “realistic” shopping wish lists!  Of course with a quick browse of a catlogue or two (I have been collecting these with previous orders!) I have some inspiration…

This is my inspiration for the first wall of his room.  He currently doesn’t have a bedside table.  He has a set of MALM drawers from Ikea that is doing double duty as clothes storage and a bedside table.  I love the lines of this Hampton Bedside Table (1). More imporantly I love it’s size, perfect for our small space.  It’s practical with room for a book basket below and a drawer to keep treasured belongings hidden form a certain little sisters prying hands.

(2) Fisherman Table Lamp: The is ideal for bedside reading. He is now old enough to read by himself a little before going to bed and this lamp is sturdy, cute and looks like its ready to light your way to the shore.  

Ok so I already have the oar hooks but you can never have enough hooks in a room.  These anchor hooks(3) will be perfect for hanging the next days outfit on, school hat and library/pe bag! I am always looking for ways to creatively organise children!

The bedspread (4) is actually a coverlet. Oh how I LOVE a coverlet!  No more doona chasing and lumpy beds. It makes it so easy for the kids to make the beds themselves and always looks neat and tidy.  This one was from Spotlight, it’s only flaw was that it only came in a Single Bed size.  I usually buy a size bigger to give the bed extra coverage.  But I loved the colours and it was a great transition between the “Airplane” bedroom and the “Nautical” bedroom. the BONUS was his Nonna bought it for him for Christmas.

As for the other wall.  It is currently big and bare.  I would like to transform it into a space to play and display. These are the MALM drawers I mentioned (1).  I would love to declutter the top and replace all the knick knacks and abandoned lego projects withhave an elegant personalised sailboat (2).  I know that Master O would go crazy over this boat especially as it would have his name on it! This is the kind of item that would outlast any current interior phases.  I can imagine it in his room forever! I am just kicking myself it wasn’t in Australia in time for his birthday! Maybe a Christmas present?

I haven’t hung any pictures on his walls!  He has a few in frames on top of the drawers but I would love to add three very simple wooden frames on.  The ones pictured are Espresso Gallery Frames(3) from PB Kids and they are under $10!

The sailboat bookshelf (4) was another Reject Shop score!  I fell in love with this sometime last year and it has been holding little knick knacks of Master O’s.  I have had it on top of the Malm drawers (it was too big) in a corner of the room (it kept getting knocked over) and now it just sits there!  I have plans of hanging it from the wall as a display area for his little treasures and collections. If you love it I have noticed some Reject shops still have some limited stock and it comes in varying sizes and nautical colours.

I have been searching for a vintage oar (5) for a year.  We live on a lake and Master O loves to watch the people rowing by.  He begs to go out, but I am waiting until he is a stronger swimmer.  Then a few weeks ago on one of many Reject Shop visits I found this little beauty!  A vintage styled oar, in great colours and even better it serves a double purpose with its hooks, great for well, hanging things! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE these chevron canvas collapsible storage boxes (6).  Would you believe they come in aqua?! You know they will be on my list. I can see a playroom expedit full of them in my future!  But for Master O’s room a dash of Navy Chevron is in order! We recently removed Master O’s 4×2 expedit unit from his room to use in our Launch Pad.  It was too big for his room and wasn’t be used.  I would love to replace it with this smaller 2×2 Expedit unit (7).  It has just enough room to store lego, books and matchbox cars all containerised in those gorgeous chevron totes!

Speaking of storage…..the large canvas rugby tote (8) is perfect for the bulkier items or even as a laundry basket!  I loved the navy and white but am thinking a dash of red will liven up the space.

So the planning, dreaming and wishing has begun!  So humour me people, for I can see a lot of decorating and inspiration posts coming your way!

So who is as excited as I am?  What is on your Pottery Barn wish list?  

 I have in now way been paid for this post. I am just super excited about this new store and  been dreaming of actually shopping instead of cataloguing! I know you will be too!