The PROJECT LIFE Storage Carry All

Ok so that is a really long blog post title.  But their were just not enough words to express how much I love my new storage for “Project Life.”  You can read all about what Project Life is HERE I warn you though, it will change your life!!!

This project was on my To Do List!  After Our massive throw all space declutter I got read of all my other scrapbooking pieces!  Yes you read it right “Project Life” remains but scrapbooking has gone!  Don’t worry I didn’t throw all those paper goodies out I kindly donated it to my classroom!  There will be some very lovely collaged pictures coming home this year! Since my new Project Life Kit arrived in January I have been struggling to find the right storage solution  for all the bits and pieces.  Last year I stored them in a small plastic container but this year I had two kits to try and contain!!!  It has been living in the throw all space but that had to change.

When in doubt of how to store something…….HEAD TO IKEA!

A warning first…..before going to IKEA be prepared and know exactly what you want! I needed

  • Something sturdy with dividers
  • ONE container that could hold lots of bits and pieces
  • Something easy enough to move from one place to another 
  • A solution that was practical but looked good too!

…..and there it was!  In the kitchen department.  A Cutlery Tray.  Dividers, a handle, large enough to hold everything and small enough to carry!  PERFECT! So drum roll please…..

It is so perfect!  The front divider is big enough for photos, the back one for the larger cards and the sides for journalling cards!  I could even fit my stamp pad and pen! I finally have an organised, practical and inexpensive place to store the memory making kit that has changed our lives!

Project Life – ‘Pin’spiration

As the end of January approaches it is time for me to get started on our 2012 “Project Life” album.  That’s right it is only January and I am already behind!  This rainy weather definitely helps with the motivation to get started!  So today my “Pinspiration” is all about “Project Life”!!!

 A goregous yellow layout to get me started!  Love the fabric swatches!

Some colourful “positive” quotes to print off and have ready for a rainy day!

I had no idea that there were so many journaling cards on the web that you can print at home!

Words can not express how much I LOVE this idea!  Storing random receipts so one day we can look back and put the current ridiculous price of groceries in perspective!  Could meat really get any more expensive?

These word cut outs are such a great idea and really motivating me to literally get outside my little white box this year and add some embellishments to our album!

Ok so that one’s not from Pinterest!  It’s our Great Wall of IKEA!  But can you spy our Project Life albums?  Can you guess what colour we went with?

So are you a “Project Lifer”?

Or do you have no idea what I am talking about?

In the coming weeks I hope to explain it all to the newbies!

Linking up with my Sunday FAVOURITES! 

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