The School File It Folder

Before the new school year has even begun, my house is rapidly filling with 2014 paperwork! With a child starting Kindy for the first time we have a mountain of lists, notes and forms that all need coralling and controlling.  Lucky for this mumma I am now somewhat experienced in containing school paper clutter.  

When Master O first started school I needed a quick and easy solution to filing and contianing the paper that came home with him.  SO I created…..

School Folder 

Step 1. Gather Your Supplies

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 6.47.43 AM

I found these cute coloured “Marbig – Vivid” folders at Big W!

You will need

  •  A4 Ring Binder (one with an insertable cover and spine works best for decorating! )
  • Extra wide Tabbed Dividers
  • Plastic Pockets
  • Scrapbook Paper (Optional)
  • Labelmaker (Optional)

Step 2. Create a Cover

School File It Folder

School File It Folder

You will be looking at this folder a LOT, so why not make it pretty!  Little Mis A chose a cute sheet of Scrapbooking Paper from Spotlight.  12 x 12 Scrapbooking paper makes the perfect cover as it the perfect size!  

Cut about 3 cm’s off one side to create the front cover and use the offcut for the spine!  Add the date and your child’s name and your ready to go!

Step 3. Create Dividers

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 8.16.48 AM

The dividers are whats make this folder functional.  Extra Wide tabbed dividers work the best as you can still view the tabs when the folder is closed making access easy.  Although we have had a school folder before the same sections didnt really apply to Kindy.  Some ideas are

  • Calendars and Rosters
  • Class Notes
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Lists (Uniform/Books etc)
  • Newsletters
  • Fees
  • Receipts
  • Certificates/Awards
  • Photos
  • Reports
  • Artwork
  • Special Days (Excursions/Celebrations)

If you are creating a folder for school you might also want to add sections for;

  • Tuckshop
  • Excursions/Camps
  • Specialist Lessons 

Simply use a labelmaker (or your neatest handwriting!) to create labels for each divider tabs.

Step 4.  Fill!

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 6.47.55 AM

I use post it notes to help categorise the papers I already have. Then simply amke a divider for each category!

Time to say goodbye to the random paper piles! Firstly fill each category with plenty of plastic pockets, you dont want to be searching for more half way through the year.  Now categorise your papers and start adding!

Step 5. Extras.

I also add a large clear plastic envelope with velcro closure into the front.  I keep all of the kids name labels inside it!  I am also on the hunt for some specific “certificate” plastic pockets!

End Of The Year.

At the end of the year, I go through the folder and cull whatever we no longer need and add reports and any other end of year extras to create a School Memory Folder.  It is so nice to be able to grab a folder and look through everything your child has accomplished and experienced during the school year! I have even thought about creating a Project Life school album with all the folders contents! 

Be warned having a folder doesnt ensure you will always be on top of the paper pile!  You need a system! 


First there is a system. 

  1. READ. Check for notes DAILY.  Check bags, lunchboxes, communication books and if you can the school website.
  2. WRITE. Write down ALL DATES immediately.  We write them on our family calendar and in my Erin Condren Life Planner.  Be sure to write in your diary a) when the note needs returning AND b) when the event is taking place.
  3. ACT. What do you need to with this information?
  • Does it need returning?  If it does, fill it out and put it back in their school bag immediately!
  • Do you need it for future reference?  File it away in your “SCHOOL FILE IT FOLDER”
  • Do you need to tell anybody else about the event?
  • Organise different pick up arrangements or a day off work?

 And now you are ORGANISED!

You have a storage place and a system to help you manage the school paper clutter! 

Bright Futures

The time has come people.  We have busied ourselves enough over the school holidays, in an attempt to avoid over thinking and the massive inevitable flurry of emotions we are about to face.

Tomorrow, Master O starts at his new school.  He is the most sociable, confident and friendly child you will meet.   Stop at the lights long enough and he is waving at the children in the car next to him.  He is constantly stopping to chat to friends at the shops that he played with once for 5 minutes, last year, in a random playground somewhere. Walk past our house and he will introduce himself and tell you his life story.  But still I am worried.  Will he feel safe and comfortable?  Will he be upset when we leave? Will somebody play with him at lunch time? Is now the right time to move him?  Have we made the right decision?

The hardest part of this decision was that he was perfectly happy at his old school.  It was a good school, but in the long term, for him and for his sister, we needed more.  We know in the long term that he is simply going to flourish there.  It is a perfect fit for him.  It “gets” boys.  He will have space and time to run and be active, activities to help him learn by seeing and doing and feeling, and  more individual attention (he only has 15 children in his class, with an almost full time aide!)  

I changed schools, four times during primary school.  I dont recall ever being upset, just a little nervous and a whole heap excited.  He says he is excited, all those new people to meet, and playgrounds to explore and toys to play with and of course THAT POOL.   As yet it hasnt fazed him.  I have everything riding on the fact that he is young.  Young enough to take it all in his stride, to adapt quickly, to soak it all up.  

And me?  How will I adapt?  That, I am sure, will be harder.  I leave the most amazing bunch of school mums behind.  We were friends before our children went to school together and will continue to be friends.  But now we dont have any one to send a quick message to, to ask if it coloured clothes day, or if they could wait with him for a few minutes whilst we are stuck in traffic.  They were completely accepting of us, and our lives revolved around a constant stream of playdates in the park, birthday parties and coffees filled with gossip.  Will the new Mums be the same?  

So many unknowns, so many expectations and dreams and concerns and questions. But oh so much hope and faith.  Faith in the school, faith in him, faith in us, faith in serendipity and the way everything just came together…..

and that this is just the beginning of a very bright future. 


Get Learning in the School Holidays!

One of the most exciting parts of being a blogger is being given the opportunity to write for other blogs and websites.  Last month I officially became a regular contributor to the Mum’s Business Website.

Mum’s Business is “an online community for mums, proudly supported by It’s a place where you can connect with other mums, share stories, trade tips and ideas. Mum’s Business is also full of clever ways to make and save money, helping you discover interesting ways to finance the fun things in life.”

This week I am over at Mum’s Business sharing some ideas on ways to fill these school holidays or any day with educational, inexpensive and fun activities for your children at home.

Get into the garden, get out the blocks and craft and get learning!

My Tips To An

Educated Holiday

Things I know ~ About Finishing Kindy.

First Day at Kindy 2011

I know that I cried on my sons last day of Kindy and I am afraid that was two days ago and I am still sad.  I know that this means that I chose the right Kindy all those months ago.  I know he loved it not because of the resources, equipment or location but because of the people.  They were patient, gentle, nurturing, fair and fun.  When you walked in those doors you felt welcomed, supported and appreciated.  I know that as a parent that was what was really important.

First Day at Kindy 2011

I know that my son was accepted for every little bit of person he is.  They never forced him to do anything or to become anything he didnt want to be.  He was given the opportunity to explore activities and friendships with such a wide range of people and things that he too has become accepting of all people regardless of their interests or abilities.

I wonder if they will have polka dot aprons at School?

I know that the end of Kindy is the end of so many things.  No more plain clothes to pick out in the morning.  No more sitting and trying to get him to do some craft with me.  No more being able to let Little Miss A wander around and grab every baby doll out of the place and gather them at my feet.  No more tap, tap as little hands hammer little nails sitting at little tables and little chairs.  No more veggie gardens and mud pits. No more midday sleeps with sheet sets and stretcher beds. No more flexible schedules picking your child up at any time between 2 and 2.30.  No more weekdays home with his Mummy.

Even Tricksy the Elf got to go to Kindy!

I know that this means the start of a new adventure, School.  I know that this has me anxious, nervous and no where near as excited as I thought I would be.  I know that so many new things all at once has ME loosing sleep, forget about how he feels.  I know that such a wonderful kindy expereince has left me with such high expectations to match when it comes to school.  

The Last Day…Green Crafty Hands saying good bye!

I know that he will survive and thrive at school.  I know that he is soooo ready for something new and challenging.  I know that he will be tired maybe even exhausted by the new full time schedule but that his little mind and body will cope and more than ever he NEEDS this.  I know that the tears have only just begun.  I will be one of those mothers crying in the car n the first day next year.  But I know there will also be many more smiles, stories, and moments of pride and joy.  

I know I better start stockpiling the tissues.

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