A Christmas Station

Every spare space in our home has been overflowing with Christmas paraphenalia! Christmas cards, labels, calendars, craft and lists.  Remember our organisation station

I still had a second one of these clever IKEA storage boxes, so it’s time to get this Christmas sorted and create a “Christmas” station.

So I am now keeping pens, sticky tape, Christmas Cards, stamps, address labels, craft books, stickers and lists all in one place!  On the clipboard folder I have two calendars, a gift list and christmas card list.  I ended up using two calendars.  One for gift buying, christmas events, functions, parties, holiday bookings etc.  The second one for our Advent Activities and Elf on the shelf.  At last one place for all things Christmas!  

I am hoping to make this little station a permanent fixture in our house.  A space to keep our seasonal bits and pieces under control.  Back to School, Easter, Birthdays.  I think it will be getting a lot of use!

Only two days to go! Please vote!