The Anatomy of A Playroom ~ Education Baskets

By now you will know that I have a little problem called “SCO” or

Storage Container Obsession.  

If it is a basket, tin, bucket, container I want it, I need it,


In our playroom I had a few neglected baskets that were being used to hold educational items.   This was an area I really wanted to fix during our latest Playroom Project.

There it is second from the bottom!  Well it also counts as Open labeled storage!  These baskets contain workbooks, games, flashcards, reference books etc.  I need them to be 

  • away from little hands
  • sturdy baskets to hold bulky items
  • baskets that aren’t too high so I can easily see what is in them
  • four identical baskets (just to look pretty!)
Here is what they looked like before….
They are right up the back on the top shelf of the Expedit unit!  Can you see them amongst the mess!  But look …the kids  are playing in the playroom!
The baskets are breaking apart, too small and of all different sizes and colours!  I don’t even know what is in them anymore!
So out everything came!  At the top of the picture you can see I found these great sturdy, perfect size, plastic baskets at “The Reject Shop” for $4 each!!!
I sorted everything into four categories
  1. Literacy
  2. Numeracy
  3. Flashcards and Activity Cards
  4. Games
And here they are!!!!  They are working perfectly AND I found things I had forgotten I had!!! Soon I will share with you exactly what is in each of these baskets!
 But first I need to go and make some labels for them!!!
Do you have “SCO”? Maybe we could start our own support group?

The Photo File – Storing Photo CD’s

 Memories….like the corners of my mind, misty water coloured memories of the way we were…..  and just like the song lyrics my memories were scattered pictures.  

Well scattered and piled and thrown into groups together in the throw all space under our staircase. You see I am a hoarder. I am constantly fighting my addiction to keeping things.  All kinds of things but mainly memories.  Problem is I can find a memory associated with anything.  That 5 year old baby wrap?  My baby boy was wrapped in it on the way home from the hospital.  That cute dress?  Little Miss A wore it for her first easter.  Some things are just worth keeping.  One of the most precious ways we keep these memories is with photos.  I say precious, because they really are, but that’s not how I was treating them.  Here they are the poor mistreated memories…

Lets just call it the leaning tower of photos.  They were not labbeled, not in covers, literally years of memories just piled up without a care in the world.  But I do care!  I want those memories forever!  This was one of those projects that I knew would take more time than any other project.  But without the time put in now these memories could be lost for eternity.

Step 1.  Gather up ALL the discs.  One by one view what is on them.  This was going to be distracting.  I fought it.  Armed with my labelmaker and some clear disc cases.  I labelled each disc and each case, with Date and Event.  It is important to label both so they always find their way home! Needless to say…this took forever!

Step 2. I now have a labelled and semi organised pile of discs!!!!  I just need somewhere to store them!  I found this divine “CD” Storage box at Kikki K and it was 20% OFF!

Kikki K CD Storage Box – Cloth

 Step 3.  You could just place the labelled CD’s into the box put I wanted to take it to the next level of organising.  I bought this perfectly perfect paper pad and chose some of the matching pieces to become dividers for the CD box.

Loving this colour pallette!  I used one of the CD cases as a template and allowed a 1cm overhang for a label.

Step 4. I laid all the card out so I could label each piece strategically, left, middle, right so each date will be able to be clearly seen from the front of the box. You could print out the dates and use a more creative font but I have a slight obsession with my labelmaker and I wouldn’t want her to feel unloved 🙂

 Step 5. Now I simply placed the discs into their correct order by date, matched with their corresponding date card and……drum roll please…..

and you know I had to make a matching label for the front!

There you have it, our memories, from the corners of our home into a place where they can be treasured and found for eternity….

The Organised Housewife

It’s in the tin

I have a confession.  I have an addiction to tins. Well not just tins.  Tins, baskets, buckets well storage containers in general.  If I see it, think I can use it to store it, I have to have it!

Luckily for me these kinds of containers can be found at your cheapest of cheap stores.  The latest additions are these eggshell blue beauties.

These two not only look good but have provided me with anorganistaion solution to two problems I was struggling with.  

Problem 1. Teacher’s Notes – The Teacher Tin – Left

 Since going back to work this year, I have been cramming my teacher “things” in our family Organisation station.  But it was over crowded and the system of everything toegther was just not working. So the “Teacher Tin” has created a space for me to  store my Teacher planner, meeting notebook, usb sticks, pens etc.  

Problem 2. Handy Stuff. – “The Go To Tin.”  – Right

This started off as our winter station.  

Then summer came and it was a summer station, but then it somehow got stuffed with bits of everything and well everything was everywhere!   Our “Go To Tin” solved this problem by keeping everything in a more sturdy container.  This clever storage space holds, sanitizer, tissues, breath mints, sunscreen, insect repellent and wipes.  This is great if your children are ever cared for  by  a babysitter or “the nanny” in our case!  Whatever they need it is most probably in this tin!  We were using this little bowl but things kept falling over! This tin holds everything but the kitchen sink in a secure and safe spot away from little hands!  

We are also working on a “School Storage” place for the ever increasing mountain of school stuff!  Stay tuned! 

The Organised Wardrobe ~ Some “Pinspiration”

 As the sorting, culling and crying comes to an end, I am ready to start organising the clothes that do fit the kids.   I am lucky enough to have both shelves and hanging space in their wardrobes.  But I could always do with some pinspiration as to how to keep the space ORGANISED!

This looks very similar to the ELFA storage system from Howards storage world. Such a clever personalised storage system.  Love those clear drawer and itsy bitsy hanging racks!

Those gorgeous baskets would be great for underwear, socks, singlets, hats, togs…you know those small items that always look messy?

This is an easy one to imitate as I have seen this exact unit at IKEA!  Its great because once again it makes use of the space under hanging clothes by using drawers and baskets.  It could also be used in a room that does not have a built in wardrobe!

This is very inxpensive and yet very effective way to organise a wardrobe, especially for a little one and if you don’t have drawers.

Two siblings in one room?  This would be perfect!  It even has a spot for shoes!

Why should the kids have all the fun, oops I mean organised wardrobe space.  Totally unrealistic but worth a dream and drool. 

What’s the purpose of all this “pinspiration”?  Most of these set ups are unrealistic ad expensive but they offer some great ideas.  Heres what I am taking form these pictures.

1.  Use the space under childrens hanging clothes.  Childrens clothes are short and this leaves a lot of space under clothes, a great spot for some drawers, baskets or even adding another clothes rail.

2.  Little items are best stored in baskets or containers.

3.  Some items are best stored on shelves, if you don’t have shelves the hanging organisers are perfect.

4.  Coathangers of the same colour make the wardrobe look less cluttered.  As does a huge cull of what your children wear!  None of these wardrobes are overflowing with clothes!

5.  Neatly folded clothes costs you nothing and looks amazingly neat and tidy.

So now I need baskets, coathangers, neatly folded clothes and a few hours of uninterrupted time.  Not quite sure how that last will happen with my Pigeon Pair around!  Stay tuned!

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