I’m Dreaming of a White Kitchen…..

I’m dreaming of a White Kitchen, just like the ones I see on Pinterest.

Ok tell me you didn’t sing along just then.  I love to start my day with a little inspiration.  For some it is a quote or matra, others meditation, me pretty pictures of divine homes. Particularly kitchens.  Any mother knows that Kitchens are a focal point of the family.  We have a great functioning and nice Kitchen and there are many things I love about it but I would never say no to a new kitchen.

So what is on my wish list…….

1. White Glossy Subway Tiles.

Source: bhg.com via Larissa on Pinterest


They are just so simple, classic and fresh.  Perfect for a light and airy kitchen splash back.  Every kitchen I pin somehow has white subway tiles.  We currently have an off white tile that does suit our home but this added to the black bench top and no window, equals a not so light kitchen.

2. A Feature Tile Above The Stove.  

The same colour tiles but either framed or used in a herringbone/diamond pattern.

Source: thisoldhouse.com via Larissa on Pinterest

See what I’m talking about? Just a little bit of interest but nothing OUT THERE. I am in love with Herringbone tiles and even wooden floors laid in a herringbone pattern! I don’t think I am quite daring enough for either so this little nook is perfect!


But just in case in the next year I become a bit daring, LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern! Classic yet somehow contemporary.  Oh and you know how I love chevron and this tile layout reminds me of that! I am hoping that having something gorgeous to look at whilst cooking may actually encourage and improve my culinary skills? Maybe?

3. A Big Double Hung Window.

providing a view to the kids playing peacefully outside in the manicured gardens. Bonus if it also does duty as a servery. 


This is the perfect window placement. Above the sink so I can wash and watch at the same time. How swoon worthy is this kitchen in general! Did you notice the two sinks? 

4. Gorgeous Pendant Cape Cod Style lights above the counter.


Not only will they light up the kitchen they are just gorgeous to look at. Place my order for 2 or 3 pretty please. Oh and if you can’t find the previous window these will also be just fine thanks.  Oh and whilst your taking orders, check out that ceiling! Put me down for one of those.  And just because I like to find fault.  We have our sink in a similar position and it is NOT GOOD!  It is right in the middle leaving no bench space on either side.  I know it looks good to divide the space so symetrically but completely unpractical if you are a bench space lover like me. 


I could do a whole post on lights, they really do make the room and are an easy way to update an existing space. This kitchen is a close colour palette match to our current kitchen. We have black granite bench tops and white cupboards. Black seemed like a great idea at the time. It stands out like a sore thumb as we have nothing else black in that area! Before I found the Method Granite Spray they were also impossible to keep clean as you see very streak and bit of dust, which brings me to the next point.

5. White Counter Tops and Cupboards.

Source: bhg.com via Larissa on Pinterest


I am not thinking all white. I love this hint of grey through the marbling.  And sorry to offend, but whoever thought that was a good Microwave spot does not have children! Way too close to little exploring hands!  

Source: houzz.com via Larissa on Pinterest

Love the hint of grey in the benches, but would be sure that everything else is white. But do you spy what I spy just hidden around the corner……

A Desk Nook! I have noticed these appearing on new home plans lately titled “e-nooks” now this my friends was obviously designed by a mother and is a BRILLIANT idea!

and that my friends, is a whole other post…….

So are you dreaming of something in particular? Come dream along on my Kitchen Pin Board

It can include winning the lotto to afford everything above!