The Elf on The Shelf ~ A Joyful Christmas Tradition

The Elf on The Shelf is a Christmas Tradition.  I could give you a long winded explanantion about him but basically, this cheeky little elf appears in children’s homes in the lead up to Christmas.  He finds himself some adventures, always leaving a little clue as to what he has been up to while the children are sleeping.  Some clever “Elf on The Shelf” participants even leave notes, photographs, emails and videos all igniting the joy and wonder of Christmas.  

Of course you can buy the authentic “Elf on The Shelf” which comes packaged with a story about the little guy. Or you could just do what I do and just buy your own little elf from a dollar store!

Not all elves have to be cheeky!  Some may do good deeds, or imitate parts of the nativity story, or just leave little notes encouraging children to do good deeds.  It is you elf and your family!  Oh and don’t forget to give him/her a name!  Here’s what some cheeky elves have been up to! 

Paint your childs nose red in the night!

A fishing elf with a candy cane fishing rod

All wrapped up!

Reading a "toy story"

Baking reindeer cookies

A few drinks and games with the boys

Vanity elf has replaced all the family pictures with pictures of himself!

Ready for some Christmas shopping? This elf is in Mummy's Bag!


A slipper race!

Attempting to be crafty!

Hanging by a thread!

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